Swasan arrange marriage by Fatima (part-20)

“When your past calls,Don’t answer.It has nothing new to say.”

Swara’s pov

I woke up at morning and went to my favourite place to see the sunrises and beauty of nature.I sat on the swings to this wonderful view as it has become my daily routine.

I was enjoying and feeling the cool breezes and smelling the flowers fragrance but then my eyes traveled to my finger where I saw my engagement ring I smiled seeing the ring.Before a week ago I was singled but now I’m engaged the scene of my engagement flashed in my mind and a smile crept on my lips.

His words,His face and His smile are now coming in my dreams.No matter how much I tried to bruised them but I couldn’t get away from them.I don’t know what’s happening to me now a days.It’s almost a week passed and in these days many things are changed in my life.I started caring about Sanskar and most important thing whenever he called me I smiled like an idiot.

As I was busy in my own thoughts then someone kept his hand on my eyes,a big smile on my face realising the familiar touch because I know who it was.

“Choco pie” I screamed and then he took off his hand from me and pulled my cheeks.

“Well princess how you always got to knew that I’m” he asked looking at me and I chuckled.

“Good morning Di and Ritik Bhai” Meera said rubbing her eyes.

“Good morning sleeping beauty” We said together and Choco pie pulled her to the swing.

“Come have a sit sleeping beauty” Choco pie teased her and I smiled.

“Haww….stop it Ritik Bhai or else I….I…she said again rubbing her eyes,hearing this Choco pie started laughing loudly holding his stomach and I was scared because my little sister is going to do something bad.She went towards the flowers pot and then came again.I gave her what look she didn’t said just poured the whole jug of water on Choco pie.I saw him numb for 2 mins,Seeing this all I was suppressed my laugh.

“Ahhhhh! Mee……..Meera I’ll not leave you today!” Choco pie screamed out of his lungs.Meera took out her tongue and kept her both hands on her head while making a horn.I laughed seeing their fight and Meera’s face because she is really looking so cute.Choco pie was annoyed by her behaviour.

“I won’t leave you “chuhiya” he said and started chasing her and she got out from the garden and Choco pie bumped into mom.

“Ritik careful beta and what happened to you? How you got wet?” Mom asked looking at him confused.

“Maa Meera did this I won’t leave her today” he said and runned from there.I started laughing they both started their wild fight.As I was laughing continuously mom came towards me and caught my ears.

“Swara you are laughing so much,did you played some prank on them?” I nodded my head then mom kissed my forehead.

“Swara let’s go and get ready fast because today we have to do your haldi or mehandi” she said with moist eyes just hugged me tightly.

“Mom time passes so quickly na,See today is my haldi or mehandi then tomorrow’ll be my marriage after that I’ll leave you all then who will play prank and annoy you” I said rather than asking while having tears in my eyes.

“Yeah! Swara see my daughter have grown so much that now she is going to married.Swara I’m feeling like now I have only given you birth and you are in my arms listening lullaby from me.” Mom said while wiping my tears.

“Mom you only wanted to see me married then now why these tears?” I asked showing tears drops to mom.

“Swara every parents wants to see their child happiness and I wanted see you settled down so these tears are of happiness and yeah one more thing don’t let your past spoil your future”mom said again kissed my forehead.I nodded in yes while smiling because now I’ll not let my past haunt me more.

“Princess your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today,so celebrate it.
Don’t let it haunt you.” Choco pie whispered in my ears and kissed on my temple.

Sanskar’s pov

I was sitting in my on my couch which I rarely do.I love to do my work on my bed more than anything else.I was in my room since morning,I’m feeling tired.I got up from the couch and went to the washroom for fresh.

I headed to downstairs to find Mom talking with caretakers.She seemed so happy and that was enough to make me smile.

My whole house is decorated with yellow roses,white and many other flowers.I saw a stage in the centre which was fully decorated with flowers and the yellow clothes were wrapped and making arched.The floor was also decorated with flowers petals and it was really looking beautiful.

I went to mom and hugged her from my behind.I kept my head on her shoulder while hugging her from the behind.

“Good morning mom” I said kissed her cheek.She smiled and kept her hand on my face.

“Good morning Sanskar”Mom said smiling seeing my hand.I got confused but then I saw my ring.”I’m engaged.” Engaged! That word is itself is….Is no comments.

“Smiling already bhai? Bhai at least wait for 1 day more then you’ll not no need to imagine Bhabhi.”Ansh teased me and I glared him.

“1 day?” I asked confused looking at mom.Seeing my expressions mom and Ansh chuckled.

“Yes! Bhai only 1 more day,you’ll be no more bachelor.You are getting married on 15 and today is your haldi don’t tell me that you don’t knew.” He smriked while teasing.

“Sanskar why you didn’t wear kurta pajama which I gave you to wear.” Mom asked while checking my clothes.

“Mom I’ll go and change give me 10 mins”I said went to upstairs.

Only 1 day more I’ll get tagged to her.So is it compulsory to apply haldi on men ufff can’t Ansh should consult me before.I would went to my office so I can rescue from this ritual.

I changed my clothes in a white kurta and pajama and went to to downstairs for the haldi ceremony.

When I came to hall I saw dad talking with mom.I saw so many ladies of my relatives and neighbors who came for this ceremony.I sighed and gestured Ansh to came there.

“Why are standing here bhai.”Ansh asked confused and I stare him blankly.I mean how I’ll know where I have to sit and what I have to do for this ceremony.

“Don’t stare like this,let’s go there” he said and kept his hand on my shoulder then we started walking towards the stage where I have to sit.

I came and sat on the middle couch in hall the entrance gave me a clear look of the place where I sat.I saw a bowl of turmeric paste which was kept in a plate.The plate has the rose petals and some petals were in the bowl.Why this turmeric ceremony? I’m mean why with me? I don’t like this paste.

(Turmeric paste)

After that mom came towards me and folded my selves and pajama.Then mom took some paste in her hand,then apply on my cheeks and hands and foot.I smiled seeing mom doing this.

After that mom took a kaju katli (sweet) from the plate and put in my mouth.I took the half part from her and make her eat.

After one by one every ladies started doing this step and then in the last Kaira and Ansh came and took some turmeric paste from the bowl and came to me and I was wondering they’ll also going to apply this but before I can say something to them.They….They how can they did like this.

“Ansh and sweetie ! It’s haldi not Holi” I screamed loudly while they started laughing and everyone joined them,I glared them but my sweet siblings is not getting any effect.

“Bhai for us it’s Holi of haldi because aaj mere bhai ki haldi hain” they both started singing making me irritate more.

Swara’s pov

“Di now you are ready for your haldi” Meera said while plating my saree perfectly.

I looked in the mirror for my reflection,I’m wearing a yellow silk saree with purple and orange borders.I really liked the colour of saree,it’s so simple yet beautiful.

“Thank you Meera for helping in this saree” I said and kissed her cheek.She hugged me tightly and then we sisters started smiling seeing eachother because we have only wore our dresses in 2 hours.Hahahaha it’s so hilarious but what to do when you don’t how to wear saree,Then surely it’ll take time.Exactly what happened with me.

I was waiting for her since half an hour after that she makes me wear this saree.She have worn a beautiful Yellow Anarkali.Her hair were in perfectly fishtail braid and she put lilies tiara on her head.

“Di please sit because you have to wear this flower jewellery also.” She said and started making me wear the flower necklace.

“Meera these are so beautiful and I really loved it wearing them.” I said putting my flowers earrings in my ear hole.

I’m mean which girl will not like these type of flowers jewellery.These are made up of sun flowers and lilies.I loved this types of cute things.

So today is my haldi ceremony.All the ladies of my family and neighbors had came for this.It’s a ritual in our India that before marriage the bride and groom will apply the turmeric paste by their relatives and neighbors on our body.

It is a ritual which we all follow by our hearts and this is also for that the turmeric paste will cherish my skin and lighten the tone.It’ll help to glow my skin naturally.Turmeric is a antiseptic so it’s so useful to use.

Well the ritual’ll start any time because mom already invited everyone and yeah she also invited my in laws only Sanskar can’t came there.I wish…I just wish I could see a glance of him but it’ll not going to happen.

I’m sitting in my favourite place “garden” which is beautifully decorated with yellow sunflowers and others flowers.Well it is specially decorated by Choco pie.He himself did all the arrangements of this haldi and mehandi ceremony.

“Swara you are looking so beautiful” Sneha said hugged me.I turned my face other side and didn’t talk.

Is this time to come for her.She knows already that today is my ceremonies is going to held but she came late.I’m not going to talk to her.

“Meera look like someone is so angry with me” She said in dramatic voice and I ignored her.

“Please please forgive me please Swaru please,I’ll not do next time this time forgive me” she said while giving me her puppy looks I smiled seeing her but didn’t said anything.

“Oh!ok I forgive you don’t give that look again,It’ll not work again in me” I said glaring her and she nodded while chuckling.

As we were busy talking I saw Choco pie smiling looking at me I asked what.He just nodded his head came to me and sat on the swing.

“My princess is looking like a sunflower princess today so I’m just admiring her.Have you any problem.” He asked looking at me.I nodded my head gave him a side hugged.

“Oh! Ok so guys let’s take some selfies of our yellow princess.” He said and winked to Meera,She smiled looking at him.

After that that Meera and Sneha stood behind us and then Choco pie took lots of selfies with us.Then he looked at me and kissed my cheeks.After he gestured me to pose I did what he said then took lots of single pictures of mine.As we all started seeing the pic then I heard horn of cars.

May be they came!

Suddenly I saw his parents entered in garden with the bowl and many sweets pack.May be it’s haldi in that bowl.They seemed so happy then my parents greeted them and then his mom hugged me kissed on my forehead.

The ceremony started and then everyone came and applied turmeric paste on my body.Everyone was so happy even my parents and for that smile of them I can definitely go miles.

The ceremony ended and my in laws went to there house because they have to also do lots work and many more things.I greeted them and bid good bye to Ansh and Kaira.

Mom gave me a crop top and long skirt,She told me to go and took bath because another ceremony is going to held.Mehendi artists is already came.I have to took a quick shower and then came there for the mehendi ceremony.

I came out of the bathroom wearing bathrobe and then I started drying my wet hair with towel then suddenly my eyes felt on the bed  which mom had gave me to wear in mehandi ceremony.I took the dress and went to bathroom for change.I came out from there and went to my dressing table I put small stone earrings in my ears.

Mehendi ceremony,I’ll be applied with henna on my hands and feet and in palm I’ll have Sanskar name hidden inside my mehandi which he’ll find because it’s a ritual.mehendi ceremony is basically a drawing art.Which we applied in our hand and feet for beauty.It’s made up of natural herbs and it is known as henna.It is said that the colour of your mehandi’ll darken more then your husband love you so much and the love between the Married couples will be more.

“Deep in Sanskar’s thoughts” Choco pie’s teasing voice and I nodded my head then he started laughing.I slightly slap on his shoulder then he pulled my cheeks.

“You are so cute princess” he said while pulling my Cheeks again.

“Di Are you still not ready,go and get ready fast because mehandi artist is waiting downstairs.” Meera shouted entering in my room.I shook my head then she smiled looking at me.

“Let’s go then for whom you are waiting” Meera said looking at me.

“Sleeping beauty she was waiting for you only” Choco pie said while winking at me.I laughed in mind now they’ll start again.But before they can fight I dragged Meera from there.

We came to downstairs and sat on the middle couch in hall the entrance gave me a clear look of the place where I sat.

Everyone sat on the hall and mehandi artists started applying mehandi on their hands.

“Di Listen please apply awesome mehandi on Di’s hand and feet and yeah one more please hide her husband name that he can’t find out so easily.” Meera said looking at me.I didn’t said anything smiled seeing mom’s face because she was smiling looking at us.After sometime Choco pie came and joined us.

“Well what are you doing here Ritik bhai.” Meera asked irritated.

“I just came here to see my princess,
understand sleeping beauty.” Choco pie said while smirking.

“By the why are you not applying mehandi on your hands.” Choco pie asked looking at her confused.

“I….I….didn’t apply just like that.” Meera said while making excused.

“What is groom’s name” mehandi artists asked looking at all of us.

“Write Sanskar” Sneha said kissed on my cheeks.

“Di your mehandi is looking so beautiful.” Meera said looking at my hand which were beautifully designed by my mehandi.I adored my feet which was looking so beautiful because of my mehendi design.

“Everyone mehendi is looking so beautiful” Choco pie said simply and then kissed mom forehead after that he kissed aunty’ cheeks.

After that everyone started singing and dancing and enjoying the ceremony but I’m feeling tired so tired that I kept my head on Choco pie’s shoulder and I don’t know when I fell in sleep on his shoulder.

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