Hello everyone! I’m back with not a oneshot but a short story this time, I hope you will be liking this one, just like you have loved all my other works.

So here’s the prologue of the story, and let me know if I should continue it further or not.


“Sanskaar, what do you think of Swara?” Laksh asked his best friend.

“What kind of a question is that Lucky?” Sanskaar responded to his question, but with another question.

“Just answer me!” Laksh acted stubbsorn. Well Laksh was a stubborn person, when he wanted things to go his way.

“Umm… she has a charming personality, sweet by nature, a little fiesty and tough to handle, but that’s what makes her unique. She is different from all the other girls I’ve known, all in all she is a perfect girl!” He replied, a smile making its way on his face as he talked about her.

Laksh gave him a knowing smile, and patted his back, “I guess you’ve taken a liking for her! And, I also think she’s perfect for you!”

Sanskaar was shocked at the relevation; may be he did like Swara, but not as what his friend was intending to say. If there was something more, surely he’d have known, wouldn’t he?

“You are mistaken!” He tried to clarify Laksh, who was already in a mood to pair up his best friend, with that one girl who deserved a gem like him.

“Sanskaar, I’m not forcing you to accept something what you don’t feel like, but just think about my words.”

“Look Lucky, there’s nothing like what your are thinking it to be, or even if there is a chance that I like her, you know she’d never accept to this! She doesn’t believe in love or marriage or whatever long-term relationship!” He was pretty positive about what her answer would be, if she was ever asked this question!

Laksh gave him a slight nod, knowing what Sanskaar said was completely true. Sanskaar turned to leave, when Laksh wondered about if there was any possibility of the two of them being together.

Sanskaar paused, after walking for a distance, and spoke, his voice cold and face without any expression, “And moreover, I’m never lucky enough to have the people I love, around me. Love is just not meant for me!” With that, he walked away, leaving Laksh behind.

Laksh looked at his retreating form, and let out a sigh. It wasn’t that Sanskaar doesn’t believe in love, but it’s just that he thinks it is not meant for him. Sanskaar, of all people, deserved the best in life, but his life was giving him the worst challenges to face. Yet, he still hadn’t lost the hope. There were times, when he might feel let down, but in the end, he still has that small ray of hope left!!!


“C’mon Ragini! How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t believe in love or in the fact that there will ever be a happy ending with no tough times in our life.” Swara replied her best friend when asked about love.

“Swara, why do you keep saying that? You might be happy, you never know what the future holds in store for you.” Ragini explained.

“Exactly Ragini! That is what I’m saying. The happy endings we read in books are limited to only books! But in reality, all you get is heartbreaks and adjustments in life.” Swara argued back.

Ragini let out a sigh, knowing that it would be useless to talk to her best friend. Swara was one girl, who would stick to her opinions, no matter what you say. It was tough, to get her to change her opinion on any matter. And the topic of love was something similar.

It was not Swara’s fault that she doesn’t believe in happily ever after stuff, sometimes certain circumstances make people the way they are. Ragini could very well understand, why Swara reacted too much when she told her about Laksh. Swara was lively and full of joy when she was with her friends, but the topic of love irks her. But, what she doesn’t know is that there’s one happily ever after, meant for her!!!

So guys, this is the prologue of my new short story! Two different characters – one believes in love but thinks that it is not meant for him; and the other doesn’t believe that happily ever after exists in real life, inshort she doesn’t believe in love. What brings the two of them together, and how does it change their opinions? You will be finding about this in the coming chapters!

This story will have a maximum of 8-10 chapters, and I will be uploading it provided, I get a good response for this chapter. Otherwise, this will be the end to this story! Please comment and let me know if I should continue.
P.S. I can’t promise on giving regular updates!

Thank you! <3

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  1. Ria

    O. M. G. Finally!!!?? I’m so glad this is up. I mean not that I was tired, but you know seeing it uploaded gives me this special feeling that you won’t understand. ?? Now, now, so since, you already know about my response and everything, no ✳ Comments ✳ I zip mouth and I’m shut. ??? I’ll be waiting for the first oops, the second one ??

    P.S.: I can’t promise to comment everytime. Huh! ???

    Love, love, love, Oh my God, it’s infinite love from here. *Parcels it away ?*
    Your one and only Cutie Pie ?

    1. Ashu

      Cutie pie!
      I’ve got ur parcels??
      Unfortunately I’m not sending any to u! I can only send parcels of hate, if u want!??

      Don’t zip ur mouth, I’d love to hear ur blabbering ??
      I can understand if u don’t comment anyway, but just write that damn story of urs!?
      Love you!! No no…Hate you!??

      1. Ria

        Kar lo gandi tarah behave. I don’t like you anymore either and this time when I post my story, I won’t tell you, huh! ?

    1. Ashu

      Thank u?

  2. Love_forever

    Hello di!
    You know that I have my exam tomorrow, still managed to find some time to comment. I am a bit confused about the title, and hope that it would be cleared soon.

    I like the character of both the proteas, though. Absolutely opposite, and something that actually happens sometimes in real life.

    I never read such an intro before, it was a unique one, I must say. This ‘author’ love might as well help me in my exam tomorrow, as Twelfth night is one of the chapters in the syllabus, and you know right, that it is full of love..love..and love.

    I will be waiting for the FIRST chapter, and I will try my best to comment on every chapter. I really have a very haphazardly-set date sheet for the finals, and I don’t know when when you’ll actually post the chapters. And yes, if you do go for that trip you planned, then enjoy! Coz I won’t be getting any time to speak to you tomorrow, I have to prepare for my Maths exam!

    Now, now, I again typed down a loonngg comment! Hope you don’t mind!

    From~ The girl who loves you more than ANYONE ELSE has ever loved you.

    Okay okay, proper ending to this comment is here-

    Loads of love,
    Your little kiddo!

    1. Ashu

      Hello baccha!
      Well, to know abt the title, wait for the first chapter to be up?
      And did this help in ur exam in anyway? I guess no?? But I hope ur exam was fine!

      I can understand if u won’t be able to comment, first comes studies, so concentrate and write well! You can read this later! I’m not sure abt when I’ll post this either!

      Anyway I don’t mind long comments ??
      I won’t say I love you more, coz obviously u do more!??
      So, Love you back??

  3. Rj12

    Hii, i cant believe that even though my exam is tomorrow i’m still writing the comment ??
    Btw coming to the prologue it was AMAZINGGGG!!

    Eagerly waiting for first epi

    Loads of love,
    Rithika ??

    1. Ashu

      Thank you Rithika!
      You took out ur time to comment inspite of having exam the next day! This means so much to me! How was ur exam btw?

      Will post the first soon!

      1. Rj12

        It was to easy?? but lengthy ??

  4. prologue seems really interesting..continue soon..tc..

    1. Ashu

      Thank u?
      Will post the next soon!

  5. Simin

    *screaming Diiiiiiiiiiiii
    I love u sooooo damn much
    I mean first u used to write oneshots that made me sooooo happy
    Nlw u r going to write an ss
    Hufff i hope i can wait until u post it
    I m very excited
    Continue as soon as possible
    Acche kaam me deeri kyu

    1. Ashu

      Hey sweetie?
      You know ur eagerness makes me want to write more??
      I won’t keep u waiting longer, and will try to post the first chapter asap!
      Love you too!!?

  6. Angel20

    The prologue is really amazing! I can’t even express how excited I am to read this!! Really very much eager to know what’s in the store! And yes thanks for informing 🙂
    Hope you post the next one soon!! Will be waiting for it! And yes do inform me once you post because I hardly visit TU nowadays. Luckily I visited today and saw your message! Thank you once again 🙂

    With Love ❤

    1. Ashu

      Thank you?
      I’m glad to see u r excited to read this story, will post the first chapter soon!
      And, don’t thank me so many times?

  7. Simi


    1. Ashu

      Thank you?

    1. Ashu

      Thank you?

  8. Arshaanya

    Wud love to read..
    Continue soon

    1. Ashu

      Thank you?
      Will continue and post the next soon!

  9. awesome…

    1. Ashu

      Thank you?

  10. Scooby

    Suprb?? do continue?

    1. Ashu

      Thank you Navi?
      Sure, will continue

  11. G.Chandu


    1. Ashu

      Thank you Chandu?

  12. Fanficoholic

    Ashuuuuu akkaaaaaaaa hallooooooo. I am lyk reallyyyyyyy happiieeeeeeeee to see u bck. I loved the prolouge and dnt u dare nt start this. Its amazingggg. Dnt disappoint fans lyk me saying u wnt start unless u get ample no of comments. No dnt do that. I am happy wth the short story idea of urs. Plz do continue. And akka its public frm me frm tday. So wish me and pray fr me. Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Ashu

      Vyshu!!! I wanted to tell u, but I thought u wld be busy with ur exams anyway, so I’d let u knw later…but u did see this??

      I was thinking abt u the other day, well, u knw abt ur exams starting, and wish u all the very best! Just rock ur exams!!

      You are a friend, not a fan! And I can’t deny my friends, so I’ll continue this!
      Love u back❤

    1. Ashu

      Thank you?

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