swasan i am beast you are my beauty (Part 1)


It’s a story of beauty and beast and how a beast changes into a human after meeting his beauty hope you all like it
Its full moon night a girl is following a boy and the boy enter in the jungle and girl follow him and then she hide and see him turing in a beast and get afraid and goes from their
Next day the same girl is standing on the bridge and the same boy comes near her
Boy: sumi and about to hug her but she stop
Girl: shekar you are a beast and you didn’t tell me this
Shekar shocked: so you got to know
Sumi: yes and from now there is nothing btw us
Shekar: please sumi listen to to I love u don’t go like this my heart will break please sumi I love u
Sumi: I also love u shekar but you kepp secret this from me and this cant possible what when my family got to know about this we cant be one so bye and runs from their crying and here shekar also fell and cry
After some time shekar stand up and goes in jungle and go in a cave and their a staute of beast is present and a lady is doing his pooja and shekar come to her
The lady turn and her face is reveled she is parvati
Parvati: so she get to know about your identity
Shekar: ha ma
Parvati: don’t worry I have waited for this from 20 years now no one will stop me from fulfilling my dream of ruling the world she is the true soul and your son will help me in fulfilling my wish
Shekar: but ma u will not do anything to her I love her ma
Parvati angrly: stop it shekar I cant let anyone to get in my path ok and you
And murmur some mantr and tie him
Parvati: now u see tomarrow is full moon day and tomarrow my wish is fulfilled and laughs aloud
Shekar: ma please don’t to anything to her but parvati goes from their and change her into a old lady avtar and goes towads sumi house and knock the door and sumi open the door
Sumi: yes
Paravti : can I get some water I am very thristy
Sumi: sure
And she turn but a a single hair fall from her her and parvati take it and smile and goes from their
Sumi comes with water and see no one their
Sumi: where did that old lady goes she is thristy and without drinking water she goes but sumi mother calls her so she goes in
Here parvti gets happy getting the hair
Next day parvati did all arrangements of pooja and took that hair and take a small dool and put it on it and murmur some mantrar
Paravti: toady a beast and a pure soul get one and the son I get help me in fulfilling my wish after that she will me of my no use
Then pravti murmurs the mantr and here sumi wakes ups she look like hypnotized here parvati make the small doll were red sari and here sumi also were the red sari and parvati make her come in the cave and she come and she make her sit in front of her and do pooja and put a tilak on her forhead sumi is in fully control of her she takes her in a room and make her lay on bed
And then she goes to shekar who is completely turn into beast
Parvati: now you know what to do just go
As he become beast he is in undercontrol of parvati
And shekar goes in the room and parvati closes the door he see sumi and his heart get melt seeing her and he comes near her a put his hand on her head but suddenly the beast inside him wake and he stand up and take the sari of sumi of and consummate with her and light goes off
So hows it did you like the story line if you like it please comment

Credit to: abcd

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