Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (part-8)


In wattpad my book reached  in #150 fanfiction position and my poetry in #43 position …….it’s just Awsome feeling ….I can’t describe my happiness……….I never thought that much response I’ll got for my ff……Thank u all………

Sanskar room:-

Sanskar was sitting on his bed thinking about Swara.

Sanskar p.o.v:-

When I went to swara’s home for dinner,I was so eager to see her and wanted to talk to her and listen her voice!

When I was waiting for her in hall just my eyes fell on Swara and I got mesmerized  to see her, she was looking damn gorgeous in that dress! And we share a cute eye-lock.”I feel like time should stop their but wait……wait……I had seen her somewhere and then I got it where I had seen her! Flashback of mall start flashing and I got shocked that “I’m going to marry this stupid girl” she is none other than “Swara gadodia.

Because of her stupidity I felt so much embarrassment infront of all.
Because of her only I fell on ground on that day and then she played a stupid prank on me or I say she takes “revenge” from me.

She is really something else.

Hadn’t she realised whom she takes revenge?

She will regret for her revenge.

For sure.

After seeing her I got hyper and wanted to break this marriage but after seeing my family happiness,words didn’t came  out of my throat,I stayed quiet.

Because “My family’s happiness is everything for me and I can’t hurt them.Their happiness is my happiness.I just want to see them happy like this”.

then Ansh come seated beside me and said bhai! but i didn’t gave any response to him.

Ansh again said:-bhai…bhai…this time also I didn’t also gave any response then Ansh come closer to my ear and shout.


Sanskar:-what the hell Ansh??..why are you shouting like this! I’m not a deaf,I can hear. No need to shout!

Ansh:-Bhai You were dreaming about Bhabhi that’s why I shouted.

Sanskar:-nothing like that kuch kaam tha tumhe? (Have u some work?)

Ansh:-nope i just come like that so you are thinking about Bhabhi!

Sanskar:-what…..no…..no I was thinking about my tomorrow’s meeting!

Ansh:-oh! Really bhai, I thought you are in your dreamland,”well bhai you are so lucky that Bhabhi is going to be your would wife”.She is so talented.


Ansh:-what hm…bhai! I don’t have answer of your hm,well bhai did you buy something for Bhabhi ?

Sanskar:-why are you asking Ansh?

Ansh:- tell me na bhai.

Sanskar:- um….yeah I had brought a gift for her, but why are you asking ?

Ansh:-Because you have to propose Bhabhi for marriage.
So tomorrow is meeting with mr malhotra na?

Sanskar:-No I’m not going to propose her Ansh,yeah he is coming from Paris.so you have to also come for this meeting with me.

Ansh:-what bhai! You have to propose Bhabhi for marriage,ok that’s final! bye good night saying this Ansh goes from there.

I’ll never propose Swara in my dream also,but I’ll give a best gift to her that she’ll remember forever in her life.Just like yesterday’s smile! Which I gave her.”Behind my smile I kept a secret which I’ll disclose when she’ll came in my house”. She will regret for taking revenge from me, thinking this Sanskar fallen in sleep.

Gadodia house:-


Swara came from bathroom after bath.She wear pinkish creamy long skirt with white and pinkish shade shirt , and apply make up and wear her small earings,her hairs were open.

(Swara’s eye make up pic)

(This is the pic of dress)

(This is the pic of earring)

And start thinking about Sanskar and said How arrogant he is,but yesterday he was so nice to my family.

It was as through he totally enjoyed dinner and each movement spent with us.

And also appreciated my food which I cooked,that smile I don’t understand! Why he was giving to me?

How many shades he have?I don’t want to marry him.

Her thoughts broken when Ragini takes her name and shake.

Ragini:-“you are looking so beautiful di in this dress”.Well di finally you saw Sanskar Maheshwari in real and you fall for him in first meeting only not bad.

Swara:-kuch bhi ragu (something nonesence).”Har waqt ek hi Mazak Acha nhi lagta hain”saying this she goes from thier for breakfast.

Dining table:-
Where Shekhar was sitting and reading newspaper,Swara sits on chair and wish her dad “good morning dad”.

Shekhar:-good morning beta.

Then they started eating breakfast and after sometime Ragini also join them,they did their breakfast in discussing about marriage stuffs but swara was lost in her thoughts.

But she came from thought when her mom asked u have invited Sneha or not?

Swara:-yup mom I told her but I want to say something mom and dad,I……I…..don’t want to marry dad plz I don’t want to marry with Sanskar.

After listening swara’s decision everyone got shocked.

Shekhar:-what!….what are you saying Swara?

Sharmishta:-How can you even think about this Swara? I already told you that your marriage is fixed with Sanskar.

Shekhar:-beta tell me what happen? Why you don’t want to marry Sanskar?


Sharmistha:-say Swara.

Ragini:-tell di! Something happened yesterday in between you and jiju.

But someone intruppted them and said hi everyone.

Everyone turn and see one handsome boy.Who was wearing a blue blazer with light brownish pant and standing near the door and giving them a sweet smile.

They also gives smile to him but someone was not happy because of his

Precap:- Ice-cream Date??..

Hi everyone how are you all??…Dis you like today’s part…I know it’s not gud….really sorry for that…….

            So tell me how ‘ll Swara give a resone no for this marriage???….What ‘ll be Sanskar gift’s for Swara??…..who is this guy??…whom is not happy with his arrival and sanskar’ll really propose for Swara or ‘ll escape from Ansh’s plan……so let’s stay tuned with me….

Sorry for the late post and m really I was busy in my school and practical files hope u all didn’t forget me……….

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