Swasan – Beauty & Beast (Episode 5)


Swara leans to the wall she feels cold touch from wall she closes her eyes as assuming Sanskar touch after sometime she wake up and go to washroom for change she wears baby pink colour night jumper suit

She lies on bed and thinks about Sanskar
Swara- ohh god where he go ??? I want to enjoy my first night with him but he ??? huhh I Dont leave him in morning
With this she dozes off

Sanskar come home he was disturbed by night incident he go to his room and saw some one sleeping after some brain work he remember that he married last night ??
Sanakar – ohh shit I miss my first night ohhhh god I Dont know what I was doing in guest room huhh
He closed the door and ran toward swara he lies on the swara and starts giving her kisses swara disturbed with this activity and open her eyes with open eyes both get eyelock Sanskar broke eyelock and leans towards her lips Sanskar sucked her upper lip then bite that lip she enjoy this pain then he goes to lower lip he sucked hard swara mourn in pleasure
Sanskar- swaraa make pout I want to Suck them together
Swara make pout and Sanskar licks that pout then starts sucking he bites her both lips together he bites so hard that blood come from her lips he start sucking her blood after some times both get separated

Sanskar- swara ur lips really tasty I can’t wait for ur mouth let’s,start
Swara- sanskar its already 6 and I go to kitchen for making breakfast as its my first day
Sanskar- not so soon dear first we do love making
Swara-r u mad huhh full night u disappear now u want love making
Sanskar- Dont angry swara okk tell me did u wear bra
Swara- ??? what question is dis
Sanskar- baby tell na
Swara- yes
Sanskar- now listen from the next time whenever u enter in our room u Dont wear bra
Swara- ????????

Sanskar- arre I’m jealous how they touch u in front of me bass u Dont wore bra they always touch u they enjoy ur boobs and that thing I can’t tolerate
He points toward her boobs swara they r mine sooo next time be careful
Swara hits playfully and says – u r really shameless creatures with this she runs toward bathroom
Sanskar says I love u sooo much u r my life u r my breathe I can’t live without u swaraaa I love u

Swara come back from bathroom she wear only blouse and petticoat Sanskar memorize to see her like that he come closer and holds her from waist Sanskar huskily says – u look hotttt swara with this he tighten his grip on her waist swara blushes with this act with one hand he hold her waist and with second hand he ties her hair and after that he open blouse hooks within second house falls on the floor he picks her in bridal style and lay on the bed and come top on her
Swara- Sanskar plzzz leave me I want to goo but her words are not completed because Sanskar placed his lips on her with this he massage her boobs she open her mouth in mourning Sanskar without any second enter his toungue into her mouth swara Enjoys this pleasure both enjoy their first kiss both sucking each other lips giving bites enjoy their tongue fighting after 15 min both leaves
Sanskar- swara u r sweet than dessert

Swara blushes hard she covers her br*ast with hands,and getup from bed but Sanskar holds her Sanskar huskily says- I want to enjoy with these plzzz Dont stop swara turn for scolds him but she shocked to see tears in Sanskar eye she hugged him tightly n says – never use plzz word I’m all urs my every part belongs to u . u have full right Dont bring tears between us I Dont tolrate
With this they hear knocking sound
Both get embrased and come out from fantasy world
Sanskar- whose on door
Ap- beta come for pooja soon hurry up beta
Sanskar- g mom we coming
Swara blushes hard with morning incident she Dont have guts for eye contact Sanskar come and gives pecks on her lips and goes for bath
Swara- ??? ohh god Sanskar bhi naa shameless haii but I love him??????????? but I want to tease him huhh he spoiled my first night??? wait my dear hubby how I get revenge from u??????
Precap- swasan masti
Hey frnds loveee u sooo much ???? well I know u all confused sooo to solve ur confusion I gives u some solid hints soo get ready

* in promo I told u the scene of swasan first night where Sanskar evill and lust desires comes out for swara

*in ep -1 I told u kavsan intimate and Ap supports him because she wants to spoil Sanskar life
*next I told u ap evil intension she gives some medicine to Sanskar from last approx2 years for freezing Sanskar brain that medicine reduces or finishes the will power of brain

*swasan first meeting swara slaps Sanskar but still Sanskar loves her ap still sees them together and give evil smile but she Dont disturb swasan

* then I told u ap gives money to kavita for doing intimacy with sanskar but kavita says he only behaves sweetly in night not in morning he behaves strangely like she only stranger for him
* then today I told u again Sanskar sees swara with full love
Well as u know Ap is the villian she hates Sanskar soo much that spoiled his life by giving poisonous medicines that damage brain slowely

Now keep guessing and its not fully revenge story not fully lusty story ☺☺☺

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    Nice …. can u tell me that swasan is married from first episode as I am reading this ff 1st time ….

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