swasan: Atlast we are together forever and ever (Part 2)


Thank you sooo much guys. Really thanks a lot those words are like a boost, bournvita,horlicks and complan and even maltova too for me. Sorry guys i am little bit frustrated and thankyou uma, Afra96,fairy,mica and soujanya. I will continue it for you people who ever reading my ff. Thanks a lot and love you soo much. sooo the episode starts with
swara bhumped into someone. The perosn hold her tightly from falling.

Person: arey sambalke yaar. Are you a hostler??

Swara:yeah and thankyou. What’s your name??

Person: well my name is ragini and what’s your name?(yes guys the person is ragini).

Swara: my name is Swara. So friends??

Ragini:yeah friends.

They both shake their hands. And soon Kavitha came there Swara don’t like kavitha because of her dressing and way of talking. But Ragini and Kavitha became good friends because Ragini is having a good communcation skills and even kavitha too and she feels proud of herself because of her skills. Soo being a simple girl swara doesn’t like kavitha but she likes ragini because of her matured behavior. Soon they three became good friends but ragini and kavitha use to be together most of the times.

one day Swara was sitting in the class and one guy came there and asked her

Person:swara shall we be friends??

Swara:yeah sure why not??

They both shake their hands. Their class representative came and asked their email ids and numbers and every one gave it to him and everyone dispersed.
Same day at night…

At night in the hostel. Swara was sleeping and her phone vibrated.

She saw the message and she was surprised.

Soo guys how was the episode?? and who is the person asked swara for friendship and who is the person messsaged swara?? Keep guessing guys and please do comment guys thank you soo much and

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  1. Fairy

    Wohoooo superb yaaar!!!hehehehe rags ntry wowww 😉 😉 yipppeee swragini r frnds now…n i thnk its sanskaar who messeged her(jst guesssng dr) …waitng eagerly for nxt part my cute lill jerry 😉 😉 😉 keep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉

    1. Sivasai

      hmmm keep guessing dear and thank you sooo much

  2. Mica

    waaa.. you continue it… good job dear!
    well…don’t be so much upset5 for less comment, better think about your passion on writing..don’t say it Sahil.. 😀 v:D

    1. Sivasai

      thank you keep guessing

  3. Soujanya


    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  4. Nice..continue soon.

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sach mein kya???yeyy,thank you soo muchhh my kindergarten friend for continuing it(after all you drink bournvita na??)..That’s the spirit??????.. About chappy, very nice dear…keep it up.. Waiting for nxt…Don’t be upset…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Sivasai

      you too take care and thank you soo much

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