Swasan – Beauty & Beast (Episode 7)


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Swara handles kitchen work with fully efficiency .Ap happy to see swara doing kitchen work
Ap- my new servant ??? but she really impressed me with her cooking if she is educated na then I choose her for my son (yupp ap Dont know swara is doing study and she is a topper its clear with flash back???)

In evening both swasan doing chit chat swara always impressed with Sanskar talk
Sanskar teaches chess to swara but she is not interested in it so she always loose,
Sanskar see swara face reaction so he makes plan ???
Sanskar- swara its quite boring naa
Swara- with full power yesss Sanskar
Sanskar- soo we make it interesting
Swara- ??? chess or interesting huhh nice joke
Sanskar- yupp baby now listen who loose the game that person give kiss to another lip kiss
Swara- u play with pillow I’m going huhh u naaa really beshram huhh
Sanskar- okkk not lip kiss just peck
Swara- ??? noo way
Sanskar- alle mere sherni dar gyi??
Swara- ???? do u think I’m trap in ur these kinds of tricks
Sanskar makes cute pout swara just give winning smile both were distrubed by knocking
Swara opens the door and ap gives the Saree to swara
Ap- swara that’s traditional Saree uShould wear this Saree with pallu on head
Swara- nodes yess
Ap- then tomorrow sharp 7 u come for pooja with this Saree
With this Ap goes swara closed the door and Sanskar give noughty smile
Swara Dont see that smile she goes to washroom for bath

Sanskar lie on bed and he see swara come out from washroom with different style dress Sanskar think what’s that hmm gown may be no no yrr its like mexy nhiii nahii its like Jo bhi ho but its not Saree from any angle but I seen this style but where hmmmmmmmm mmmm he thinks a lot then he say haan this style see in movie where people fully tied with rope ???? yeah swara come with fully covered Saree ???
Sanskar- swara what’s this I know mom says its traditional Saree but ye kaisa tradition hai???
Swara-dont do joke ??????? I Dont know how to wear Saree ?????? plzzz help if u know how to wear
Sanskar – wait darling I’m coming
He goes toward swara and pull all Saree pallu .now pallu lies on floor and swara stands in peticoat and blouse in front of Sanskar he clearly see her clevage her curves makes him crazy he wants to eat her he slowly touches her belly which give him goosebumps his eye fall on her wet pink lips and her br*ast which clearly tell she Dont wear bra he pull her and gives her hug she also hugs back both lie on bed Sanskar come top and give kisses on sears neck Sanskar says I love this Saree romance I want to teach u Saree in my style with this he put his hand on swara main part
But his concentration break when he hears some one calling him
Sanskar- Dont disturb me I’m doing romance with my wife go from here huhh
Swara blushes hard

Then he hear one line which makes him numb shock
Voice- now enjoy with ur this blo*dy wife Dont dare to come to me in night
Sanskar- ????????? swaraaaaaaaaaaa
Yayiee the voice is swara voice and he doing romance with pillow????
Sanskar- ????? when u wear saree u Dont know naa how to wear Saree
Yes swara ready in Saree with full traditional style
Swara- oo hello I know how to wear Saree or vo bhi in every style
Sanskrit see his hand on pillow end point he takes back immediately
Swara-( in husky tone ) baby now enjoy ur nights and day with pillows ??? with this she again go to washroom for change dress as she only wear Saree for try

At dinner all praised swara Sanskar go to room and decorated bed with flowers and then swara come she know what happens next Sanskar give noughty smile where swara takes seductively step and moves her curves which makes him hard she come near Sanskar and says huskily enjoy night with full power romance with ur new wife??? she points toward pillow and she takes her pillow and go sleep on couch
Sanskar sees her with blank face

Precap- beast coming soon???

Hope u like this part and well I give flash back soon and my another story that one night change my life I write on fb now

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  1. I think that beast wont hurt swara……….
    Awesome dr……..

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    Hey piya it’s nice as well as awesome . It’s diff concept . I have just 1 request pls do continue asap . ……
    And I know it’s difficult concept . I really want to appreciate you for choosing it . I read all your 7 episode in a go . So it’s my first comment .
    I want to tell you I am a writer of ff tashan e aashiqui … You you can read it ….
    In end again it was fabulous episode … pls do cont asap

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