It was a beautiful morning; a cute and bubbly girl was playing with a 6 month old kid. She was singing and laughing with him. She is our Swara, who lives in an orphanage. Her parents died when she was small she craved for her parents a lot, so she opened this orphanage for people like her who lost their loved ones and have nowhere to go. The kid with whom she was playing was Kush, her friend Niti’s son but she called him Chikoo. He was like her own son nd she loved him so much and she spent most of her time with chikoo.

One day Chikoo was having high fever, Swara and Niti gave him medicine and he was sleeping, Swara went out to get some items for chickoo. When she returned she was shocked to see the state of orphanage, all the people were lying there dead covered in pool of blood. She was numb watching all this and tears started to flow from her eyes. She shouted for Chikoo and Niti and searched for them everywhere. Finally she heard voice of Chikoo crying from the washroom. She rushed there and found Niti covered in blood, there were bullets in her body and blood wascoming out from her wounds, Chikoo was near her and continuously crying. She took chikoo in her lap and tried to wake Niti. Finally she opened her eyes and Swara asked what happened over there. Niti told her that some goons came and asked us for the file of some MISSION AGNI but no one in the orphanage knew about any such thing. When they did not get anything from here, they started killing everybody and Niti somehow managed to hide sleeping Chikoo in the washroom. When she came out, a goon saw her and shot 3 bullets on her. She asked swara to take care of Cjikoo as she trusts her more than herself and Swara promised her to take care of Chikoo as her own child. Niti said that as her son is in safe hands she can die peacefully and she closed her eyes. Swara cried a lot but saw Chikoo in her lap and decided to live for him. She took chikoo and left for somewhere.

Swara reached a house and rang the doorbell. A guy probably in mid twenties opened the door.
Swara: Hi Kartik.
Kartik: Hi Swara, nice to see you long time. You should have called me, I would have made some prior arrangements. (He saw Chikoo in her hands and asked) Who is this child?
Swara: And this is my son Chikoo. And Kartik, this is an emergency actually can I stay at your place for some days.
Kartik: Ya sure. But when did you get married?
Swara: I adopted him.
Kartik: ok. Come in. You might be hungry, I’ll get you something to eat.
Swara: Thanks. And can you please get milk for Chikoo.
Kartik: why not.

Kartik goes to kitchen and calls someone (Everything is going as per plan. She has arrived here and she is having a baby with her but no worry as soon as I’ll get the information from her, I’ll kill both of them. Don’t worry MISSION AGNI is ours.)
Swara was going after Kartik to tell something and listened his phone convo. She was hell shocked.
Swara: (to herself) OMG this Kartik is a traitor, I considered him as a friend and he only cheated me. That means he knows about me and MISSION AGNI, Shit i have to run from here or it won’t be good.
She tried to run from there, but Kartik came in her way
Kartik: Hey darling, where are you going, just wait for sometime enjoy with me and then leave. He pins her to wall and touches her face and tells. Dear Swara what do u think I don’t know about you. I know everything about you and MISSION AGNI.
Swara kicks his main part and huts his head with vase. She takes Chikoo with her and starts running on the road. She was panting heavily when Chikoo starts to cry. While consoling him, she didn’t look at the road and a car was about to hit her, but the driver suddenly put the brakes. Swara was not hit, but due to shock she fell down and hit her head to ground while saving chikoo. Her forhead starts to bleed. The person driving comes out of the car he was tall and handsome having hazel brown eyes and fair complexion wearing red shirt, blue blazer and black pant. Yes he is our business tycoon

Sanskar: I’m really sorry. I couldn’t see you. I’m sorry. But when he saw Swara consoling Chikoo he was spell bound. (In mind he thought, wow she is so beautiful, her eyes so deep and her chubby cheeks, her rosy pink lips, I feel like kissing them) he was shaken out of thoughts when he heard chikoo cry.
Swara: (to chikoo) Aww mera bachha, koi baat nai beta, kuch nai hua chup ho jaa mai hu nay aha… shant ho jaa. (to Sanskar) No problem Mr. it was my fault I din see your car approaching and moreover I was in middle of road.
Sanskar: (wow what a sweet voice, but what MERA BACHHA, BETA, she is married and moreover mother of a child. He felt heartbroken but saw Swara’s forehead bleeding and was concerned) Listen your forehead is bleeding, let me take you to the doctor or it will catch infection.
Swara: Oh no its absolutely okay, its just a minor scratch nothing to worry much.
Sanskar: Look its not just a scratch, it’s a deep wound and moreover your son (hurt to say your son) also has minor wounds so please lets go to hospital.
Swara: Concerned for Chikoo. Ok for chikoo I’ll come, I can’t be careless for him.
Sanskar: (Such a pious soul. God why am I late always, I should have met her before) Ya sure come.
Sanskar made swara stand and supported her till the car. Chikoo was sitting in swara’s lap and sanakar started driving. Meanwhile Swara was checking Chikoo if he had much wounds.
Swara: Chikoo, beta lagi toh nai. Dard ho raha hai mere bachhe ko… koi nai abhi doctor ke paas jayenge (though he cannot speak, she was asking him lol…!!!)
Sanakar was adoring her bond with Chikoo.
Sanskar: You love him a lot don’t you, btw what is his name?
Swara: Yes, jaan hai yeh meri, mera rajkumar mera Kush hai na beta…!!!

They reached hospital, Swara was having deep wound so she had to be taken to another room and Chikoo to other one, but Swara insisted that she will go with Chikoo and get him treated first and then herself. But, Sanskar asked her to go and get herself treated and he will take Chikoo to Dr. Swara was worried, but Sanskar assured her with eyes that he will take care of him. Swara didn’t knew why but she was assured that he will, she was shocked how can she trust a stranger so easily, but she brushed off her thoughts and went for treatment.
Here Sanskar was with Chikoo,Dr asked child’s full name, Sanskar didn’t knew what to say, unknowingly he said KUSH SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. Meanwhile Swara also came there, Dr asked who she was and Sanskar said she was Kush’s mother.
Dr: Oh Mrs Maheshwari, please come in.
Swara: (shocked listening Mrs Maheshwari about to say something but stopped seeing sanakar) Yes doctor, tell me is anything serious. He is okay na.
Dr: Yes Mrs Maheshwari, he is okay and no need to worry, you can take him home.
Swara: Thankyou Dr.
Swara and Sanskar went out of the hospital, Swara was about to ask something to sanskar but he only answered.

Sanskar: Sorry actually I didn’t knew his father’s name and even your name so I just…
Swara: Its ok Mr Maheshwari. I understand. Btw I am Swara
Sanskar: Myself Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara: Of course Business tycoon and most eligible bachelor(giggled).
Sanskar: (murmured) Not anymore.
Swara: Did you say something?
Sanakar: Ya, come I’ll drop you home.
Swara: (teary eyed remembering about orphanage) I don’t have home.
Sanskar: What? Okay no problem, come to my house you can stay there.
Swara: No Mr Maheshwari, you’ve already done enough, I can’t take more favours.
Sanskar: Its Sanskar, and what favours are you talking about, look I’m asking you to come to my house till you and Kush get well okay, you can leave afterwards.
Swara: (looked at sleeping Chikoo maybe he is right) Okay Sanskar. Thankyou
Sanskar: Senorita, Dosti aur pyaar mei NO SORRY AND NO THANKYOU.
Swara: Achha toh yeh dosti hai ya pyaar eyelock takes place)

BG Music plays
Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai
Kya ye woh makaam mera hai
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun
Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai
Jazbaat naye se mile hain
Jaane kya asar ye huaa hai
Ik aas mili phir mujhko
Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai
Kisi shaayar ki ghazal
Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar

Jaise koi kinaara
Deta ho sahaara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par
Koi raat ka taara
Karta ho ujaala
Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar
Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa
Kuch aisa asar huaa
Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha
Hmm.. Jaise baarish kar de tar
Yaa marham dard par
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Muskaata yeh chehra
Deta hai jo pehraa
Jaane chhupata kya dil ka samandar
Auron ko toh hardam saaya deta hai
Woh dhoop mein hai khada khud magar
Chot lagi hai usey,
Phir kyun mehsoos mujhe ho raha hai
Dil tu bata de kya hai iraada tera
Main parinda besabar
Tha uda jo darbadar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar..
Jaise banjare ko ghar…
Jaise banjare ko ghar….

They left for MM.It was a big palace with all sorts of luxuries. Sanskar lived alone in MM his family was settled in US they came twice an year to meet him. As soon as he entered, the door was opened by a female maid-Maya who greeted him. All the servants were quite shocked to see Sanskar with a lady and moreover a kid. Sanskar asked her to take swara and Chikoo to the room next to his and prepare dinner for him and swara and milk for Chikoo. Swara looked at Sanskar who asked her to go to her room and get freshened up while Maya would take care of Chikoo. Swara went to her room to freshen up and when she returned, she found Maya arranging something in the cupboard, when she asked her, she said that Sanskar sir ordered clothes for her to change as her clothes were stained with blood. Swara was taken aback that sanskar managed to see her confusion that what she would wear. Maya also told her that Sanskar ordered clothes for Chikoo too and she already made him ready and now he was playing with Sanskar. Swara changed to jeans and sky blue top and went downstairs, she saw Sanskar playing cutely with Chikoo when she was busy adoring them, Maya came there.
Maya: Mam you are very special, Sir never talked to any girl. Every girl falls for his charm or money but he never paid heed to any of them, but the way he cares for you is different. You know he doesn’t like children much, but see the way he is playing with Chikoo. I’ve never seen him so happy mam. Anyways you come, sir called you for dinner.

Swara: (was continuously watching sanskar) Whats happening to you swara, why are you staring him like this, but he is so handsome, dashing, cute and most important pure at heart. If he continues like this I’ll surely fall for him. Anyways you don’t have time for all this, focus swara.
At dining table, Swara was feeding milk to Chikoo. After that he slept and Maya took him to the room. Now only Swasan are remaining there. They started eating. There was silence which irritated our talkative swara and she tried to break it.
Swara: Thankyou for the dresses, but what was the need for it.
Sanskar: Cmmon swara, you can’t wear those blood stained clothes all the time.
Swara: Thankyou Sanskar, for everything. Being a stranger you did so much for us.
The word stranger seemed that if someone stabbed sanskar in his heart.
Sanskar: (softly) Am I stranger swara?
Swara: Sanskar…I didn’t mean it. (eyelock takes place)
Sanskar: (composing) I am your friend Swara and I have done nothing for you, its all for myself. Okay now you go and take rest, I’ll bring your medicines to your room.
Swara: Okay.

And she went to her room. There she saw Chikoo sleeping peacefully. She went near him, caressed his head and kissed his forehead.
Swara: Life is so unpredectible na Chikoo, yesterday we all, you, me and your mom were enjoying so much and today we are left with nothing, we are all alone. We lost everything, at such a small age you lost your mother and I lost my best friend- my sister. (crying) What will I answer you about your mom, she died because of me, everyone died because of me. How will I face you…she was badly broken and fell on the floor. She sensed a hand on her shoulder and turned to find Sanskar standing with moist eyes. Without wasting a second, she hugged him and started to cry her heart out. (Sanskar had come to the room to give her medicine and listened her, he was happy listening that Swara was not married but at the same time sad for Swara, he could not see his Swara in such a state hence went to console her)
Sanskar: Sh…Sh Swara calm down. Nothing Happened, everything is all right.
Swara: (crying) Sanskar I killed them, they all died because of me, Chikoo’s mom died because of me, he became orphan because of me…I am very bad.
Sanskar: (hugging her tightly) No Swara, you are not bad, you are the most beautiful and sweet girl I’ve ever seen. They way you care for chikoo his mother could also not do. You are only his mother, he is not an orphan till he has you with him. Swara, you have to be strong for your chikoo, you are only his mother Swara and you have to take care of him.
Swara: Yes sanskar, I will take care of mu chikoo, he is my bachha, so what if I didn’t give him birth, he is and always be my beta. Thankyou Sanskar for making me realise this.
Sanskar: Don’t thank me Swara and please don’t cry, I can’t see tears in your eyes. (Cups her face, wipes her tears and kisses her forehead) Now take your medicines and go to sleep.
Swara: Ok. GN

Sanskar made swara lie down on the bed and sat beside her patting her head, when she slept he covered her with blanket and kissed her forehead. He went to Chikoo and kissed him too.
Sanskar: Chikoo, don’t worry you are not an orphan, you have both mumma and papa, you are my beta na.
And he went to his room and slept peacefully.
Screen freezes on sleeping faces of Swara, Sanskar and Chikoo.

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