swasan bet love episode 1

Hi guys back with os .it will start from swasan college days.swasan is a the topper of college.

Swara a business women hide her identity as she want to fulfil her mom’s wish.her parents died in an accident .she was the daughter of India’s biggest business tycoon. She study in zyz college. She was the most beautiful girl her college all boy has crush on her but as he is swara is don’t give a damn to them .sanskar the coolest boy in college also have a crush on her.

Sanakar has a group. Kavita,kavya,ragini,laksh,sahil there the the group member .ragini and laksh are in relation. Sahil and kavya are also in relation. Kavita love sanskar for his money but he didn’t love her .kavita now’s that sanskar love swara so she put a bet on swara in front of sanskar. Sanskar accept bet as he love to win.bet was to propose swara and get intimate with her .

Sanskar goes to swara and talk to her formally she also like him.dayess pass like this swara was comfortable with him .she started loving him.one-day sanskar propose her and she accept it and they got intimate with each other. When swara woke up find herself in sanskar arm.she fell shy so she goes to her house. And then goes to college for some work there kavita saw her blushing she understood that sanskar fulfil the bet .so she goes to swara and tell her about bet .swara was shock .she was broken .she left the country .sanskar was totally broken as he loved her truly.

After 7 year. a girl is shown getting award of best business women. She say I dedicate this to my daughter swalani. Then a girl of 6 year come to her and kiss her and hug her.all the people wear shock to she her .as she hate the person who touch her.the girl say mom .her mom say swalani she is my daughter. Host say swara maheswari is married . (yes the girl is swara and the other girl is swalani swasan daughter ).they goes from there in bmw. Swara was rounded by media she call her body gourd and goes from there.they reach a house no no it’s not house it is a palace .swara and swalani goes to house they take dinner and sleep.

On the other hand in a room a boy was shown drinking wine and murmuring swara why, why…..he then fainted .Then his mom come and say sanskar forgot about the girl sanskar. Yes the boy s sanskar.

In morning.

Both swasan were In same park swara take swalani and sanskar goes there for peace. Sanskar always play with swalani without knowing she is her daughter. On day sanskar was playing with swalani and swara come calling her in park .sanskar was shock and swara was numb .swalani goes to swara and say mumma met my friend sanskar. Sanskar was again shock.sanskar then saw there is no mangal sutra and sindoor in her body so he understood that swalani is his daughter and he hug swalani.swara was shock. Sanskar hug her as she can’t control she also hug him .but when swalani call swara they come in sense. Sanskar say to swalani will you not call ur father as papa.swalani was very happy as can’t believe that he is her papa.she call him papa and hug him.swara was very happy. She forgive sanskar when he explain thing to her….
And they lead a happy life.after 2 year swara give birth to twins. Arav and agam.

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