swasan i am beast you are my beauty (Part 2)


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The story take ten month leap its night time sumi is winching in pain and after sometine she gave birth to a baby boy and it is given to parvati she get happy seeing the nishan on him
Parvati: I get what I want now he will fullfil our wish so today will be the jashan
All beast shout in happiness
Here in room sumi is crying and shekar comes their
Sumi: you why you come here you showed u are a beast from heart also
Shekar: please sumi forgive me
Sumi: forgive and you no way I just hate you bcz of you my son is becoming beast
Shekar: no I cant let this happen I will take him from here you don’t woory please trust me
Sumi: trust you no way I will never trust you now
Shekar; once please if you ever thought that my love for you is true
Sumi thinks : ok I am trusting u for the last time
Shekar: thank u sumi and get ready at night I will come
Sumi: ok
And here parvati and all beast are enjoying

At night shekar come and take sumi and that baby boy with him but parvati see them
Parvati: shekar wait you cant spoil everything like this I will not leave you
Shekar runs talking sumi and baby boy from their and parvati and all her members go behind them but they didn’t catch them but paravti throw a knife towards them which hit shekar at the back and he falls
Sumi: shekar and cry
Shekar: sumi we have very less time come
Sumi: no please we have to go to docter
Shekar: no sumi I cant see my son becoming a beast like me
Sumi: but
Shekar: I don’t have time I want to tell you something please listen never let him go out at full moon night I don’t want him to become beast like him and never tell him that he is a beast please its my request and yeah take this thread and make him wear it it is helfull for him and never let him take off it
Sumi: yes but you have to come with me
Shekar see back as parvati is coming near them he stand up and they run and they reach near a river and he let sumi and baby boy go
Shekar: sumi you go
Sumi: I cant go leaving you here like this
Shekar: no sumi we have to save our son you go
Sumi: no if we go then we all go other wise no one will go
Shekar: sumi you have kasam of our love and our son go from here
Sumi is crying and baby boy is also started crying shekar take him in arms and kisses his forehead
Shekar: don’t become like your dad ok beta your dad love u so much but you have to go from here
And he give him to sumi

Shekar: sumi call my son by the name of sanskar ok now go
Sumi is crying sit in boat and shekar waves bye and sumi is still crying and baby boy also started crying here shekar see parvati and to distract her he runs in another direction so that they go safely from their and that happens when he go far from them he get weak and fall down and parvati comes
Parvati: shekar where is he
Shekar: ma I don’t let you know where is my son and smiles
Paravti: shekar you cant let suin my dream
Shekar: ma for your dream I cant let my son to become beast
Paravati: you are talking like this bec of that sumi I will never sapre u for this mistake
And put sword in his stomach and shekar winch in pain
Paravti: I never allow anyone to come in btw my wish I will kill everyone if it was my son also and again stabbed him
And shekar dies and paravti vows
Paravti: I will find your son and make him the king of beast its my promise
Here sumi crying reach near a village and from their take a bus and goes from their


Credit to: abcd

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  2. Nice ..continue..i like ur concept

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  4. nice don’t stop this ff it is a request from your fan

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