swasan i am beast you are my beauty (Part 3)




The episode start with sumi traveling in bus then she go railway station and goes to Kolkata and next day she reach Kolkata and comes out of train and then left the railway station and come out she is crying
Sumi: shekar I am missing you so much but I will be strong for our kid I never let that lady shadow put on my son
And see towards baby boy and cry and kisses on his forehand
Sumi: now I have to arrange a home for rent

And then she goes in search of home but doesn’t get its become evening but she don’t get any home she become very tired and walking suddenly she get faint and the baby boy beside her
Suddenly a men and a girl of 3 years are going from their they see that men goes towards the sumi and see her faint try to wake up but fails so he make her sit in taxi and take baby boy and that girl and reach home and calls docter docter checkup sumi
Docter: nothing to woory only due to weakness she faint she only need rest
Men: thank u docter
And he docter goes and that men come to the girl who is playing with the baby boy and making him smile and men smiles and goes near her
Men: so my lado like him

Girl: like dad I love him see his hand and smiles
And suddenly the baby boy started crying girl see this and put her hand on his head
Girl: don’t cry other wise I will also cry
Men: my lado he is hungry na come lets take milk for him
Girl: ok

And they go in kitchen and bring milk and that men make him drink and he stopped crying and girl claps
Girl: dad see he stopped crying and jups while clapping and men smile see her daughter antics and after some time the girl and baby boy falls asleep
Next morning sumi wake up and see her in a unknow place and her baby boy not with him and get feared she comes out of room and see baby boy with a girl and men with him so she goes and take the baby boy in arms and fear is shown in her eyes
Men see her and girl also see her and smiles

Men: please don’t get scared tomarrow you get faint so I take you here please don’t get sace of us
Sumi: thank u very much but I have to go
Men: please docter tell you need rest so please stay here only
Sumi: no I cant
Men: ok understand me as your brother now you can stay here see you have a small baby with you where you take him you are also weak
Sumi overwhelmed by his care and her heart says to belive him
Sumi: but I have to search house for my shelter I cant live here
And turn to go but someone hold her sari sumi turns and see the girl holding her sari
Girl: please don’t go anuty I want to play with the baby please
Men: ok you want home you can live here only

Sumi: but I will give rent
Men: ok now you can live here
Sumi nodes
Men: lado now this baby live with us only

Girl smiles and jump in excitement
Girl: really dad love you
Sumi smiles seeing the girl happiness
Men: she is my daughter ragini and I am ram Sharma you can think me as your brother
Sumi smiles: my name is sumi and he is sanskar
Girl: sans…sans..sankar
Ram: no beta sanskar
Girl: but dd his name is so hard I will call him baby
And smiles and see baby
Ram: ok now you can take rest
Ram turns to ragini
Ram: lado now I will not leave with u that aunty now you saty here and take take care of baby and aunty ok beta
Ragini smiles and node

Ram goes and sumi sit on sofa with baby boy and think about this life changes
Sumi thinks: I don’t think that such a pure hearted people also live on earth and tear come in her eyes ragini who is playing with baby see and wipe tears with her little hand
Ragini: aunty don’t cry dad tell that we should not cry
Sumi smiles
Sumi: ok beta I will not cry so beta where is your mom
Ragini: dad tell that she has gone to meet god and will come
Sumi understand and hug ragini and then brek the hug
Ragini: aunty you know you are like my mom she used to hug me like this so from now you can call me lado

Sumi: lado and put her hand on her head and she smiles and then see toeards baby

Credit to: abcd

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