SWASAN-A beautiful combo of talents (Episode 3)

Guys I m rly very sry for giving this vy vy short update …its cause im caught up in diwali preparations with my sis and cousins…and to clear some confusion and qu about me…I m 13 yrs old and ya…I m tamil Id hindi at all…hahaha….and I don’t think I can update tmw!!
Anyways lets get into the story::

Swara started posing for the pics but she felt very insulted and she could not concentrate properly on her work

Swara: Pagal..Idiot…stupid Dumbo tweety insulted me in front of the whole world.Now my whole image is gone!
Rags:Hehehe lightning bolt..kitna cute naam hei! Btw Swara u did not even know the ans to the qu that Sanskaar asked!!! First qu ony u did not know the ans HEHEHEH
Swara:Dii…tum bi na…

Swara p.o.v
U r the reason for my humiliation
Wait and watch Tweety…This lightning Bolt is gonna strike u

Swara goes to sanskaar cabin.

Swara:Knocks the door of sanskaar cabin
Sanskaar from cabin: Come in
Swara immediately closed the door behind her and ran in
Sanskaar:Shocked to see swara running in

Then suddenly,swara lay down near Sanky feet and told

SWARA:Pls dont tarnish my image…tell me the ans I will tell n front of everybody
Sanskaar:KK (in a vy serious way)Guys gather around again
Then he whispered to Swara (The ans is because we have better options) Swara nodded vigorously and told that ans in front of everybody.Everybody started to laugh madly…Swara first did not understand anything then ony she realised wht she said…and stared daggers at sanskaar
Then sanskaar told everybody the correct ans which is…………………………………………………..
There is no point…Hahahahaha(Guess who…u r correct)
Swara:opened her mouth wide in disbelief then suddenly it turned into a smirk
Sanskaar;Shoked and scared of her expression stood there confused
Swara:Mr Maheshwary nice joke but lets see if u can ans this qu
Swara: Money doesn’t grow on trees, right?
So why does every bank have so many branches?
Sanskaar stood there dumbfounded
Guys that’s the end…im soooo sry for vy small epi

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  1. Amazing, lol… Sanskaar doesn’t know the answer and it will be funny when there is no answer ?

    Hi, it’s me (Guess who)

    Tweety is a cool nickname…

    Take care and keep smiling ?

    1. Riyanjali

      hahah gd job and thx

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  3. Soujanya


  4. Awesome

  5. Alia

    Very nice

  6. Manasvi

    Hii dear… Thank you for accepting my friendship… Actually I m also 13 yrs old… So I should not call you dii…
    Btw episode was awesome…
    And from where you get this kinda questions???

    1. Riyanjali

      hahah ty for ur constant support!And for the qu i get it from my joke list i made a long long time ago!!!

  7. Wonderful

    1. Riyanjali

      ty..and Happy Diwali

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