Guys I had decided to post the next part tomorrow, but your comments made me post it today only. I’m really happy that you are liking it. This is my first ff and it’s a funny thing that I had a dream about the basic idea of this ff last night and I just transformed it into ff. Thanks again for your love…
Next day
It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining on the three people as if blessing them for their upcoming life. Swara woke up first and remembered yesterday night’s events, a smile came on her face. Today she was feeling fresh and happy, her face was also glowing. She went to chikoo, kissed his forehead and went to have a bath. After coming out she took a simple and elegant pink chudidar and kept her hair open on one side with minimal make up. She went to kitchen and made tea for herself and sanskar and milk for chikoo. First she fed milk to chikoo and made him ready. Then, he played with toys which Sanskar brought for him last night (plz don’t ask when). Then she went to sanskar’s room with two cups of tea. She saw him sleeping peacefully with a beautiful curve on his lips. For the first time she was watching someone so keenly, he had a perfect figure of greek god which fascinated her. She kept the tray of food on the table and went near him to wake him up.
Swara: Sanskar, wake up. Good morning Sanskar.
Sanskar: (in sleep) Maya, I told you not to wake me up early. You know I have a habit of sleeping late. (but he realised afterwards that it was Swara and not Maya)

Swara: (to herself) Oh, he wakes up late. I should not disturb him, he will wake up afterwards and turns to go but felt a strong grip on her wrist. While turning, she lost her balance and fell on sanskar and a eyelock takes place. Both were lost in each others eyes. BG music Sab Tera from Baaghi.
Soon the eye lock breaks and both composed themselves.
Sanskar: Good Morning Swara and Sorry.

Swara: Oh hello Mr. keep your sorry with you and have this Swara special tea.
Sanskar: Swara, what is this, you still have not recovered and who told you to make tea. You should have asked Maya she would get you whatever you want.
Swara: Sanskar, what is this you are dependent on Maya for everything. Whatever you need you ask her, you don’t even know what is kept at which place. You behave like a kid at home. God knows how you run this big business empire and what will your wife do. She would surely be jealous of Maya.
Sanskar was listening all this like a kid as noone ever scolded our business tycoon. At office, he was the boss and at home he was the only son who was pampered a lot. This was the first time someone was scolding him.
Swara: Sanskar, where are you lost?
Sanskar: Beautiful…!!!
Swara: (blushes a little and in a soft voice) Sanskar, now drink your tea or it will get cold.
Sanskar: Ok madam.

They both started drinking tea when Maya comes to the room with black coffee for sanskar.
Maya: Good morning sir, mam. Sir your black coffee.
Swara: Black Coffee, Sanskar you drink black coffee yakk gandi kadvi sadi hui black coffee…(realised what she said and shifted her gaze to Maya)
Maya: Yes mam, sir always drink black coffee. Infact he hates tea.
Swara: (Looks with fake anger to Sanskar) What was the need of drinking tea silently, you should have told me na that you don’t like tea, I should have made black coffee for you and continues blabbering.
Sanskar: (keeps a finger on her lips) Sh… bahot bolti ho tum. Kisne kaha ki I didn’t like your tea. Yes I don’t like tea because nobody made such tasty tea. But this tea is the best in the world and actually the black coffee is gandi, kadvi and sadi hui in front of this. You know why, coz you made this especially for me with lots of affection and I want this tea daily from you. Ok!!!
Swara: (With teary eyes) Ok Sir. Thankyou Sanskar, for everything, for making me feel good about myself. Thanks a lot.
Sanskar: Offo Swara, bahot bolti ho tum. Now let me get ready, then I’ve to play with my chikoo. Today I’m not going office, we three are going out.
Swara: Ok. And went from there.

Swasan and chikoo went to a disney theme park so that chikoo can enjoy watching cartoons. Three of them were enjoying so much that people thought they are a family. Sanskar had also developed a special bond with chikoo. At evening, they went to resturant for dinner. As usual Swara started to feed chikoo first and sanskar helped her with that and afterwards they both were about to eat, chikoo started with his nautanki, he was not letting swara put food in her mouth. Whenever she took a bite, he pushed her hand. Sanskar saw her struggling and finally fed her with his hands. He took a bite and put it near swara’s mouth and gestured her to eat. She opened her mouth and he made her eat like that. In between he was eating himself too. (maybe our chikoo wanted this only…keep it up chikoo) After a tiring and beautiful day, they returned home and finally slept.
From next day Sanskar resumed his office and everyday while returning home he would get a chocolate for swara and a toy for chikoo. Chikoo and sanskar shared a cute father-son relationship which swara adored. Swara also started to behave like sanskar’s wife,now he wasn’t dependent on Maya, Swara would get him tea everyday, will prepare his favourite food, took care of all his belongings, would take lunch for him to his office along with chikoo. All the office people were shocked at first but they knew their boss, if he has selected someone, she would really be special.
Days passed like this, Swasan were coming close to each other, Sanskar totally fell for the cute, bubbly and kiddish swara while Sanskar had become and addiction for swara. Both loved each other from the bottom of their heart but still unaware of their feelings.
One day Swara went to park with chikoo, she was just roaming around, but she saw kartik in front of her, so she started running fast and kartik followed her. She hid somewhere in bushes and kartik lost her. She was hell scared, not for herself but for chikoo. So she returned home and decided to tell everything to sanskar. After dinner and she went to sanskar’s room, she sensed sanskar talking to someone, so she decided to come afterwards and turned to go while she heared something which made her hell shocked.

Sanskar: (on phone) MISSION AGNI, no you won’t stop it everything will go as per our planning. Nothing should change and don’t worry about her, I’ll take care of her and surely find her. You just concentrate on extracting the info and rest I’ll handle. Ok Ya sure No problem. Over and out and he smirked.

Screen faces on shocked face of swara and sanskar.

Who is Sanskar?
How is Swara related to MISSION AGNI?
Why is Kartik after Swara?
Stay tuned for answers and do comment about your views and ideas.

Credit to: mishty

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