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Chapter 7


Two weeks had passed since I read the book that Sanskaar suggested. Frankly speaking, I was glad Sanskaar suggested that book, and I was glad I read that. I lost track of time when I started reading it, I skipped my meals, and my sleep, but I had no complaints. It was worth reading.

I was actually impressed at how well the book was written. I knew I had to call Sanskaar and thank him for suggesting it, else I think I’d have missed a masterpiece. I never understood why my friends praised ‘Varun Kapoor’ till I read this book. But the moment I read this book, I knew they were not wrong in praising.

It was not just a typical love story. It was a story with lots of emotions involved. The pain of losing your love, the pain of heart break, and the pain of leading a lonely life; and every emotion was portrayed beautifully. The emotions weren’t forced; rather they went by in a flow.

I was out to the library again, the evening I finished reading the book, to search for a second book. I brought home another of Varun Kapoor’s novel with a thriller. The one book I read left me with the impression that he is indeed a great author.

After reading the second book, which was even better than the first one, I couldn’t help but Google him. My curiosity to know more about the author built up, as I completed the second book. The end to the second book was left to the imagination of the readers, and all throughout the book, the writer portrayed the problems that accompany love, and how adjustments are a part of life, and people can still be happy even after adjustments, only because there is love. I didn’t really see how people can be happy, but I still felt that this book was better than my expectations.

There isn’t much information about him on any of the websites, when I searched the Google. Apparently, he wanted to remain anonymous, and has never attended any of the social gatherings or parties or any book launch. I found it very lame to be absent in the book launch of one’s own book, but it was always his manager who managed the launch parties. No one knew who he is or how he looks like.

There’s only one mail ID available for fans to personally contact him. According to whatsoever sources, all his books are inspired from real life happenings, of what he sees in his life among the people around him. May be that is one reason, why his books convey the emotions to the readers. There is somewhere a part of me, that says that the author himself faced the situations.

Ever since I read the first two books, I fell in love with his writing. I spent the entire two weeks, reading his every book. With every book I read, I only loved his books more than before. The only reason I had avoided reading love stories, was because of the false hopes they gave. When there were no false hopes here, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be reading them.

I now understood why Ragini was such a huge fan of ‘Varun Kapoor’; not just Ragini, but why everyone in the world was. If someone had told me two weeks ago, that I’d read his books one day; I’d have laughed on their face, and brushed off the thought. Who would have said the girl who hated hearing his name, would gradually fall for his writings, and turn out to be his fan?

I had the day off from work today, and I spent the entire day reading books, and browsing through the net. I was currently browsing about Varun Kapoor’s next book, when I heard a knock on the front door. I opened the door to find my darling best friend standing there beaming at me, as soon as I opened the door. I frowned seeing her excited, for what I didn’t know anyway. She pulled me into a tight hug, which surprised me more.

Confused, I let her in, and closed the door, as she walked into the living room. Walking behind her, towards my room, I asked, “Someone’s very happy today?”

Her cheeks stained the slightest of the pink, and a wide smile made its way to her lips. I immediately knew there was something she wanted to tell me. She bit her lower lip, before answering, “You remember we’ve a party at Laksh’s house today?”

Oh, I totally forgot about it! Laksh had called me like two days ago, to invite me for a party at his house on the occasion of his parents’ thirtieth wedding anniversary. If not for Ragini, I’d have not remembered it.

“Oh yes. I forgot about that! But, what about it?” I asked her, still clueless of what this has got to do with Ragini blushing.

“Umm…Laksh is actually planning to introduce me to his parents as his girlfriend.” She said slowly.

“So, he’s actually making it official?” I asked her, pulling her into a hug.

“Yes, and he’s even planning to ask for my hand from my parents!” She said, beaming. Her eyes twinkled with happiness, and I knew that she was very much waiting for this to happen.

“Your parents would gladly agree, wouldn’t they?” I asked her, knowing that her parents already knew about the two.

“Yes. Sometimes I wonder if they love him more than me.” She whined, and I laughed at her whining. Ragini’s parents loved Laksh, and trusted him to be good enough for her.

“Swara, I got my dress here, how about we both get ready here, and leave for the party?” She asked, and I thought it was a good idea.

“I think it is a good idea, knowing that you’ll be here to help me.” I said, pulling her upstairs to my room, while she tried to hold me back.

“Swara, how did you forget about the party? I mean Laksh called you, right?” she asked me, as we reached the top of the stairs, and walked into the corridor leading to my room.

I bit my lip, wondering about how she’d react if I told her the fact that I was busy reading someone’s novels and I totally forgot about the party, and that someone being the person I detested the most. I hadn’t told her yet about me reading his books, and even Sanskaar who suggested the book to me didn’t know that I read a second book of the author.

“Umm…I was actually busy reading novels.” I told her half truth. She gave me a knowing smile, and just as we reached the door to my room, I remembered that all the novels were spread out on my bed, and the side table, and hell; my laptop was open browsing about ‘Varun Kapoor’.

I tried to stop her from entering my room, but she already beat me to it, and opened the door. Entering the room, she sprawled across the bed, and took one of the books on the bed, in her hand. Her eyes widened looking at the book; her jaw dropped, brows furrowed and exchanged glances between me and the book.

She picked out a second book, and her eyes widened even more, if that was possible. She noticed my open laptop on the bed, and noticed his name on the screen. She tried to speak but no words came out of her mouth. The expressions on her face kept changing every second, and if it wasn’t me in that dire situation, I’d have laughed on her face.

I bit my lip, and fiddled my fingers, when she stared at me waiting for an explanation. I closed my eyes, as I waited for her to say something.

“Care to explain Miss. Swara Malhotra?” She gave me a piercing look, and I gave her a sheepish smile.

“Umm…actually, Ragini,” I started, while she was waiting patiently for my explanation. I searched for the words to frame my sentences. After a moment, I said, “I met Sanskaar at the library the other day, and…he gave me a book and challenged me to read it.”

“You mean Varun Kapoor’s novel?” she asked. Her eyes widened in surprise, when I nodded.

“What about the other books, and the browsing thing?” She asked, narrowing her eyes a little. Ragini and her interrogation!

“Actually, after reading the first book, I felt like reading a second one, and then the third, and then I brought home all the books.” I answered.

Ragini looked ready to faint when she heard my words, and I don’t blame her for the exaggerated reaction I was getting.

“Remind me to thank Sanskaar at the party.” She said, and I looked at her confused. Thank Sanskaar, for what?

“For whatever challenge he had given you, which made you read these books. Otherwise, you’d never read them.” She answered. I narrowed my eyes, giving her a glare that only made her laugh.

“He doesn’t know about it, except for the first book.” I told her, with a sheepish grin. Ragini looked at me in disbelief.

“He should know about it then, but why didn’t you tell me?” she asked me. She was practically shouting at me in excitement.

“I thought it isn’t important.” I replied nonchalantly. Turning around, I walked to my cupboard, but before I could reach my cupboard, she pulled me, and turned towards her.

“What?” She looked at me in disbelief. Looks like, she didn’t want to leave this topic anytime soon. I rolled my eyes, and held her by the shoulders calming her down.

“Ragini, you do remember, we’ve a party to attend? We can’t be late, considering that your presence there is very important.” I attempted to divert the topic from me. Ragini’s cheeks turned a bit of pink, and I knew that I was successful in diverting her.

“Of course. But you, missy, need to remember that we are still having this conversation later.” She said, giving me a stern look.

I nodded in agreement, for I knew, Ragini won’t let go off a topic so easily.

Huffing out loud, I went to the cupboard to select a dress for the party. After rummaging through the cupboard for a good ten minutes, I selected a silver grey evening gown.

After about an hour, we were almost done getting ready, and Ragini looked gorgeous in her wine red gown. I’m sure Laksh wouldn’t know what hit him today; he’ll have a tough time warding off the guys around his girl.

“So, all set to go, soon to be Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari?” I asked her.

Ragini blushed, her already pink cheeks growing darker, but soon composed herself before replying, “Swara, there’ll soon be a time when I’ll be in your place and tease you.”

That time would never come, not now, not anytime. But, I didn’t want to argue about it either. I replied instead, “Let’s see when the time comes, Ragini! Now, we need to get going.” I gave her a small smile, before turning back to walk out of the room.


Swara and Ragini reached Laksh’s house, where the party was supposed to be held. The garden outside, was decorated with little lights, hanging down the trees, and on the bushes, along the sides of the driveway. Swara turned to her side, only to find a nervous Ragini fiddling with her fingers, and her palms sweating.

“Calm down, Ragini. It’s not the first time you are meeting his parents.” Swara said, lacing her fingers with that of Ragini’s, and giving her a reassuring smile.

“I know, Swara. But it’s different now. What if they think I’m not good enough for Laksh?” She asked her eyes filled with worry.

“Ragini, you are the best girl any guy could get. Stop worrying. Besides, I think it’s Laksh, who has to worry about if he is good enough for you.” Swara pulled her into a hug, and patted her back softly. Swara loved Ragini and considered her as a soul sister, the sister she always wanted to have; she knew that whoever meets her best friend, ends up loving her.

Ragini looked at Swara for a moment, before speaking, “Swara, Laksh is not just good, but the best.” Ragini loved that guy so much that it actually left Swara wondering, how a person could love someone, like Ragini does.

“Already taking his side, are you?” Swara chuckled lightly, while Ragini looked down embarrassed. Swara pulled Ragini towards the entrance, after she was done teasing her best friend.

As the duo entered through the massive grand entrance of his house, which was no less than a palace, they noticed the huge number of people, who were invited. The soft music in the background was soothing to the ears, and the living room, was entirely bathed in a red and white theme. The beauty of the room left the girls awestruck.

Swara thought about the last time they had hosted a party like this at her house. She couldn’t even remember the last time her parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. She didn’t want to get upset recollecting the bitter memories, especially not today, when Ragini needed her.

The girls looked around the place trying to find Laksh or Sanskaar, when they spotted them talking in a corner, and laughing over something. Ragini ‘s eyes sparkled when she noticed a handsome Laksh wearing a midnight blue suit with a red tie. She blushed knowing that they complimented each other. Sanskaar, who was beside Laksh, looked smoking hot in his completely black suit, drawing the attention of every girl in the party.

Walking towards them, the girls stood next to them, with their hands folded across their chest. Laksh and Sanskaar turned their heads to the side, only to find the absolutely stunning ladies standing just beside them, waiting to be noticed.

Laksh couldn’t take his eyes off of his girlfriend, who was dressed in a full length wine red chiffon gown, adorned with lace and cap sleeves, accessorized with a delicate silver chain on her fair and delicate neck, and a pair of beautiful red earrings. Her hair was loosely braided to one side, and soft curls of hair falling on to her cheeks on the other side.

Swara on the other hand was dressed in a full length silver grey tulle sleeveless dress, with a sweetheart neckline, adorned with sequins and crystals, along the neckline and waistline, shimmering as the light strikes them. Adding to the beauty of her dress was a pair of long silver earrings, with white crystals. Her dark, black hair was left loose, with little tender curls at the end.

Laksh locked his eyes with that of Ragini’s for a moment, before taking her hand in his, and bringing it to his lips. Sanskaar looked at a gorgeous Swara, standing in front of him, with her lips curved up in a smile, admiring Laksh and Ragini. Having realized that he was staring at Swara, who luckily, was oblivious to his stare, he focused his gaze on the love birds. Ever since the girls entered the party, they drew the attention of every guy standing there, and Laksh and Sanskaar did notice the stares of quite a handful of them.

Patting Laksh on his back, Sanskaar pulled him out of his reverie, and teased, “Man, you are whipped!” Swara let out a soft chuckle, while Ragini blushed.

Laksh gave him a sheepish grin, before taking Ragini and Swara to his parents. Walking to an elderly couple, who Swara assumed to be Laksh’s parents, Laksh introduced the girls to his parents.

“Mom, Dad! You know Ragini, right?” He asked. They nodded and greeted her warmly. Laksh turned to me, before speaking again, “And this is Swara, Ragini’s best friend.”

Laksh’s parents were welcoming, and friendly. After the formal introductions, and exchanging pleasantries, Laksh took Ragini’s hand in his, before turning to his parents, “Dad, I love Ragini, and I wish to marry her.” Ragini gave them a forced smile, as soon as Laksh said the words.

Laksh’s parents looked at each other for a moment, and had, what I assumed to be a silent conversation, between them, without speaking a word. Laksh held a nervous Ragini, and assured her with his eyes. She gave him a smile, which seemed to be forced, but Laksh had for sure, eased her worries a little.

Turning to Laksh, his parents smiled and embraced Ragini. Laksh’s Mom pulled Ragini into a hug, while his Dad patted his back.

“Laksh, we’ve no problem with Ragini. She is a lovely girl, and I’m sure she’ll be a good wife and good daughter in law.” Laksh’s mom said, taking his hand and placing it on Ragini’s. She turned to Ragini, and added, “Ragini, you already know Laksh, he can be very troublesome at times. He can be an idiot at times,” Everyone broke into fits of laughter, while Laksh complained, “This is not fair, mom!”

“Take care of him, Ragini.” She said, and Ragini nodded. “And, you are a daughter of this house from today.” His father added.

Having witnessed the exchange between Ragini and Laksh’s parents, she was glad that they loved Ragini, and accepted her as a part of their family. Laksh’s parents excused themselves, and left the four of them to themselves, when Sanskaar hugged Laksh, “Congratulations, brother!”

Swara pulled Ragini into a tight hug, and whispered in her ears, “I told you, it’s going to be okay.” Ragini nodded and whispered a thank you to Swara.

“Congratulations, Laksh! I hope you still remember the first time we met.” Swara said, as she shook his hand. Laksh nodded, remembering the warning, she had first given him. Sanskaar silently laughed at his best friend.

“You know, Laksh? I’ve something to tell you that’ll leave you dumbfounded.” Ragini said, drawing the attention of the guys and Swara to her. Laksh looked at her confused, and asked her to continue.

“Okay, it’s about Swara.” Laksh looked at Swara perplexed, when she continued, “Guess what I found today in Swara’s room?” Ragini said, silently smiling to herself. Swara immediately knew what Ragini wanted to talk about, and she felt sick all of a sudden. Swara mentally facepalmed herself, for letting Ragini know, about her reading the books. Swara rolled her eyes, as if it is no big deal, even when she knew that it is a big deal to everyone!

Laksh’s brows knitted in confusion, and Sanskaar looked confused as well. “The whole collection of ‘Varun Kapoor’!” She said, smirking. Laksh’s jaw dropped, and he looked at Swara and back at Ragini. He was not sure if he heard her right.

Sanskaar’s reaction was similar to that of Laksh, but with a lesser intensity. Of course he was the one to suggest her a book, but he didn’t expect her to get the entire collection to read.

“Sanskaar, can you please pinch me?” Laksh asked Sanskaar. He let out a yelp, upon earning a pinch from Sanskaar, and looked at all the three confused. Swara rolled her eyes, seeing a dramatic Laksh.

“When and how did this miracle actually happen?” Laksh asked Ragini bewildered.

“For this miracle whatever has happened, I need to thank Sanskaar.” Ragini replied. If there is something more than confused, perplexed or bewildered, Laksh was in that very state. He didn’t understand how Sanskaar was actually related to Swara reading the books.

“How is Sanskaar related?” Laksh asked Ragini, his eyes focused on Sanskaar.

“Apparently, Sanskaar has suggested her to read one book; no! Scratch that, he challenged her to read one book, like two weeks ago, and she ended up reading the entire collection of his books.” Ragini answered, and Laksh turned to Sanskaar, with his eyes narrowed.

Sanskaar squirmed a little, under Laksh’s sharp gaze. Having hidden this matter from Laksh, he knew he had so much to answer him. He looked innocently at Laksh, before turning back to an embarrassed Swara. He didn’t know that after the first book she read, she’d end up reading all his other books. That was pretty much a surprise to him as well.

“Are you serious, Ragini?” Laksh asked her, still in disbelief. Ragini giggled at Laksh’s reaction.

Swara rolled her eyes, before asking, “Why are you guys making it an issue?”

“Because it is an issue!” Laksh exclaimed. Swara didn’t understand why Laksh was reacting more than Ragini, but Sanskaar knew it better.

Ragini giggled as she saw Laksh over reacting. She thought Laksh was over reacting just because he wanted them to get together, but there was another reason unknown to her, which was a secret between Laksh and Sanskaar. Stamping her foot against the ground in annoyance, Swara walked away from the place where they were standing.

Standing in one of the corners, Swara watched Ragini talking to some of Laksh’s friends and cousins. Ragini was beyond ecstatic, and her happiness knew no bounds. Swara, though never believed in love, was glad Ragini found her love. She silently prayed to God, that Ragini should never face a situation like her parents. There were so many happy couples, around her, who on the outside seemed happy, but no one knew what actually happens within the four walls of a house. After all, her parents were also a happy couple to people unknown to them; only she knew what they were like within the four walls.

Lost in her thoughts, about her parents, she forgot the party being held there. The sound of Laksh’s voice through the speakers brought her back to her senses.

“Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman! I thank everyone, for your gracious presence here on the occasion of thirtieth wedding anniversary of my parents. Thirty years of love and togetherness, sure is a milestone. My parents have always been the ideal couple to me, and I always loved the way my Mom supported my Dad, and the way my Dad loved my Mom. I couldn’t ask for more from God. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!”

“Celebrating the season of love, I invite all the couples out there for a couple dance.” Laksh invited everyone, before walking to where Ragini was standing.

As he walked to Ragini, he forwarded his hand towards her. Looking into her eyes, he asked her for a dance, “May I have the honor to dance with the future Mrs. Maheshwari?”

Ragini’s cheeks flushed, and the colour on her cheeks matched that of her dress. She still couldn’t believe that she was soon going to be married to the man standing in front of her. She looked around at everyone, before giving her hand in his, and walking with Laksh to the dance floor.

Laksh placed his hands on the small of her back, and Ragini’s hands rested on his shoulder. They gently swayed to the slow music playing in the background. One after one, many couples joined the dance floor, and danced to the tune of the song.

Swara couldn’t help but admire Ragini and Laksh. Laksh’s gaze was locked with Ragini’s and she noticed Ragini laughing after a minute, when Laksh whispered something in her ears. Swara was amazed to look at Sanskaar standing beside her, with his hands shoved in the pockets of his trousers. She didn’t notice when he came and stood beside her.

She watched him closely, who seemed to be watching Ragini and Laksh too, with a slight smile playing on his lips. Ever since they entered the party, she couldn’t help but get drawn to his charm, even though she resisted herself. Now that he was close to her, she watched him from the corner of her eye, and remembered his challenge to her. Surely, her views on love haven’t changed as of now; but the second part where she vowed not to turn out to be ‘Varun Kapoor’s admirer; she has surely lost that challenge, but was not willing to accept it out aloud.

She wondered why Sanskaar didn’t join the others on the dance floor. She knew that he’d get any girl to dance with him, if he wanted to, but then why didn’t he go?

As the song ended, she noticed Laksh walking towards them, leaving Ragini on the dance floor. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and that grin sure had something hidden to it. Swara and Sanskaar looked at each other with a questioning look, before turning to face Laksh, who was already in front of them.

Sanskaar knew Laksh well enough for him to know that something was fishy. And, Sanskaar has been noticing his weird behavior since a few days. He looked thoughtful, as if he was planning for something, but Sanskaar let it go thinking that it was for the party.

“Swara, why aren’t you dancing?” Laksh asked her. He looked like he desperately wanted her to dance.

Swara shook her head, and said, “I can’t dance, Laksh!” Sanskaar watched them in silence.

“No excuses, Swara! You need to join us on the dance floor.” He ordered her. Swara felt uncomfortable at the very thought of dancing with some random guy.

“But I don’t have a partner. And, not to be rude or something, but I can’t dance with someone I don’t even know.” She tried to deny Laksh, who by all means was trying to act the cupid.

“Why don’t you dance with Sanskaar? He doesn’t have a partner either, and you even know him, don’t you?” Laksh asked her. Swara looked awkwardly at Sanskaar, and back at Laksh. She didn’t know whether she should say yes or no.

“Sanskaar, come on bro, you need to dance!” Laksh said turning to Sanskaar, when he didn’t get an answer from Swara. Sanskaar looked at an enthusiastic Laksh, and thought it’d be rude of him to deny Swara, once Laksh has asked him, with her standing beside him.

Seeing no other way out, he nodded. Laksh mentally thanked God for succeeding in his plan, as he hadn’t expected Sanskaar to agree so quickly. Sanskaar was a tough guy, and he wouldn’t listen to anyone. But then, this was Laksh who was asking him. Laksh was his best friend, and his brother from another mother.

Sanskaar turned to a surprised Swara, with his forwarded in front of her, asking her for a dance, “May I?” Sanskaar asked, looking into her eyes.

“Sanskaar, I don’t know how to dance.” Swara replied a little embarrassed.

“Its okay, Swara. Just follow my lead, and you can do it!” Sanskaar said, giving her a heartwarming smile. That, she thought, was a very powerful weapon that can be used against any girl. She nodded and gave her hand in his.

“Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you, if I stepped on your shoes accidentally.” She said, earning a light chuckle from Sanskaar.

“Its okay, Swara. Sanskaar doesn’t complain. He is a gentleman,” Laksh said, his voice full of humor and excitement. Swara was confused as to why Laksh was all excited for her to dance.

Laksh shut his mouth, on earning a sharp look from Sanskaar. “I won’t!” Sanskaar told Swara, guiding her to the dance floor, holding her hand.

Laksh looked at the duo, as they walked to the dance floor, and smiled with satisfaction. He turned around and joined Ragini who was waiting for him.

She felt a weird sensation of butterflies, in the pit of her stomach, as he slipped his right hand along her waist, and pulled her a little closer, taking care to maintain a little distance between them. His left hand held Swara’s right hand, and her left hand rested on his shoulder. Standing closer to each other than they ever were, the two of them felt a strange sensation in every cell of their body.

“Loosen up yourself, and follow me.” Sanskaar breathed. Swara nodded, relaxing her stance in his arms.

Gently swaying to the music playing in the background, their eyes locked for a moment, when Sanskaar spoke, “Did I tell you, how gorgeous you look tonight?”

Her cheeks reddened at his compliment, and she tore her gaze away from him. Ignoring the strange kind of flutter in her heart, she smiled at him. “Thank you! You don’t look too bad yourself.” She complimented him, with her bright smile.

“I take that a compliment.” He said, amused. Swara nodded, and the two of them moved their feet to the tune.

“You don’t have a girlfriend?” She asked him, all of a sudden.

The thought of girlfriend brought back memories of Kavitha to his mind and heart. His face went pale, and he was no more smiling. The amused spark in his eyes had all of a sudden been replaced by pain for a split second, before he was back smiling, yet the brief change was not unnoticed by Swara.

Having noticed his changed expression, Swara wondered if she has spoken something she shouldn’t have. She felt guilty, for invading in his personal life. She wanted to apologise, but Sanskaar answered her question anyway.

“No! Why do u ask?” Sanskaar asked her. He was almost back to the same happy guy she always knew.

“Just casually, you know. It’s hard to believe someone like you not having a girlfriend.” She shrugged her shoulders, refusing to believe.

“What do you mean by someone like me?” He asked her with his brows raised, as he twirled her around, before holding her back in his arms.

“I mean, someone good looking, smart, friendly, rich and successful” She replied, choosing her words carefully.

Sanskaar laughed, a hearty laugh listening her speak, “So you think, I’m good looking, smart, friendly, rich and successful?” He asked her. She tried hard to hide the blush that made its way on to her face.

“Um…” She didn’t know what to say; instead she chose to stay quiet. Sanskaar found it quiet amusing when she was trying to choose her words to say to him, but unfortunately couldn’t find any.

“It’s alright. All I can say is that I don’t get love easily.” He said, pressing his lips together in a thin line. Swara was confused by what he meant, but decided not to pry further in his personal life. She thought she was still not a point where she can ask him about his personal life.

“So, your mom’s not here?” She asked him out of the blue.

“She isn’t feeling good.”

“Is everything alright?” She asked panicked.

“Relax. There’s nothing to worry about. Just high blood pressure levels, and she needs some rest.” He replied. Seeing her heave a sigh of relief, he added, “Seems like you two have developed a good bond”

Swara nodded, “Of course. She is very sweet and I’ve developed an instant liking for her, the moment I met her.”

“That sure is in our blood. Well, you have liked me too, didn’t you?” He asked, cockily.

“Aren’t you over confident, Mr. Kapoor?” She asked, raising her eyebrow.

“Not at all, Ms. Malhotra. I’m confident about my charm.” He whispered slowly with a wink. Her heart jumped up when he winked. Sure, he had the charm to make women go weak on their knees, but he never cared for any women. Swara was not resistant to his charm either, and she was slowly beginning to realize that thing.

Swara’s voice died down in her throat, and she remained silent. After a few moments of twirling and swaying in silence, Sanskaar asked her, “Now that I’ve won the challenge, what do I get?” She looked up at him confused.

Sanskaar continued, looking at her confused face, “Someone has read all the books, didn’t they?” His eyebrows rose, and the corners of his lips turned upward into a smirk.

“Um…actually, I…” She stuttered, while Sanskaar chuckled. Swara felt embarrassed, and gave him a sharp look asking him to shut up.

“So, what does the great Mr. Kapoor want?” She asked him, after a moment, locking her gaze with his.

“That’ll be due. I’ll ask you soon.” He replied, after thinking for a moment. Swara gave him a nod, as they danced slowly.

“You’ve done it, Laksh!” Ragini chirped, looking at Swara and Sanskaar dancing together. Laksh was holding Ragini in his arms, and the two of them did dance to the music, yet their entire focus was on Swara and Sanskaar. They saw them smiling while talking to each other, all throughout the dance, and took pride in reaching the first milestone of their mission.

“Finally! I thought Sanskaar wouldn’t go!” Laksh said, as he rolled his eyes, relieved. Laksh was more than relieved to see his plan work out perfectly.

“I didn’t expect Swara to dance either.” Ragini said chuckling lightly.

“That was kind of unexpected, but it happened.” Laksh said, his eyes twinkling. If Swara is destined to be the silver lining in Sanskaar’s dark life, he was willing to do everything in his power to unite them.

As the dance ended, Swara joined Ragini, and the two of them talked about their dance. Ragini noticed a happy Swara, all the while dancing with Sanskaar. She wanted to have a talk about Sanskaar, but that seemed nearly impossible with all the commotion in the party.

Leaving the girls to themselves, Laksh and Sanskaar, went inside to get the cake. A few minutes later, the guys came out, pushing the trolley with a huge cake arranged in three steps. Sanskaar placed the cake in the centre of the hall; meanwhile, Laksh went to his parents. Holding their hands, Laksh brought them to the centre of the hall where the cake was placed.

Sanskaar forwarded the knife, asking them to cut the cake. Taking the knife in his hand, Laksh’s Dad spoke, “I can’t thank my wife enough for being with me in every step of my life. She has been my pillar of strength for the past thirty years, lending me unwavering support through all the ups and downs of our life.”

Swara was impressed as Laksh’s Dad spoke about their relation and their love. She listened to his every word, and wondered if people like them, and relation like theirs really existed. As his Dad spoke, Laksh beamed with happiness, and why wouldn’t he? They were his parents after all; they were the ideal people, whom he looked up to as role models. Swara looked at a happy Laksh, and couldn’t help but feel a little envious of how happy his life is, how fortunate he was to have such parents.

As Laksh’s father still talked, Swara’s thoughts drifted back to her parents, and she felt suffocated all of a sudden. Her eyes welled up, looking at the ever so happy family. She turned around and sprinted off into one of the corners, wiping the lone tear that escaped from one of her eyes, hoping no one would notice her absence anytime soon with the party in full swing. What she didn’t know was about the pair of eyes watching her disappear into the corners, and out into the backyard.

I hope this long chapter made up for the delay I caused. This chapter is more than double the length of a normal chapter of TAL!
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Now, I’ll tell you a sorry in advance coz I still don’t know when I’ll be able to write the next chapter, but I’ll try to write it as soon as possible. I hope you’ll still want to read this story with this irregular schedule.


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