Swasan- Beauty & Beast (episode-11)


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Swara and sanskar continue their love sanskar lay her on bed and come top of her and starts sucking her neck he about to open her her Saree plates but she starts sobbing as she is not comfortable then sanskar come top and give kiss on forehead ??
Sanskar- swara I know u r not comfortable now get up and we will eat bhelpuri together???
Swara open her eye with jerk sankar stands up from her body ,she covers her body with hands and also sat on bed she pick her blouse and run towards washroom???
After 10 min she come outside sanskar give naughty smile and says come darling eat this ???
Swara become tomato with his wink finally both starts eating bhelpuri and sanskar tell his childhood funny incident swara loughs loudly
Swara- ??? sanskar u soo funny u stole teacher lipstick as u thought that’s lollipop
Sanskar-(innocently)?? I thoughts that’s pim pom(loli pop) but when I taste its yuck ???
Swara- ??? awww my sanskar g to lipstick chor the
Sanskar tell many incident which both enjoy after some time swara goes to kitchen and starts her work .Time passes their bonding become stronger and stronger sanskar do study (real vali or we can say book vali ) and swara do house work perfectly both spent night with talking or knowing each basically sanskar told his life incident which always surprised swara they become closer not physical but from heart like this one week passed swara knows about many things like Ap is step mother but she gives love more than real mom sanskar these wordings swara accepts whole heartly.Now she trusted Ap more .
But in this swara don’t tell sanskar that she doing study maybe she don’t get chance .
Other side Ap meets doctors and says after 7 hrs sanskar become normal and those 7hrs dosnt effect in his this life. Doctor says when he take that drug after 30 min he starts changing his personality and he become new sanskar which only know u and kavita and he believe day only for 7 hrs and when he become normal he forget it he Dont remember it in dream also
Ap- ??thats good doctor but if I Dont give medicine if enjoys fully I’m not satisfied
Doctor- then on that 7 hrs give something to his body so that if he Dont need that he become mad in this
Ap- I understand doctor but he spents night with kavita but his body not want that he behave normally
Doctor- I give medicine to u that u give him when he changed his personality and then he do something but its continuous process if process braken then its medicine fail .
Ap- hmmm I understand give me medicine now
Swasan room
Sanskar- swara see that painting
Swara- ??? wow its awesome who made it
Sanskar- my dad u know my dad always give me gift till I’m in 5 std after that he starting ignore me he think I’m burden ??
Swara- Dont be sad may be u think wrong I saw love for u in dad’s eye
Sanskar- no mom said no he hate me .mom says to be pretend this thing only then she talks to him
Swara- aacha aacha leave but its nice painting now go sleep
Swara to herself – I want to talk to mom only she solves this problem

Ap- urvashi only kavita can do this because sanskar knows kavita and me
Urvashi- jiji perfect but kavita full 30 days I mean u know na
Ap- shut up don’t behave like fools all kinds of medicine available in medical store
Urvashi- jiji plzz bring that version out I mean sanskar new version
Ap- soon I make him heartless person???? ohhh god u r create sanskari sanskar but I make him asanskari sanskar .
With is Ap calls kavita
Ap- hiii kavita
Kavita- hello aunty
Ap- I want to meet tomorrow morning take flight and reach here
Kavita- kk aunty

Ap meets kavita and says u have to make physical relation with sanskar for one month
Kavita-??? but he is married man how I
Ap- I Dont need ur advice just do what I say otherwise u know what I do
Kavita – okk I agree
Ap- one more thing u make him satisfied if not then I kill u ??
Kavita – kk I do that

Swara get ready and makes breakfast ready and she go to room and make sanskar ready no no she just trying to wakeup???
Swara- sanskar utho naa its 8 I prepare breakfast utho get ready eats breakfast and go to clg
But sanskar is sanskar ????
Sanskar-(in lazy tone) no today I don’t go for clg swara u also come inside
Swara-??? huhhh sanskar plz I hate this daily drama
Sanskar making faces as swara starts morning speech ??? finally he goes to washroom and get ready . All do breakfast and before going clg sanskar give peck on her lips and kiss on her cheek .
Swara talk to ap about sanskar and dp problem ap closes her fist but says
Ap-(acted) beta I try my best u Dont take tension bass I solve this
Swara nods and go
Ap to herself she starts interference and I Dont like that ??? she spoil my whole game I don’t leave her with this she call kavita
Ap- for one month u behave like his wife buy all stuff for one month u acted as Mrs maheshwari .
Ap to herself- swara u r gone ???

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