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Sanskaar Kapoor, known to the world as the Chairperson of Kapoor Industries, is the type of guy, girls drool over. Devilishly handsome, extremely wealthy, and trustworthy. Unknown to the world, including his own family, is the guy underneath, one who lives for his passion, who lives for the promise he made to the most important people in his life. That is, no one, except his best friend, Laksh Maheshwari. Having lost his father and his love, who were more than anything and everything to him, who knew about his passion for writing, who wants him to follow his passion; he lives for them, for they wanted to see him acheiving his dreams. But, not having his love beside him to share his limelight, he remained anonymous, writing books under the name of ‘Varun Kapoor’.

Swara Malhotra, a happy girl on the outside and a heart broken girl on the outside. Having witnessed the constant arguments between her parents, who seemed to be busy with their own life, forgetting their only daughter, she has lost her faith in love. She hated the very concept of happily ever after, and hated the ever so sappy romantic novels which portray the happily ever after thing. No one knows about Swara and her equation with her family, except for Ragini Mehra, her best friend.

When Ragini introduces her to Laksh, who is her boyfriend, Swara meets Sanskaar, who tagged along with Laksh. Swara voices her opinion about love and how much she despises Varun Kapoor, and the guys stare at her with mouths wide open. After a series of meetings every now and then, and turning into good friends, Sanskaar challanges Swara to read a book of Varun Kapoor. Swara, not wanting to back out from any challenge, decides to give it a try. And, she ends up reading all the books of the author.

Meanwhile, Laksh finds Sanskaar enjoying the company of Swara. Laksh has been supportive of Sanskaar, through every thick and thin, ever since he lost Kavita. Laksh wanted nothing more than Sanskaar getting settled happily. He knew Swara could give him the solace to his restless soul. Joining hands with Ragini, he starts playing the cupid between Swara and Sanskaar. He never left any chance to arrange the unplanned meetings between them.

Swara and Ragini are invited by Laksh to his house for his parents Anniversary. Laksh, playing the cupid, forces Sanskaar to ask Swara for a dance, which Sanskaar does, after giving it a lot of thought. Dancing to the slow tune, they talked about random things, with Sanskaar teasing her about having read all the books of Varun Kapoor.

At the end of the dance, when Laksh’s parents talk about how much they love each other, she couldn’t help but get upset over the fact, that her parents were totally a contrast to Laksh’s. Getting upset, she sprinted out into the backyard, hoping no one would notice her absence.

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Chapter 8 ~ The blooming Attraction


Chapter 8

Swara’s P.O.V.

It often makes me wonder how lucky a person is when they are surrounded by people who they love, and people who love them. Being raised as the only kid, with no one to grow up with, not even having your parents by your side when you need them; I was used to a life of loneliness.

Seeing my parents arguing daily, I lost the faith in love. Of course, that is expected when it happens everyday in your house. But there is something somewhere I couldn’t really point out at, that has been changing my views.

First, it was Laksh and Ragini; there was something about this couple that was challenging me against my principles. The sincerity in their love, is forcing me to change my views. I have no idea what the future holds for them, but I can only pray for them to be happy.

Second, the books I have been reading since two weeks, they have had a different effect on me. I had been laughing and crying along the lines of the book, which was so unlike me. And third, Laksh’s parents! Thirty years and they are still in love. The past couple of hours I had spent here, I’ve seen them nothing but happy. I feel envious of Laksh for having such a lovely family.

Not being able to take anymore of the love, and every moment thinking what it’d be like if it was my parents who were so happy, I sprinted out to the backyard for some fresh air to breathe in. The cold air outdoors was calm and refreshing, and soothing my mind. The backyard was dimly lit but spread enough light to give a good view of the place. There was a huge swimming pool with the water causing the whatsoever little light that illuminated the place to reflect, thereby creating a magical appearance. There stood a couple of pool chairs by the side, and a small bench for people to sit and relax.

I stood by the side of the pool in the backyard taking in the cold breeze. Wrapping my arms around myself, I drifted off into the space. The more I thought about why my parents argued, the more it put me into the misery of being deprived of love. The more I stalled my thoughts about love, the more they came back rushing to me. I felt my eyes water and desperately tried to hold back the tears that were forming in my eyes.

Although I was physically present here, my heart soul and mind were somewhere far off, thinking something. Having lost in my thoughts, I didn’t hear the sound of approaching footsteps until I heard someone call out my name. I blinked back my tears and gently dabbed the corners of my eyes with a tissue. Putting on a smile on my face, I turned back to look at the source of the voice.

Squinting my eyes a little, I managed to look at the approaching figure in the darkness. As the person walked towards me, the lights fell on his face, and revealed a slightly worried Sanskaar. He held his jacket with one hand, and let out a sigh, running his other hand through his hair. I didn’t know if worry was what I really noticed in his face, but I thought to let that pass. What was more important was why was he here?

“Swara, what are you doing here?” He asked, placing his jacket on one of the pool chairs, before walking closer to me.

“Umm… Just thinking.” I answered vaguely, before turning back to face the pool again. The water in the pool seemed more interesting all of a sudden, than the discussion we were about to have. Certainly, I didn’t want to let him know about how messed up my life is. But there was some part of me telling me that Sanskaar isn’t the type of person to judge people without a reason.

“Thinking?” He asked and I knew he was frowning, even with my back turned to him, “About?” He added after a moment.

“About how Life is cruel to some people, while others are happy, with absolutely nothing to feel sorry for,” I replied, still not turning towards him. He remained silent for a moment, and I figured that he might be trying to decipher what I meant.

“What do you mean?” He asked, perplexed.

“Nothing. Is it just me that Life gives lemons to test?” I asked letting out a sigh.

“Swara? What are you implying at?” He asked me, gently, gripping my arm, and turning me towards him.

Letting out a defeated sigh, I replied, “Why is everyone so happy except for me? I envy Laksh for having such loving parents who are happy together and who love him more than anything.” I didn’t know why I had said that out aloud. It sounded like I was giving him more questions to ask me, about my messed up life.

“Swara, What’s wrong?” He asked me, his eyes full of concern. It had been a long time since I saw someone concerned about me. Giving my hands a gentle squeeze, he looked at me waiting for me to answer something.

“Nothing! I’m fine. It’s just I don’t want to talk about it.” I said, pulling my hands out of his, and averting his eyes. That would be the last thing I wanted to talk about at the moment.

Sensing my obvious discomfort, he nodded letting out a sigh. “You know you can count on me, if you ever need someone to talk to,” He said, after a moment. I nodded. He didn’t need to say it out loud, for I knew I can trust Laksh and Sanskaar besides Ragini, but hearing someone say that did make me feel a lot better than I was earlier. Yet somehow, I didn’t feel like sharing something personal.

“What brings you here, away from the party inside?” I asked him, for I didn’t know why he was here yet. There was no reason for him to be here, unless he wanted to go for a dip in the pool.

“You!” He replied. That perplexed me. I looked at him, confused, waiting for him to elaborate.

“How me?” I asked, when he didn’t say anything.

“I noticed you were a little upset during the function and then you left the hall all of a sudden, and walked here, so, I decided to check on you, if you were alright.” He answered. My eyes widened in surprise as I heard him say those words.

Had he been observing me the entire time? Was I really that bad at masking my emotions? As much as I knew, I thought I always did a pretty good job at hiding my emotions. I locked my eyes with his, and I knew he was pretty observant.

“Thank you, but I’m fine.” I said, even though fine was not really a word to say at the moment. I was mess of emotions, but he didn’t need to know that, at least not at the moment. He gave me a little nod, before asking if I was good to go inside. I nodded, and turned back to head inside, but I realised too late that the two of us turned back too abruptly and collided with each other.

I tripped on my gown on turning abruptly and colliding with him, and held his hand for regaining my balance, having forgotten that we were almost at the edge of the pool. It was naturally expected of me to land myself into the water. My human instincts kicked in and I grasped his hand for support, pulling him into the cold water, along with me.

The water was pretty cold, and it was obvious owing to the cold weather. If it was not me in this situation, I’d have had a hearty laugh. The unexpected dip in the water left me stunned, and I didn’t react for a moment. Thankfully Sanskaar still held my hand.

Sanskaar pulled me above the water, holding me by my waist. Emerging out of the water gasping, I coughed out the water that entered my airway. It was a moment later, I stopped coughing and that was when I noticed the close proximity between us. The closest we have ever been, with his eyes firmly fixed on me. His hands gripped me by the waist, tight enough to hold me all by himself, while my hands clutched his shirt tightly. It was all a reflex act of the sudden fall in the pool.

His eyes searched for mine and when I looked into the deep brown eyes, I knew I was losing myself in them. The proximity between us left my heart pounding louder than necessary, that it left me worried if he could hear it. The air around seemed to have charged with sparks of attraction and I suddenly felt like I was being drawn closer to him, as if under a spell. I wondered about how he felt right now.

My heart has taken to this strange fluttery thing, over the pounding that continued. It was a feeling, very new and very different! Having never experienced such attraction before, with anyone, I didn’t know what to name this strange things happening to me, especially when Sanskaar is around.

His eyes never left mine and my eyes tried reading his. With his wet locks falling all over his forehead and water dripping from his jet black hair, he looked even more handsome. A moment later, I saw his eyes travel down to my lips and I bit my lip slowly in nervousness. His grip on my waist tightened and I was pulled even more closer to him, if that was possible. A shiver of nervousness passed through me and I held him tighter.

Unknowingly, my gaze travelled down to his lips too, and I wondered what they would feel like. My mind was totally clouded and I didn’t know, at that moment what I was feeling. With his eyes trying to lock with mine, I found him leaning towards me. I closed my eyes in nervousness and before I knew, I started leaning towards him, anticipating my first kiss ever. The muscles in the pit of my stomach knotted at the thought of my first kiss.

I was not sure how we would react once this moment ends, but honestly I didn’t care. I wanted to feel his lips against mine and waited for them to touch mine. But that feeling never came, instead, I felt the grip on my waist loosen. Slowly, my eyelids parted and my brows knitted in confusion.

His head was moved back and bowed down slightly, with his eyes closed. He looked like he was actually thinking something, in depth. He didn’t look at me, but the loosening grip on my waist did tell me that something was wrong. I waited for him to open his eyes, which he did, a minute later and there was no more the playful Sanskaar I knew. Instead, he looked lost and helpless.

His eyes showed that he was guilty. But guilty about what? About the kiss that didn’t happen? Or was there something else I didn’t know. Because if his eyes showed anything other than guilt, it was sadness.

Moving back and making distance between us, he slipped down his hand from my waist. Sighing deeply, he let his hand run through his wet hair. I didn’t know if he was upset or frustrated or confused. A moment later, holding my hand with his, he helped me up the steps, and finally out of the water.

I felt a little conscious with my wet dress hugging all over my body. Not to say, the dress felt a little heavy with the water. The cold breeze blew and goosebumps sprawled all over. The cold breeze caused my whole body to shiver, and teeth chatter every now and then. Wrapping my arms around myself, I rubbed my arms in a desperate attempt to ward off the cold.

With my hands still wrapped around me, I thought about what has to be done next. Surely, I couldn’t go inside like this, with water dripping from every inch of my body and my wet dress defining every curve of my body. Sensing my obvious discomfort, which I think he did, I saw him pick up the blazer he initially placed on the pool chair and wrapped it around me. It was indeed sweet of him to do that.

Thanking him for the sweet gesture and giving him a grateful smile, I said, “Can you please let Ragini know, I want to leave?”

I didn’t want to spoil the party for Ragini, but do I have another option there? Sanskaar looked thoughtful, and I wondered if he even listened to what I said?

After a moment, when I thought I had to repeat my words, he asked, “Do you mind me giving you a ride home? Because, Ragini might be having fun. Besides, it’s her day today and her presence might actually be needed here.”

Technically, he was right. I didn’t have any intentions of spoiling the night for Ragini. But I wanted ​someone to drop me home. Considering what just happened a few minutes ago, I found his offer weird. Thinking about it again, I doubted if I was in my right mind at that moment. I could still see the hesitance in his words, but Ragini didn’t deserve to be pulled away from her party.

Deciding that the idea wasn’t really that bad and concluding that Ragini didn’t need to know why I was at the pool in the first place, I nodded and agreed with him. Sanskaar gave me a slight smile before speaking, “You can wait in the car while I get changed into something dry and casual, and let Ragini know that you are leaving.”

I nodded, “Okay. Just don’t let Ragini know that I actually fell into the pool, please?” I requested him. I didn’t have the answers to all the questions Ragini would be ready to fire at me.

He thought about it for a second, before nodding in agreement. Giving me the keys, he asked me to wait in his car for a few minutes, while he gets back and showed me the other way out, from where I could get to the car without actually facing anyone. Later, he walked away into the darkness of the backyard, where he first came from.

I climbed inside the car, and settled down. Closing the door, I pulled his blazer closer to keep myself warm. The chilled weather outside still gave me goosebumps and my teeth chattered, in spite of sitting in the warmth of the car.

Closing my eyes slightly, I let my head rest on the headrest behind. The events of the evening came rushing back to my mind, and I wondered what was wrong with me. Now that I could think clearly, I found myself very foolish to get drifted away by that little sparks of attraction. We were so close to kissing each other. Hell if it hadn’t been for Sanskaar pulling back, I’d have gladly kissed him. That would have been hell awkward, not that it isn’t awkward now; but that’s entirely different if we kissed.

What the hell was I even thinking, when I was about to? Hell, why am I even getting attracted to him? And it was not just me, but Sanskaar as well! I could see it in him that he was attracted. The only thought that was far more disturbing was the guilt on his face and the sadness in his eyes, when I opened my eyes. It was the same flicker of emotion I had noticed when I asked him about his Girlfriend. The intense look in his eyes had so much to say, yet I didn’t know what. The hopelessness and despair, guilt and sadness, suddenly made their way to his dark brown eyes which I always thought were the mirrors to his heart and soul.

Whatever the reason, I had to remember one thing. There is no place for things like love and attraction in my life. We are friends and we were meant to be as such!


I pulled out the extra pair of clothes in the guest room cupboard, where I usually had a set of clothes kept, just in case I needed them whenever I stayed back at Laksh’s. Wiping my wet hair with a towel, I sent a text to Laksh informing him that Swara had to leave and that I’d drop her back home, and asked him to convey the same to Ragini.

Changing into something comfortable, I paced the length of the room, frustrated with myself. I felt bad to keep Swara waiting in the car, but right now, I didn’t really know how to face her. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t build up the courage to go and talk to her again. Whatever I had done just a few minutes ago couldn’t be justified by anything I say.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I collapsed on the bed, holding my head in my hands. How did I even go this far? If it wasn’t for Kavita, I’d have kissed Swara. That moment, right when I was about to kiss her, the thoughts of Kavita came rushing back to my mind. All that I could see was Kavita everywhere and I felt guilty for forgetting about her, even if it’s for a moment.

Kavita was my only love. How could I even think about kissing someone else? That would be a sin. That’d be a betrayal to our love, and I couldn’t bear to do that to her and to us. Kavita was gone. Long back. But, the love for your loved ones never goes. She isn’t physically present beside me, yet, my heart and soul still rests in her. With Kavita still in my heart, I didn’t​ want to give false hopes to any girl, especially that one girl who already detests the idea of love.

Swara deserves someone better. Much better than me! Someone who can bring her to believe in love again, someone who can pull her out of her little cocoon, someone who can show her what true love is. I didn’t want to break her already broken self.

It scared me when I first saw the look on her face, the moment I pulled back. Her eyes opened and I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was anticipating the kiss! But why? Why, Swara of all girls? She was the least expected person who would wish for something like a kiss. That I had concluded​, must be in the heat of the moment. As realisation dawned upon us, we did nothing but avoid each other’s eyes. Everything suddenly seemed awkward between us.

Sitting in the bedroom upstairs wasn’t helping in anyway​. She might probably be sitting in the car waiting for me to drive her home. To keep her waiting for so long, was so ungentlemanly of me. The thought of her waiting, again sent shivers down my spine. What would I say to her, when I get back? Or on the drive to her house? I had no idea, but definitely I had to move from this room.

Slowly and steadily, I walked towards my car. She was sitting in the passenger seat, with her head resting on the headrest behind. Slowly opening the door, I climbed inside the car, still not meeting her eyes. She was clearly avoiding meeting my eyes too, for I noticed, she was looking out the window since I sat down.

“Here. Dry yourself.” I said, handing her the towel, which I brought along, thinking she might need it.

She looked at me briefly, before taking the towel from my hand and softly muttered a ‘Thank you’. The blazer was still wrapped around her, warding off the cold as well as reducing the utter discomfort she previously had.

I wondered if I should apologize right then or let it be. It seemed really awkward to talk to Swara all of a sudden. Indeed, the awkwardness​ was all my fault. Had I been a little more restrained then, there was no reason for us to avoid each other at this moment.

Pressing on the gas pedal, I pulled the car into action. The two of us said nothing, instead we chose to remain silent. The air around seemed tense and the silence was suffocating.

“Erm… Actually…” I started to say but soon trailed off. The unnerving silence wasn’t appealing. It felt like we were strangers again, even after being good friends. A small glance from the corner of my eyes, and I noticed her fiddling with her fingers.

“I’m sorry.” Both of us said at the same time, after a brief hesitation. Turning my head to the side, I glanced at her briefly, before turning back my attention to the road.

Her hazel brown orbs looked at me with sincerity and innocence. They held some emotion deeper, which I couldn’t really decipher. But she was sorry. She wasn’t happy with the awkwardness either. That moment, I knew I had to clarify everything and make things right between us. But, do I tell her about Kavita? That I’m not really sure about.

“It’s not your fault, Swara. Infact it was me, and only me.” I said, my eyes still fixed on the road. There were certain things that could be said aloud, only when you avoid eye contact, and I guess, this is one such thing; for I have no courage to look into those beautiful almond eyes and speak.

She opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off, “You don’t have to say anything. I understand that whatever has happened shouldn’t have happened but it was just a moment of weakness, and I have no complaints against you. I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable, that was definitely not how I wanted this party to end.”

Having said whatever I wanted to say to her and apologize, I turned my head to meet her eyes for the first time after the incident, properly. Only a brief eye lock before I had to return my focus on to the road.

She still looked beautiful. The innocence in her ​eyes enhanced her beauty and I found myself trying hard not to fall for this innocent beauty.

“Sanskaar, It’s alright. I know it’s unintentional and definitely not planned. It was a mistake and will never happen again.” She replied softly, which was more like she spoke to herself.

I wondered if that sentence was meant for me or for reassuring herself, but sure those words sounded very false, very unreal, and very unconvincing. Hearing her say those words didn’t sound well in my ears and heart, but it was best for the two of us that it never happens again. A heartbreak again was something I couldn’t take and neither could she.

There was nothing I could say to her. A simple nod and the two of us fell back into silence. A few minutes of silence, with the two of us lost in our thoughts.

Moments later, the silence was broken. It was not by words, though. Rather, it was Swara sneezing. Once. Twice. A third time. Uh-oh! Guess this girl caught a cold.

“Looks like someone caught a cold. And I assume, it’s pretty bad.” I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

The next second I uttered those words, I was rewarded with a glare. A very threatening one too, warning me to shut up.

“It was all your fault.” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Mine? Seriously? What was my fault when you are the one, who wanted to take a dip in the pool in the middle of a chilly night?” I asked her, while she sneezed again. It definitely was bad.

“Of course it’s yours!” she replied. Her face was all red, especially the tip of her nose. She looked cuter, and definitely adorable.

“If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you that you were clumsy, and it was your clumsiness that had us landed in the pool.” I mocked her.

If she could get any redder than she already was, this was it. She was embarrassed by the truth of my words. But she wouldn’t accept. I wouldn’t accept either if I had been in her place.

“You just didn’t call me clumsy!” She asked me in disbelief. I chuckled lightly. It was fun annoying her, and I most definitely was enjoying it.

“Who asked you to stand so close to me while I turned back? If you weren’t that close, I’d have been fine.” She replied, folding her hands across her chest. Did that, by any chance, mean that she was affected by me? Ugh, what am I even thinking? Of course, not! She just lost her balance, when she bumped into me.

“Oh, is it? Who asked you to stand so close to the pool?” I asked her, my eyes focused on the road. It’s starting to turn into a funny banter.

“Who asked you to come near the pool in the first place?” She asked me, rolling her eyes.

“You, of course! Who asked you to go there?” I smirked.

“Ugh! Who asked you to follow me?” I was, for sure, getting on her nerves. But that only made me laugh inwardly.

“I was only being a Gentleman, and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” I replied feigning hurt.

She rolled her eyes and gave me a ‘whatever’ look. “Being a gentleman, are you?” She questioned, and I nodded.

“Okay, now be a gentleman and get me an ice cream!” She ordered. I gave her a ‘What the…’ look. This girl is indeed impossible.

“You were being a gentleman then, why not now? A gentleman should comply to the wishes of a lady. Now get me an ice cream.” She smirked, following which, she sneezed again.

As if the cold she just caught wasn’t enough, she wants an ice cream. “If you think you are getting an ice cream in this condition, you are mistaken Miss Swara Malhotra.” I replied nonchalantly.

“What the hell? You are definitely not a gentleman!” She criticised. Wow, this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard, ‘You are no more a gentleman if you don’t buy an ice cream.’

“Thanks for the brand new information, but you are not getting any ice cream!” I told her, while she pouted. She made faces, and the expressions on her face were worth watching. Could she look any more adorable?

“You know, you are so mean?” She complained. I just chucked.

After about twenty minutes of her guiding through the roads, I pulled the car in the driveway of her house.

“Thanks for the drive,” She smiled, ever so sweetly. All the awkwardness had begun to fade away. We were getting back to normal and I couldn’t get any happier. She still had my blazer wrapped around her, and somehow that made me glad.

“You are most welcome.” I replied instantly, with a huge smile on my face.

“Why don’t you come inside, and have a cup of coffee?” she offered. That doesn’t seem a bad idea, but is it okay for me to go inside?

As I debated whether to accept the offer or decline it, she spoke again, “It’s pretty cold outside, and a warm coffee is ideal for this weather, don’t you think?”

She had a point. Who wouldn’t like the combination of warm coffee and cold weather? As for Coffee lovers like me, I wouldn’t care how the weather outside was. The offer was too tempting to refuse. Besides, refusing her would be the last thing I want to do now.

She was waiting intently for me to reply. It wasn’t out of formality she was asking me for a coffee, that I was sure of. After giving it a little thought, I found myself agreeing with her. She smiled at me, a wide smile, when I nodded at her.

Parking my car to one side, we got down and walked inside. Her house was huge, with a lawn in front. No sooner than I entered her house, I was lost in the beauty of the house.

Her house yelled grandiosity and everything looked expensive. As I looked around the house, I heard her say, “Sanskaar, why don’t you make yourself comfortable, while I go change?”

Yeah, right. She needs to change. “Okay,” I replied back. Leaving me alone in the hallway, I saw her walk upstairs, to what I think is her room.

Watching her leave, I sighed. A sigh of frustration. A sigh of relief. We were back to normal and what more did I need? Definitely, I cursed myself when I did what I think was the gravest mistake of my life. But after everything that has happened, we were back to being friends.

Ten minutes later, I saw her walk down the stairs wearing a cute pink top with denim shorts and her hair left open. I won’t deny the fact that she looked beautiful even without the make up on.

“I’ll get you some Coffee.” She told me, once she was beside me.

“I’ll give you company, while you make the coffee.” I offered. She smiled at me and nodded, before turning back to, what I assume is to go to the kitchen.

I followed her silently, yet happily into the kitchen. I sat there on the kitchen counter, and watched her move around the kitchen getting the things for making Coffee. She noticed me watching her, and raised her eyebrows, as if asking me ‘what?’

I shook my head in a no, as if to say nothing, and pulled out my mobile to check if I had any mails from office. My mind was elsewhere as I blindly scrolled through the mails. Definitely, it was revolving around the girl in front of me, but why, I didn’t know!

As much as I try not to think about her, I keep thinking about her all the more. I kept myself busy with my phone for the next few minutes, when I had promised her that I’d give her company while she made the Coffee. She didn’t speak either.

The air was filled with the aroma of coffee, and all the tiredness left me the next second. I was savouring the aroma of the coffee when Swara handed me the Coffee mug.

“I suggest we sit in the balcony of my room. The weather outside is perfect for a coffee.” She said, with a gentle smile. Her suggestion sounded too good to resist.

Complying with her idea, I followed her to her room. Her room was simple, yet beautiful. One wall of her room was decorated with her photos. Pictures of Swara alone, and a few with Ragini. But, none with her family. None with her parents! Shouldn’t there be at least one photo of her with her parents?

Recalling what she said at Laksh’s house, about him being lucky to have such a loving family, it made me wonder if there is something wrong with her family? Standing there, I sipped my Coffee and took my time looking at all the photos, when I heard her call my name. I turned around to face her.

“Ragini is the only person I confide in. The only person, I can say, whom I call as my family.” She answered my question indirectly. A slight flicker of emotion crossed her face, and I think I saw a hint of sadness in her eyes. But then, she was back to her normal mood in a split second.

“It ain’t that difficult for me to figure out.” I shrugged and looked around the room once again, before walking off to the balcony.

The fresh air greeted us, as we entered the balcony and settled down on the chairs there, with the Coffee mugs. The air touched her face gently, and her hair danced to the tune of the wind, hitting on her face.

“You know what’s happiness?” She asked, sipping her coffee and relishing the sweet taste.

The serene expression on her face was worth watching. She closed her eyes in pure delight and smiled a soft smile, before answering her question, “Cold winters, terrace and Coffee!”

That’s my favourite thing too! Nothing gives more peacefulness to my mind. “I don’t disagree!” I said, nodding my head.

“And you know what’s the best part?”I asked her, with a small smile. She shot me a questioning glance, waiting for my answer.

“Cold winters, terrace and Coffee with your better half!” I said, slowly, in a barely audible voice. It reminded me of Kavita, and instantly a smile made its way on to my face, recollecting all the happy days.

Swara must have noticed the secret smiles, for she asked, “You are in love, aren’t you?”

The look on her face was saying so much. For the start, I knew she couldn’t believe, I was in love! Second, she didn’t believe in love at all! I pursed my lips, and after a moment, I nodded. I waited for her to say something, anything.

On getting no response from her, I said, “Yes. Her name is Kavita.”


I know I’m very very very late in posting this! It has been a couple of months since I posted this but I couldn’t find time to write! I hope you guys understand! I’m really sorry but I was totally occupied. Now, I don’t like to keep you waiting but I don’t have any choice. Honestly, I won’t be able to give you regular updates. If you want i can stop this, though it will be continued on Wattpad, once I start it there! But if you are still willing to read it, I’ll update it here, but I can’t promise on regular updates.

Now, about the story, How was this chapter? Are you guys happy to see that they are getting closer? Or sad to see that they didn’t kiss? Anyway, Sanskaar is opening up! What do you think? If you have any suggestions to improve the story, you are more than welcome to tell me. I’ll try to consider them!

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