Swasan- Beauty & Beast (episode-13)

Swasan going to movie date, while driving the car he says swara I want corner seat ?? swara understand his mean and says – y not ?? but u sit on right corner and I on left huhh??? .
Sanskar- really u r unromantic huhh
Swara- whatever but I want cheeze popcorn ??
Sanskar nods and thinks – oh god I want some enjoyment but huh bukhad ??
Both reached xyz mall
Sanskar gets idea he take tickets of adult movie ??(I don’t know about that movie but sanskar wants so he buy not my fault?)
Swara unaware of this she thinks its something comedy or action kind movie but reality only sanskar knows ??
Both reached and movie get starts.swara and sanskar both enjoy movie then scene come (ahem ahem vala) swara shocked her eyes become wide and mouth remain open ??? but sanskar enjoy that movie with full exicitment .swara sees him through corner of eyes but sanskar didn’t notice he enjoy movie no no he enjoy that scene without blinking eyes??? .swara immeditaly closed his eye with her tiny hands
Swara- Dont dare to watch that scene
Sanskar- (removing hands from eye ) come on Jaan she look so s*xy
Now swara is swara she put both hand on sanskar eyes
Swara- Dont see her otherwise I kill u
Her cute jealousy making him crazy ,he wants more so he continue
Sanskar- shut up swara see her figure perfect curve???
Swara- what do u mean her perfect curve huhh means I don’t have ???
Sanskar-u Dont allow me but she is front of me I like her butt??
Swara- ??? I hate u noooo nooo we r going out ????????
But sanskar love her cute anger that’s y he continue
Sanskar- ohhh soo good bounce ???
That’s enough for swara she throw all popcorn on sanky face and go from there and say
Swara- now Dont come to meee ???
Sanskar gulps his saliva before he say something swara run outside
Sanskar also run back but he late swara leftin auto all journey she cry
Swara- howw he see other girl I Dont know what’s this love or like but i Dont like when he praise other girl??

Swara goes to room and see sanskar all clothes were messy and all r out from cupbored
She arranges that while doing this she found diary and she starts read
I love my journey my whole 7 hrs dedicated to my jaan she is my breathe .In whole day there r 7 hrs and that only for my breath
Swara to herself – hein 7 hrs ka day sanskar bhi na pgl haii .what rubbish this 7 he’s but one min who is jaan????
She was to about turn pg ,she feels burn on cheek
Sanskar- ??? how dare to touch my diary blo*dy sl*t ??? with his he again slapped ,with this swara fall on floor
Swara shocked numb she Dont understand what’s going on her sanskar beats her ???
Sanskar snatches his diary and go from there .Ap sees this and smiles evily ??
When sanskar come home to see swara ap stops him and forcefully take drug to sanskar through laddu and make him bussy for some minutes
******************end flashback********
Swara starts crying badly her body shiver blood come from her lips
Some voices of sanskar shouts in her mind
Sanskar- swara if u marry me I promise ur each pain first come to me
Sanskar- swara I Dont allow even tears of happiness okkk
*************end flashes**************
Swara- u also hurt me like dadi sanskar ???? how I forget in my life there is no happiness

Precap- Ap next plan And dhamaka ,weather swara get to know about ap plan

Guys this is my last request or u say warning if I Dont get good response I stop my story if u r silent reader reader then be silent reader and enjoys this last part .

Well I also want to write in beauty and beast – swasan fight , cute romance ,frndship their tashne isqh but thanks for less response may be that’s my last part soooo byeeeeeeeeee guyssssss

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  1. Tamanna

    Nice.. Please don’t end it

    1. Piyu

      Thankuu ☺☺ its dependent’s upon comments

  2. nice..continue for ur regular readers..i always comment on ur ff..

    1. Piyu

      I know s and I love u yrrr ????but when I Dont received good response I feel bad understand my situation also

  3. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Eagerly waiting fr the nxt prt update soon

    1. Piyu

      Thankuu☺☺☺ next part upload or not its based upon comments

  4. Rabia

    Awesome and plz yr ap ki sachai samnay lay ao means k ff hay naa tou story fast track per achi lugti warna dramas may tou soo kr uth jao tb bhi aik he scene chal raha hota ??? hope u dont mind its just my request

    1. Piyu

      Thankuu☺☺ yaaa I understand hahaaa if I get comments then I surely move my story on fast track ☺☺☺

  5. Mica

    Piyuuuu… don’t do that to me… huhuhu

    1. Piyu

      I know u sad ?? but plzz understand my situation yesterday I write this part in 102 fever because I want to give ultimatum .Its not easy to write and when people Dont appreciate its hurts ,hope u understand me

    2. Piyu

      And I love ur comments its always make me smile ??

  6. Soujanya


  7. Good one.. Swasan nok jhok was cute

  8. mou(swasan lover)


  9. ?????? No no dont beat swara….. ???? plz let swara know ap’s evil plan plzzzz ???? feeling bad fr swara….?????? want beat that evil ap………..???????????
    Update next one asap dr???????
    Awesome part dr…..movie scene was funny????????

  10. AnuAnn

    Don’t end it yaaar

  11. Its nice….pls continue

  12. Nice… post next epi soon… n pls make swara find out t truth… btw i love ur ff n was a slient reader…???

  13. Arshaanya

    U cant stop like dis… write for ur regular readers… v all love ur story… n comin to story i was njyng it bt aftr sankar slpd swara now feeling so sad for her… poor swara… plz let swara knw d truth soon n hlp sanskar n give pnshmnt to dat ap huh… continue soon dear

  14. Rekha

    Awesome… plz continue

  15. Kaynatk01

    i am really upset for swara

  16. Vyshu10

    Oh god…beast ki entry ho gayi. Ab kya hoga? Plz make swara know AP’s truth soon so that she can get sanky out of d mess…..Mv date was hillarious.
    Plz don’t stop dis ff

  17. Dont end it..its awesme

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