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As we saw in the previous episode that sanskar had jumped in the water and by seeing this swara became shocked-tensed-confused..she broke into tears by seeing this….swara seeing sanskar also decide to jump to save sanskar life so he jumped in the water…After dome time she find sanskar in the water who was drowning swara take him out of the water.
Her eyes were full of tears she rub his hand and feels and say: no sanskar u can’t leave me like this I can’t live without u….she then starts to give him mouth to mouth respiration. …she tries this many times and on her 4 time sanskar gain conscious but swara without notice in that carry on….sanskar call out swara name…..
On the other side ragini is very happy hear that laksh is ready to give her a chance but she became shocked to hear laksh response to this he says that: do u think I can give u another chance by knowing what u have done to me I can’t even imagine to do so…ragini gets teary eyes and said but u told swara that u will give me chance now….laksh said that he had done all this to gain swara trust so she can give him a chance….by saying this he ask ragini to sit in the car….They both also reach to the bridge where swasan were.
Sanskar call swara name but swara became angry on him nd start saying:what do u think of yourself…jab marzi kiya meri zindagi mein aya aur jab marzi kyun chala gaha..tum mujha asa chodal kar nahen ja saktha…sanskar interept and saying but why I means nothing to u so why r u so concerned about me…swara:bcz I love u stupid I love… now by hearing this sanskar became shocked as well as happy….are u serious swara…just this swara realise what she had just said blushes yes u stupid I love u nd I can’t live without u so don’t ever try to leave me…..laksh and ragini who were present there were shocked…laksh became teary eye and leave from there in anger followed by ragini…..

To be continued………….

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  1. Nice. Continue. Ff is far better den serial.

    1. Thank u so much dear and I will surely continue but today’s episode will be the last and I will continue it latter bcz my exams are starting after 2 day……so hope u guys will also like my today episode

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