Swasan- Beauty & Beast (episode-10)

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Sanskar hungry but problem is that he even Dont say that he is hungry ???,he tried a lot to go in kitchen but swara always present in kitchen
Sanskar- oh god ye ladki bhi naa ??
Huhh now what I do ??? I’m hungry yrr I even can’t order pizza yahi madam jaa k door open kregi??.
With this he go to room and starts study here swara is preparing lunch.Ap come into kitchen with evilly smile
Ap- swara beta take this and give to sanskar
Swara- ?? woww mom box what’s inside in this box
Ap- give to sanskar only beta ☺☺(thinks I know u r curious to open the box ??? khol k dekho to sahi ur all happiness got vanished)
Swara- okk ?? mom I give to sanskar

Ap thinks – ohh god what if she Dont watch what inside the box ?? my whole plan would flop ??
When swara is about to go Ap says – swara take spoon with u
Swara-??? spoon mom
Ap- hmmm with the help of spoon he only eats cake na
Swara- (with surprise tone) mom but abhi to breakfast kiya
Ap- (act) come here beta see
(With this she point to word dustbin and open it and swara shocked Dustin filled with greenery ?? I mean with methi ???)
Ap- beta sanskar hates methi he only acts to eat breakfast only for u now go beta give this to sanskar
Swara sadly nods and go??
Swara enter room with box as it covers with wrap paper so sanskar has not clue what’s in the box
Sanskar – hii jaanu ?? finally u come into room (thinks now he go to kitchen and eats something)
Swara- (sadly) sanskar ?? sanskar how was breakfast
Sanskar-(acting) its so yumm baby ??? I love ur hands magic
Swara-(starts sobbing) u …u… r saying lie ???? u Dont eat breakfast because u hate methi
Sanskar- ??? (shocked) no baby who told u come sit here
Swara sit on sanskar lap

Sanskar- its not like that swara I love food that u make and morning u also see I ate breakfast
Swara-?? then y I found breakfast in dustbin ??
Sanskar- (speechless) swaraaa vo vo
Swara- I’m not good wife??? u hate methi but I Dont know ??? I’m very bad I’m not good wife(now she cry loudly)
Sanskar pats her back
Sanskar- who says u r not good wife (turns around her face and cups her face) now stop crying and listen u know na I tears ??

Swara- (sobbing) no I’m not u know all says to reach hubby heart cooking is compulsion
Sanskar to himself- ohh god why she is crying what’s the big deal I didn’t eat breakfast only but her reaction says I’m hungry from 3 months huh??
Sanskar-swara now first stop crying babu see ur all makeup remove howww u have dark circle ??? see dekho
(But she cry more )
Sanskar- swaraaa its just breakfast now u do overacting ??? plzzz change ur face expression
Swara- ????
Sanskar- swara speak something

Swara- sorry????
Sanskar to himself- sanky beta think something ???????? ideaaa
Sanskar- swara vese u know u r not good wife
Swara sees him from corner of her eye her wet eyes becomes more wet
Sankar- hmmm swara sachi u r not good wife (he come close and rub his nose with her nose) u r a best wife ??
Finally swara smiles and give peck on sanskar lips , sanskar shocked no no I mean sanskar rocked ???
Swara- see its cake Chlo let’s eat
(She was about to open their lobby door knocked )
Swara- lobby door??
Sanskar gave wide smile?? and rubs his hair and says – bhel puri
Sanskar- ???? darling now plzz utho my lap r tired
Sanskar open door and see its box there is dor in middle and chit also 150 rs ,sanky takes box and tie 150rs with door and the dor pulled by bhel puri vale bhaiyaa???,sanky closes door and come inside room
Swara- ohhh that’s y u happy ???
Sanskar- jaanu I’m hungry yrr that’s y I think say to bhelpuri gala as he come regularly this time ???
Swara- u say me I make something
Sanskar- ??? if I say that I’m hungry may be u again give methi chilla ???
Swara- huhh and what u say I’m heavy ??
Sanskar- baby who says u r heavy u r not more than 15 kg????
Swara- really??
Sanskar- (inocently) hmm
She was about to go but sanskar pulls her with the effect is that she lays on sanskar chest in standing position

Sanskar- (hug her and puts his chin on swara shoulder) jaanu u r my heartbeat never cry again I can’t bear that
Swara- (nods yess) then say what u like to eat I promise I make that
Sanskar- ( noughtily) sure darling
Swara- yess promise hubby
With this he realized his hug and put her hairs on other shoulder and open her blouse zip and put down blouse from one shoulder and give bite to that
Swara- Aaahhhh sanskar
Sanskar- I want this with this he give one more bite

Swara- aaaaahh sanskar (she feels butterflies in her stomach)
Sanskar- will u serve me my food
Swara blush hard
Sanskar take off her pallu and open blouse zip fully with in second her milky back fully naked he rubs his finger on back
Sanskar- u r soo soft(huskily) ohh god its like baby skin
He pins swara to wall and start sucking her back he give all over bites
Swara- aaahh aaaa sanskarrr

Sanskar- ur sounds make me wild swara
With this he starts licking her back for soothing her pain then he makes her turned he give peck on her cheek then lips he starts licking her lips swara opens her mouth but he Dont do that he only licking this irritate swara she pulls his hair and starts giving kisss and here swara blouse fall on ground as she save her blouse with hands only sankar smirks and starts massage her asset he hand play with them he enjoys her balls both enjoys their kiss with pleasures

Precap- continue ……..this

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