Swasan – my billionaire lover part-1 (3 shots)


Hey guys I am back with a 2 shot and guys I will start writing my new ff from jan pls support me and support to this story too. Ok now let’s intro d hero and heroine of d story.
SWARA GARODIA: a very sweet girl, kind hearted ,loves her life and her father alot, she is studying in music college in Paris very naughty sweet cute girl always dream about her future husband. And raglak r her best friend.
SKEHAR GARODIA: father of swara loves her alot he is a detective his wife is dead when swara was born, he is a sweet but a strict father.
So now let’s move to d hero introduction:
SANSKAR MAHESHWARI:no.1 business tycoon in india always come to paris to enjoy his holidays, he is a very jolly type, he hates love relationship, he hates love, he never believe in love. Let’s see how d hero and heroine meet each other and how d hero will fall in love.
RAM AND SUJATHA MAHESHWARI; parents of sanskar, loves him alot , and prays god to change him like a human.
Let’s start with d story:

A boy and girl where in d beach enjoying in d water just than d girl speaks
GIRL:I love u sanskar pls marry me i love u so much.
(S d boy is non other than smoking handsome sanskar)
After hearing this from d girl sanskar started to run.
Whereas in d same place outside a girl was sitting and writing a dairy. Just than another girl came and sat and asked her.
ANOTHER GIRL(anger?):again started writing ur dairy wait let me see what have u written. Saying this d girl opened d book and read it.
“Love can happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, around. Love can be between two aged people, between d animal, between d birds, and between human beings. Love is everywhere.”
while she was reading it suddenly cool breeze was falling on d dairy writing girl and she was enjoying it while closing her eyes when d other girl ended her line ” love is everywhere” d dairy girl opened her eyes and was mesmerized to see a handsome hunk before her running she was staring him continuously his dark brown eyes, his dark black hairs his bare wet chest his was like a Greek god with his smoking hotness d dairy girl was staring him without blinking her eyes (d boy is non other sanskar?) just than d other girl shook d dairy girl.
OTHER GIRL; shona u still did not change ah?? Always thinking about love only.
(S d dairy girl was non other than our heroine of d story swara)
SWARA: off ragu give that dairy back y u people don’t understand that love exist u and my dad r d same ok come it’s getting late we have to go.
(S d other girl is ragini and ragini and swara r best friends )

Swara was thinking about sanskar how hot how handsome he was and was lost in taught her taught where broke by ragini who pinched her in d result she shouted.
SIR: swara what happened y r u shouting in d class.
SWARA:wo.. si..siir actually wo…
SIR(irritated):what swara say properly
SWARA(say in one go): wo sir actually laksh had hit me with a pen sir that’s y I shouted. Whereas all started to giggles after listening this except one person as he was sleeping in d class like a donkey he was non other than laksh.
Laksh who was sleeping got up with sudden jerk whereas swara was smirking at him.
LAKSH:what happened sir y did u call me any problem???
SIR:don’t u have shame.
LAKSH:sorry sir actually when I joined this college itself I had buried my shame and shy sir. All bursted into laughter after listening this.
SIR(anger?):laksh don’t u shame to hit girls get out of my class laksh.
LAKSH(??):but sir I was just sleeping not hitting anyone.
SIR:I said get out.
Swara and ragini where holding there stomach and laughing seeing laksh and laksh understood there game after d class got over laksh holded swaras ears
LAKSH??:how dare u swara play with me i was sleeping u disturb my sleep u know I was going to propose my girlfriend but u spoiled d dream idiot.
RAGINI:both r shameless creatures love does not exist but u people believe it oh god I will become mad with u people.s saying this she left
SWARA:accha laksh when r u going to propose ragini in real y r u always proposing her in dream???
LAKSH:what to do swara she does not believe in love so I can only propose in dream not in real life. Soon after saying this both left and swara reached her home and saw her father who is waiting for her she went and hugged her dad tightly and said how was d college today.
SKEHAR:hw was d college today swara???
SWARA:good papa hw was ur case today papa.
SKEHAR:good and I won , hey but hw do u know that i have a case today.
SWARA:because i read d case papa it was too interesting papa d boy loved her so much and even d girl loved him do much.
SKEHAR:but d guy who loved d girl left her after there marriage.
SWARA:whatever papa d girl enjoyed till he left her and d girl will love forever papa atleast she has been with him for 2 week that is enough for a girl papa to be with her loved one.she is lucky papa to be with her loved one.
SKEHAR:than u read d whole story.
SWARA:s papa I read every case of urs from d starting still d end I read it papa pls bring more cases papa and my friends also liked d cases papa.
SKEHAR:what even urs friend read about it oh my god now see i will hide all d case and swara dare not come inside my office room from now onwards.
Just than d door bell ring and d client comes inside
SKEHAR:s please come in I was waiting for ur arrival only.
CLIENT:did u get to know about my wife is really dating with someone????
SKEHAR:s sir I am damn sure it is ur girlfriend and I have some pics of them when they where dating.
CLIENT:but d pics r not clear r u damn sure it is my wife.
Just than swara came out to take something
SKEHAR:s sir she is ur wife only. Soon after hearing this d client gets anger and take d gun out and say
CLIENT:if it is true than i will kill him for sure do u know where they r meeting today
SKEHAR:today hotel in room no.124
soon after this d client left swara was shocked to know this SKEHAR went out for another case swara went to his office room and started searching for d case and got it she slowly went to her room and opened d file she was shocked to see d pics whom she saw today morning she was shocked to know that he is d no1 business tycoon d sanskar maheshwari she read all d article about him how he spends with a girl, he hates love swara had tears in her eyes to know this but was scared about him as d client said he will kill sanskar.

ROOM NO.124:
sanskar was enjoying with d girl but suddenly they hear a noise
GIRL:where is d noise from??
SANSKAR:don’t know
Soon d girl get to know that her husband is only and she escaped from balcony where as swara was climbing d balcony to reach him. D client came inside with d gun and kept it on sanskar temples and asked about his wife.
CLIENT:where is my wife?
SANSKAR:I don’t know who is ur wife.
Swara reached there and was shocked seeing d scenario and fainted there itself.
CLIENT:I know she is hiding here only just than he see a shadow in d balcony see i found her and client moves to d balcony and is shocked to see some other girl(swara) than his wife.
CLIENT:is it room no. 124
CLIENT:r u sanskar maheshwari?
CLIENT:sorry I think I misunderstood this is not my wife sorry for d disturbance saying this he left whereas leaving sanskar in confusion?. Sanskar went to d balcony and checked he was shocked to see swara he slowly tapped her cheeks and swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar and asked him
SWARA:r u fine did they harm u thank God I came hear to say that u r in trouble soory bye I have to leave.
SANSKAR:hey wait who r u hw do u know that i am in trouble?who said u this?
SWARA:my friend said me mr. Maheshwari
SANSKAR;hey how do u know about me.
SWARA:I know about u everything ur no.1 business tycoon in india u come here to paris for 1 month to enjoy with girls.
SANSKAR:but hw do u know about me.
Before he could ask d client again entered seeing him swara gets scared and hugged sanskar tightly.
CLIENT: sorry I forgot my bag. Client takes his bag and leave and swara break d hug and started going without listening to sanskar she was feeling safe when she hugged sanskar tightly. Whereas sanskar was thinking about her and smiled
SANSKAR(smiles): interesting character.
Thats all for today guys pls post ur comments and about d story this story I have distracted from a movie I love this movie to d core so wrote it with swara and sanskar and next part fully contain of swasan and pls support me guys and I am sorry if d story is horrible i have made slight changes guys pls post ur comments.

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