Hey guys ….its diya here …I am a big fan swasan so here is a story based on them
So here is the story ,
Swara : mom I don’t want to get married now only ….
Mishti : but Swara u r at the age ….and we also want our daughter to get married …right ..
Swara : but ma
Mishti : no more explanations …..after 5 years u came ….if I send u again u will come after how many years I don’t know so ..
Swara : mom ..but now only di marriage was finished …now again …
Mishti : that will be good only and moreover its been 1 year since her marriage …OK
Swara : ma
Mishti : no ma ….nothing …I will fond nice groom for u
Swara couoent protest her
Swara : where is dad ..
Mishti : he will join us in dinner ….when ragini will also come
Swara : di is coming
Miahti : haan…to meet her sis
Swara phone rings ….the screen shows ragini picture
Swara smiles and goes to balcony
Swara : hi di ….how r u ….
Ragini ; I am fine Swara …when did u reach Kolkata ..
Swara : yesterday night di ……u didn’t come to meet me only …
Ragini : just today mom informed that u came ….that’s y I called ..I will come don’t worry …
Swara : bring jiju also ..I didn’t meet him only …even u all didnt send me pics also ..
Ragini : haan …but jiju will also come come today only …he is also in London
Swara : what jiju is in the place of mine and no one informed ,,,
Ragini : haan he went for business trip of 8months u know
Swara : array u could have send me the pics I would have seen him and by the way u would have missed him so much ….
Ragin blushes

Swara : oh oh someone is blushing ….u know di ..I am very eager to see jiju …
Ragini : really ..then u should have come to my maariage ….but u ….
Swara : u know na ,…he is said he can’t live without me for one month …so I have to stay with him only
Ragini : I know he is the main reason ……but still he is more important than me to u …
Swara : its not like that …
Ragini : even u didn’t show me the pic of him ….so bad …
Swara : I will show when u come ….
Ragini : OK OK …
Swara : I called to inform u that mom is torturing me to marry yaar
Ragini : again she started …
Swara : haan di ….
Ragini : but u should get married na
Swara : now u r also supporting her …u know na …I love him like hell …how will I tell to ma and papa
Ragini : don’t worry ..I will help u in this matter ….when I will come we will figure out the plan …
Swara : u r worlds best di …..thank u
Ragini smiles
Ragini : OK meet u soon bye
Swara : bye …
She cuts the call
Swara opens the gallery …he sees a boy photo …
Swara : I love u sweetheart ..I am very eager to marry u …..
She kisses the picture …..

Precap : who is that boy ? Swara was referring too …….
Hope u all like this part and plz comment …..
Plz plz pzl

Credit to: Diya

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