Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (Part-2)

After having their dinner everyone go to their respective room..swara was sitting in her bed was remembering about mall boy…he start talking to herself he is so rude ?? and didn’t ask sorry also…I know it was mine fault but his also na he had to also say sorry to me na but no he didn’t say laad governor khi ka..Pata nhi samjhta Kya hain khud ko and also bcuz of him only I lost my ragu’s watch??……I ‘ll take my revenge next tym? ….suddenly ragini tap her shoulder and ask Wat happn di?…nothing u say….swara said…I want to show u jiju’s pic that’s y I came here….she was about to give her pic of sanskar but swara said I don’t want to see his pic..I want to see him in real??…..I know he is smart and handsome after all he is my parents choice☺️☺️……di u really don’t want to see jiju’s pic ragini said in shocked??…yup..I hear about him and I know every girl fall for him but now he is going to be mine na?…….after saying dis swara start blushing☺️☺️…omg di u r blushing wdout seeing jiju ?..I think u r fall for jiju Haina ?…swara lie on the bed and said nothing lyk dis ragu?….swara thought to change topic so she told everything Wat happn in mall to…..ragini said di it was ur mistake di u have to walk carefully na…and that watch was not in my fate so that’s y it didn’t came to me…forget di and the man was really khadoos …..Ohk leave it di..chalo gud nyt??…we have to go for shopping tomorrow…while saying ragini goes from their and swara thinking of her marriage she fall in sleep??……..

Maheshwari mansion:-
Everyone is having thier dinner with laughing and teasing sanskar and sanskar is giving them a sweet smile?…he is enjoying his family happiness,he just want them happy lyk dis ever?…then his mother said sanskar r u happy with dis marriage na??…sanskar said m happy mom with a smile….then his father said to his mother Ap bolna tha na mein sanskar ‘ll not say no for dis marriage…Ap noded happily….said sanskar kl hm shopping kly ja rhe hain to Tum jldi office se ana……..sanskar said ok mom…then a voice intruppted them bhai it’s not fair u r going for ur marriage shopping but u didn’t see bhabhi’s pic….first see na how is she??…sanskar said Uttarai don’t need to see girl pic bcuzz I know mom ‘ll choose best for me…..Uttara said yup she is the best for u ?? and so beautiful…well bhai mom always choose best for u??…….after doing lots of masti they completed their dinner and went to their room…….sanskar was working on his Lappy suddenly flashback of mall start flashing and he got irritated bcuzz of dis and start saying to himself Wat happening to me and y m thinking of that stupid girl?…bcuz of him only I fell on ground….but I reacted so much on that tym I didn’t said sorry also to that girl but I got angry bcuz of those bastard who was staring her in wrong manner ?….that’s y I was walking toward her but she was lost in her dreams and walking lyk a blind and collide with me,we fell in ground bcuz of her only..well she accepted her mistake said sorry also but that tym I was not in mood to forgive her bcuzz of her stupidity I fell in ground..but the man didn’t stop staring her I got so much angry and start scolding her…she went from their in anger and I went to that bastard and give him a punch and never dare to see any girl with wrong intension..oh god he got so scared of me that he run from their ?? and I went to a watch shop where I see the girl again..I noticed that she was wearing a white shirt in flower print with blue denim…she was looking somewhere I also see where she was seeing…then I see a watch which was so pretty..I got that she was going to buy that watch before she could say anything I said to shopkeeper Plzzz pack the watch..bcuzz I want to take my revenge with her bcuz of her only I fell in ground…now she start arguing with me….after r argue when I was about to give my credit card to shopkeeper he said that watch was already sold when we fighting….I didn’t said anything but she got angry and went from their….well today mom told me that m going to marry swara gadodia and also give her pic but I didn’t see her pic bcuz I m only marrying her bcuz of my family….after one month my marriage is fixed…and mom also told me that I can meet her whenever i want to talk to her…but I don’t think I need to meet her Han I ‘ll talk to her on phone
And ask her she is happy with dis marriage or not..thinking dis sanskar fell in sleep??….

Precap:-Swasan talking with eachother on phone…..

Hi everyone hwzz uh all??…..did u lyk dis part or not….I can’t complete dis fully sorry for that??……bcuz I was not well that’s y….well I want to thank u all of u guys u all lyk my part-1 so much…m so happy…thankzz for the support everyone..and I reply to u all in my previous chappy….m coming with lots of drama and Dhamaal and u have to wait for Swasan love story…well now u have to see thier Nok-jhok and revenge drama…..i ‘ll update soon and Plzzz sorry for mistakes guys…m writing in my mobile….so bear my mistakes….I got 18 comments on previous chappy……bubye meet u soon guys…love u all so much…..once again thank u all ??? and a tight hug with lots of kisses……..

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