SWASAN-A beautiful combo of talents (Intro)

Hi Guys….I m a new writer…Hope u enjoy this intro of fanfic!!

Guys swara and rags are living alone in Calcutta and their parents are in Delhi…

Character Intro:
Swara Gadodia: A famous sports athlete (sprinter)…she is a very innocent girl but very brave and adventurous and strong and loves her elder sis Ragini

Ragini Gadodia:A model who is very famous and is highly demanded she also loves her sis swara and has a crush on Swara’s coach she is cute but very lazy

Sanskaar Maheshwari:A top Fashion designer the jolly go type but is quite scared

Laksh Maheshwari:Coach of Swara and is Sanskaar’s brother he loves Sanskaar a lot

Soo lets get into the story::))

Swara:Laado U know my coach Laksh Sir na??
Rags:Haan Shona! kyu?
Swara:Ok i know u always ask me to take decisions on my own but yaar i rly need ur opinion in this matter soo pls…
Rags:Shon don’t be soo formal yaar…and cut the crap and come straight
Swara:KKK…Laksh sir’s brother is Sanskaar Maheshwari and he is advertising a new brand and soo he wants me to be his brand ambassador soo what do u think ?
Rags: Shona its a great opputunity then y r u wasting it huh?
Swara:Rags but by becoming the brand ambassador i might be affecting ur job and i rly don’t want to…
Rags:Mere pyaari behen its ok dear and i m not soo infamous..Haha
Swara:I love u di::))

Swara messaged laksh that she is accepting the offer…Laksh then msgs shona asking her if she knows anybody else as they need another model also…Laksh very well knows about ragini being top model and swara sis soo he was trying to ask swara indirectly about rags..swara understood and told she will ask Ragini

Later before sleeping:DI…

*Precap:Rags and swara acting!*

Hey guys hope u all liked it and pls comment

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