Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (part-9)

Hi everyone so how are you all…Did you miss me guys??….Hahahaha I know you all wanted to kill me……so sorry for being late….I have a reason guys…and my exams are on my heads and well my dad came from Dubai so most of the time I’ spending with him that’s why I didn’t get time for writting really sorry?….

So sorry for bak-bak………..

Swara:- Choco pie!

Swara run towards him and hug him so tightly and whisper you came back Choco pie!

I missed you so so much, why you left your princess here!

A tear escape from swara’s eyes but before falling on ground  the Boy take the drop on his hand and said hey princess stop stop! I’m really sorry  for leaving you here.But now I came for you so stop crying.

Swara:-No need to say sorry because am angry with you, you are so bad and you came after 5 years and you didn’t even miss me na!

While saying this she parted herself from the boy and make a angry face.

Ragini seeing this smile and said han di! He left you don’t talk to him. After leaving you he didn’t even call you and messaged you.

He came forward to Swara and cupped her face and said I’m really sorry princess

Choco pie:-please forgive me this time, I’ll not do this mistake next time pakka. But princess I thought that my princess ‘ll get happy seeing me but I was wrong.

Swara:- who said am not happy to see you, I’m so happy that after 5years my choco pie came but am angry.How can you left me Han, Don’t talk to me.

Shekhar:- Ritik! How are you? After a long time you came in India.How is everything? Swara beta maaf kar do ise next time nhi karega Asa hain Ritik. (Swara forgive him next time he’ll not do like this right Ritik)

Sharmistha:-Ritik come beta I’ made Aloo parathe.I’ll feed you from my hand.And Swara forgive my son.

Choco pie:- offcourse uncle and Shomi Maa but first I have to apologize from princess.please forgive na and I’ll do whatever you’ll say.Now please forgive me.

Swara:- um…sochna padega! (I’ll think)

saying this she went to dining table leaving sad Ritik there and start eating her breakfast.

Swara:-(think) I m so happy that you came back choco pie but I’ll not tell you that i forgived you after seeing you because I want to feel like before.And I want to tease you a little bit so wait choco pie.

Ragini:-Ritik bhai lets go for breakfast because di is angry with you,so! I don’t think she’ll ask for breakfast.

Ritik:-hmm..so Ragu u’ll be so happy that my princess is angry with me right?

Ragini:-why I’ll ?

Ritik:- Because…..you

Sharmishtha:- Ritik and Ragini  what are you both doing there? come here for breakfast.

Ritik/Ragini:-yeah! Coming

Shekhar:-come here Ritik sit with me!

Sharmishta:- shekhar he can’t sit with you.

Everyone got shocked after listening this.

Sharmishta:-Don’t stare me like this you all I just want to say that he’ll sit with me because I’ll feed him from my hand.

After listening this Ritik smile and said yeah I’ll eat from your hand only saying this he goes and sit with sharmishtha.
After seeing this shekhar made a angry pout.

Shekhar:- Ritik don’t talk to me and Han Swara don’t forgive him so easily ,am saying.

After listening this and seeing her dad expression Swara burst into laughter and start laughing so loudly.

Swara’s happiness seeing Ritik smile and give a thanks to shekhar with his expression.

Swara:-Dad you are the best! Saying this Swara came to shekhar and kiss on his check and said offcourse dad I’ll not forgive him so easily.

Sharmistha:-now enough!

Everyone start having their breakfast and Ritik plan something in his mind and smile.

Sharmistha:- so Ritik where is Dhruv bhai and priya? They didn’t came with you?

Ritik:-shomi Maa I came here alone to meet you all, mom and dad are in Paris.Dad have important meeting there that’s why they didn’t came.

Sharmistha:- oh! Ok

Ritik:-I’m done Shomi Maa and I have some work, I’ll come back soon.

Sanskar’s Office:-

Sanskar was standing and giving his  presentation of his company.He confidently explaining each and everything about the project and about benefits of project and profits also.

After seeing the presentation mr.singhania got impressed by Sanskar and said deal mr.maheshwari.

Mr.singhania:-I must say you are best mr.maheshwari the way you present your presentation was amazing and I’m impressed! Well done and congratulations.

Mr.durga parsad is really lucky that he have a son like you saying this he shake his hand with Sanskar.

Sanskar:- Thank you and nice to meet you mr.singhania.

After this everyone goes to there work and Sanskar goes to his cabin and sit on the chair and smile.

After sometime Ansh come said congratulations bhai you got the project and I’m proud of you bhai.

“You rocked bhai and mr.singhania impressed”

So party to Banti hain!

Sanskar:-Yeah! Offcourse Ansh

Ansh:-bhai leave the party and listen “you have to propose Bhabhi for marriage” so did you planed something or not?

Sanskar:-yaar how many times I have to tell you that I’m going to propose that stu…..pi…..

Ansh:-what! Bhai I didn’t understand stu……pi…..

Sanskar:- Nothing I’m not going to propose Swara that’s all.

Ansh:-you have to propose Bhabhi that’s all and I’m going to arrange everything bhai!

Sanskar:- But I….

Just then someone opened the door and said Sanskar

Sanskar/Ansh:- Dad you came so fast Han.

Dp:- sorry I was busy with mr.singhania that’s why I came late.

So Sanskar congratulations and I ‘m proud of you son saying this he hug.

Ansh:-Dad I’m also here

Dp:-oh! “Mein to bhul hi gya tha”. Saying this he laughed.

Sanskar:- come Ansh

Ansh also came and joined and said you are the best Bhai and always be.

Sanskar:-( think) How to escape from Ansh’s plan. I know he is so stubborn and he’ll do whatever he say but I’m also not less than him because I’m his elder brother and I’ m also not going to propose Swara.

Gadodia’s house:-

Swara and Ragini was seeing television.

Just then Ragini asked Di why are you so angry with Ritik bhai Han?

Swara:- Ragu! I’m no…..

Just then they hear bell sound and Ragini said I’ll go check
Saying this she stood from their and goes.

Ragini opened the door and see that a boy was standing with a packet.

Boy:- Mam are you Swara ?

Ragini:- No I’m her younger sister tell me what happened?

Boy:- It’s a parcel for Swara mam, saying this he gave it to Ragini and said mam sign here.

Ragini:- Ok! Thank you

After closing the door Ragini came to hall.

Swara:-who was there ragu? And what is in your hand?

Ragini:- someone send you parcel di and here it’s not mention the name.
So I’ll open and check what is in this Packet.

Swara::-No no no no I’ll check ragu give me the packet saying this she stood from sofa.

Ragini:- No I’ll check di

Saying this she was about to open Swara shout give me the packet ragu….



So guys I wrote a long part for you all so tell me how is it???….. Did you like it???….

Well swara is really a dramaqueen….

So tell me about choco pie did You guys like him or not ?????….

What Relation Between him and Swara?????….

And why he said that Ragini is happy that Swara is not talking to him??…..

What ritik’s plan for Swara and why he was smiling thinking about his plan??…..

How’ll Sanskar escape from Ansh’s plan??……

So did you like the father and sons bonding??….

And who send the parcel to Swara ??…..

And where Ritik went??….

Really sorry for being late you all have to understand my problem guys……….

Love you all???…….

Parth is playing the role of Ritik…

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