Swasan – Beauty & Beast (Episode 2)

In this episode i try my best to solve urs confusion and somehow I connected this part with promo
Let’s start

Episode -2

Ap talks with urvashi (urvashi is Ap ‘s sister)
Urvashi – Di what u doing ? U support Sanskar in every work ??how could u Di show the real face of Sanskar to jija g (Do) then jija throw out Sanskar from property .
Ap- relax urvashi I know what I m doing u think I support Sanskar never ??? I hate him
Urvashi – cuts her words oo really Di huhh u hate him then y u Dont tell jija g that he spents his night in clubs or with girls y Di
Ap- urvashi its useless if I tell him(dp) he must be angry but don’t throw out Sanskar from property and I want full property I Dont want to give single penny ?? u know urvashi he is director in karma company with 10% shares and urs jija g told me when Sanskar completes his study (graduation) he makes Sanskar managing director with 50%shares ??? and my sons only got 25% shares huhh 25%laksh and 25%adarsh soo I help him for distracting hahaaa and u thought I’m supporting him huhh no I’m not supporting him I’m making him dance on my fingers hahaa
Urvashi – omg jiji woww what I idea jiji
They both laughing and giving HiFi to each other
Scene changes to Bose house
Swara and ragini ready to going for college
Parvati(dadi)- shonaa beta come into my room I give some money to u
Shona – to herself ??? god plzz save me I know which money she wants to give me
Parvati- come beta u r late for college naa come fast
Shona nods ragini and shomi sees her with smily face ,ragini teases shona
Ragini- ohhh god kash dadi also loves me like she loves u I’m angry dadi I’m younger than shona that doesn’t mean u do partially in me and shona ???
Parvati – lado I can’t give that much love which I give to shona no u do breakfast properly and shona beta comes with

In room
Pravati – u know what u do ?
Shona- dadiii sorry plzz next time I Dont do study in night plzzzz sorry ??
Parvati takes stick from cupboard
Parvati – give ur hand shona
Shona- sorry dadi ???
Parvati – I said give ur hand other wise u know naa what I do
Shona gives her hand to dadi ,dadi gives 10 slaps with stick on each hand and pull her hair
Parvati- how dare u?? to do study at night haaan tell me every year u do top huhh I Dont like this and Dont enter into college I only allow to give exam not for enjoying the college environment and haan leaves the dream to do job ???( shona sees her with teary eyes ) otherwise u see my worst face
Shona- I didn’t got job ever ???dadi Dont wory u give my name shona to college and in ration card and adhar card my name is swara soo I Dont get job easily ??
Parvati – how dare to give answer to me huhh she slaps hard on her face from now u eat only one chapati and I think u eat that that’s ur new punishment ??? in a day u only eat one chapati not with vegi and pulses just simple chapati like we give to dogs (with this she again slaps and pulls her hair soo tightly )understood naa
Shona- hmmm???yess dadi
With this she washes her face and give money to swara
Parvati- take this 50 rs and listen these money only spent on ragini if u spent even one rs na then I give more punishment
Shona- ??kk
Both goes to college ragini happily enter in college and meets her friend but swara remember her dadi warning she takes step backs and she goes in the park

Swara POV
I never go to school and college I’m in second year but still I Dont who r my friends?? but still thanku god that dadi allows me for giving me exam I want to be independent girl but for me its not possible ?? plzzz god now I never say I want to do masti and fun like all other people do (she says these lines to saw college students and school students) I just wants to be independent because I know in my life there is no space for happiness plzz god help me I Dont want to live here its like prison
Her thoughts were disturbed by someone gaze she scared and turn around and saw a boy sees her with open eyes without blink she makes different expression to avoid him with unique expressions his thought disturbed and finally he blink??
Boy- hii dear any problem
Swara- to herself (ohhh god now I can’t even talk herself ) huhh noooo
Boy – then y u crying keep this (he gives his hanky)
Swara- I have no need thanku hmm mm
Boy- cuts her words Sanskar
Sanskar- aree my name is sanskar what urs ?
Swara- swara my name is swara
Sanskar- y u sit here lonely waiting for ur boyfriend
Swara- huhh I don’t have any boyfriend and I’m going to college

With this she runs toward collage but she knows she can’t even enter in clg
Swara- ohhh god (looks toward sky) I Dont even go to college huhh and in park there is white bear huhhh now where I go
Sanskar- white bear huh u can give me some cute names naa
Swara turns backside -?????? ohhh god u here high I’m going to college and y u following me
Sanskar- oye tikhi mirchi zhootiiiii everyday u sit in park and today when I talk u then u go to college
Swara- howwwww u knowww that I sit in park
Sanskar- with shyly I m observing u from 10 days
Swara- howww cheap huhh
Sanskar gives angry look arey I thought to give company to lonely girl
Swara- really ???? with this she saw dadi coming to college side she gets afraid she wants to free from Sanskar talk and go in park because she knows dadi checks her that she is in park or not here all Sanskar friends come but Sanskar is busy with swara only
Swara- ??? ohh god dadi coming and this idiot Dont stop his talk what I do hmm mm haan byeeeeeee Sanskar we meet tomorrow byeeee
Sanskar-byeeee huhh no ways now tell na y u always sit in park tell naaaa
Swara- voooo vooo dadi ohhh god if she saw me with boy she kill me
Sanskar- what dadi huhh tell naa
Swara sooo nervous that she dont know what she do that Sanskar will go and with Sanskar questions she gets too much irritated that she give tight slap to Sanskar and,runs away Sanskar shocked his friends are also shocked how a girl give slap to Sanskar ????

Precap- swasan marriage proposal??
In episode one I write a girl sat on bed in bridal attire and waiting for her husband that is Sanskar ??? in their first night sanskar has some evil intention and he wants to end some drama that was promo not episode -1
Frnds I know what I write in promo ☺☺☺and I Dont change story concept still if u have any doubt then tell me I give u reply

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