swasan (baby u r my life)ss (episode 1)


Hi guys very happy .thanks for ur valuable comments and sry for not replying ur comments. So let’s start our os. Ok wait before I start I want to know all ur favorite couple.expect swasan and raglak.

3 boy of 8 year,and a girl of 27 year was in kitchen making food and they have wear t-shirts .one was wearing blue and another is wearing yellow and another is wearing green.and the lady is wearing pink sari.there convo,
Yellow:what is this yarrr so tough.isn’t it.raghav.
Raghav :yahhh agam why don’t u try.
Agam:okay wait it is not easy arav. Then they all union shout massi and ma.the the lady standing say I am right here

Don’t shout.ur mom will wake up.they say ok. Then there massi help the in plating. (Guys it will later revile wht they cook.)the goes and open a door happy birth day mom and the the lady sleeping woke with jerk.she was amaze to see her room decoration .she say ragini then a lady come and say yah swara.(guys the sleeping girl is swara)swara say r u ragini (with irek voice .)then the girl nodd no.then why ucome swara say with angry face.the girl gulps in fear.the swara say now leave .she leave. (Guys the 3boys r arav agam and raghav )arav and agam is swasan child raghav is raglak child

What is the reason of such horrible act.
Plz give comments. And who wa st he girl.why swara behavior change.

With love

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  1. nice…..my fav couples after swasan are arjun-arohi, asad-zoya, ishra

  2. Nice dear

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