Swasan arrange marriage by Fatima (part-19) Sanskar’s pov

“I’ll do what it takes to put a smile on your face even if that means I can’t be around to see it.”

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Sanskar’s pov

Ansh blackmailed so much that I got really frustrated that he is my brother or Swara.But I have to do what he said to me because my most important presentation he have stole.

In morning when I was going for a walk he came and said bhai you have to propose Bhabhi today so get ready in evening.I’ll do the arrangements.I nodded because I’m already got trapped in his plan,now I can’t get out from this.So I have to do what he said.

When everything was going good and I was relaxed then my mind traveled what’ll be her answer.Will she accept my proposal? Obviously no she’ll deny my proposal.Then what’ll I answer to Ansh when he’ll ask.Oh lord please help me,Im getting so much tensions because of this stupid proposal.

Let’s go Sanskar somewhere to fresh your mind or else you’ll go into mental hospital.I took my laptop and other things and went to my private library because only there I can get some peace.I have to do lots of office work because dad didn’t let me go today office today.

I stepped on the stairs and reached to my favourite place library.When I came there I feel so much calm seeing my books after that I sat on the couch and kept my laptop on the table.Then I started doing my work which have the only power that can boost me with calmness and relaxation.I love my work so much sometimes I forget that I have to take meals in office.

For the next three hours I read the file and made now of important stuff in my laptop,I was so engrossed in my work that I didn’t notice mom standing near me reading what I was writing.

“Sanskar let’s go beta it’s lunch time” she said with a warm smile.

“Mom just give me 10mins I’ll come after that” I said while typing on my laptop but before I can type further mom snatched the laptop from me and gave an angry look.

“Ufff Sanskar I know that you love your work so much but please look at yourself also sometime.Don’t get so much engrossed in your work that you forget that you have a life outside this laptop.” Mom said in anger and I chuckled.

“Oh! Mom cool! cool down! Take a long breath.” I said while taking breath and flying my right hand in air then she followed and smiled.

“Now let’s go or else I’ll not talk to you” mom said pulling me up from the couch and then she held my hand started walking to go downstairs.I smiled seeing mom actions because mom really care so much for me that I eat on time or sleep or not.Mom will be always mom,no one can place her or can take her place ever in my heart.

Mom get so much impatient if I came late from office or from trip.I’m so blessed that I have a family who love me so much and I always got what I want.I thank lord that he gave me everything in my life.Every mother loved their child more than their life but sometimes we children disrespect them.Thinking about this I see her and kissed on her cheek.

“I love you mom.” I whisper in her ears she smiled and put full spoon of fried rice in my mouth.

“What you both son and mother are whispering in eachother ears.” dad said with a pout.I smiled looking at his expression.

“Aww…nothing dad” I grinned and suppressed my laugh Ansh and Kaira also joined me.

“Don’t call me dad What were you both whispered in eachother ears?” Dad asked with narrowed eyes.

“Look Sanskar your dad is getting jealous from us,that we share an awesome bond.” Mom said while looking at dad and we trio laughed.Dad didn’t said anything just make a sad pout.After sometimes he also joined us.After sometime we did our lunch then I went to my room for nap because I got tired.Everyone got busy for preparation of the party.

After 4 1/2 hours

When I was getting ready in my room for today’s party.Ansh came there while smiling.

“Bhai you are looking handsome Bhabhi is going to……..” suddenly I kept my fingers on his mouth and stopped me.

Because of him only I’m doing and now he is blabbering so much nonsense.Its really not good but I can’t do anything so I just need to calm myself or else I’ll do something bad.

“No more words and thank you for the compliment and why didn’t you are ready?” I asked looking at mirror spraying perfume on my coat.

“Um..some work was left that’s why bhai now I’m going to dressed” He said looking at him.

“Oh!just go and get ready fast Ansh because I’ll not go down without you”I said and run my hand through my hairs.He nodded went from there,Because he have to get ready.After all it’s my brother’s plan so he should be ready for that.

When I saw Swara in that red gown I was surprised she was looking so stunning in that dress.All the time my eyes were only on her,she was little bit uncomfortable.I don’t why but my eyes were only stuck on her.But she has something that is attracting me towards her.

She is really a foodie I mean when she asked where is Ansh and Kaira.When I showed her then her mouth watered because of seeing chat and golgapps.She started walking that direction and I was following her like a lost puppy.

After when we reached there she was staring the stall like she’ll eat all the food like an hungry lioness,seeing this I was little bit confused and was laughing that my would be wife is a big foodie.

After then she ordered,she started eating golgappa and I was just staring her because I never eat golgappa and chat in my life because I never liked these things but when she offered so I can’t resist.

When I popped The golgappa I loved it.Its so delicious the spicy and sweet taste of the water was so amazing.So I asked can I have more she chuckled listening this and nodded in yes.Then we started eating she was continuously eating without any break,she really loved golgappa so much.

When we were enjoying the taste of sweet and spicy golgappa water suddenly Ansh voice boomed through speakers for our engagement.
Listening that I was shocked and many things were running in mind because no one told me that today is my engagement.Not even my siblings told me about that.

Wait wait it may be dad and Ansh planned because yesterday when dad told me to call Swara he winked to Ansh.Yeah now I got it,it might be their plan.

After when we reached on the stage mom gave me her engagement ring and told me to put that ring on Swara’s hand,I did what mom said.But after seeing her facial expressions any one can say that she so much shocked.
After our engagement when we were sat on the chairs I wanted to tell her that I was also  shocked as much she was but then again my little bro intruppted us.

He’ll never let me do what I want to do.Now let’s see what’s he want to do as I was thinking suddenly he announced that I’ll sing a song for Swara.But it was not in our deal,he didn’t said anything about that.Singing is my passion with guitar.I loved singing and playing guitar.

In school functions and college eve I and Ritik always took participate in functions and in farewell.Enjoy ourselves in music room with playing guitar.I sometime Played guitar in my cabin also for some relaxation and most of my employed know this.

Well I know why he said for singing because Ansh very well know that I can never say no for singing.I smirked today is your time Ansh,but Tomorrow’ll be mine.So enjoy as much you can this time I’ll not leave you.

I stood from my chair and gave a small smile to Swara.After I went to the center of hall,Ansh came to me and gave my guitar and wispher “sorry bhai Please forgive me this time” while whispering he held his one ear.I chuckled but maintain an angry face but soon I can’t control so I gave him my best smile.After that Ansh goes to everyone sat on the chair where everybody were sitting.

I need to calm myself first so I took a glass from the waiter and pour it on my head then shook my hairs.

I took the guitar and sit up in a straight-backed chair and kept my one leg on the floor and left on the chair’s stand.I orient the guitar to my body,the smallest string pointed toward the ground and the thickest string pointed up at the ceiling.

I took a glance of swara before starting and smiled seeing her,then kept my fingers on string and started singing looking at her.

I don’t what I’ll sing because before singing I don’t think what I have to sing.When I started playing guitar automatically my mouth started singing and I got engrossed in them.

Because music is about feeling not only practically singing you have to sing it from your heat.You have to feel it then only you can sing well.

I sang Aye dil hai mushkil,I don’t know why but I feel like it to sang it.When I was singing while roaming then Meera pushed Swara towards me.I kept my guitar aside and then suddenly all the lights went dim and the spotlight came on us.I slowly started walking towards her looking in her eyes then i extended my hand for dance and she happily gave her hand to me.

I danced with her and got lost in my singing because singing and listening is about you got so much engrossed in that you doesn’t notice about your surrounding.

We both lost in each other’s eyes and then the song ended.We came out of the trance because of the loud cheering and clapping voices after that we parted eachother.

After our siblings and started teasing us but when Kaira asked to Swara how I sang then my eyes got stuck on her because I also wanted to know how she felt it.After that she looked at me and told that she loved it.I don’t know why but unknowingly a smile came on my face.Suddenly Swara asked about Choco pie,Who is he I wanted to know so I asked but before she can reply Ansh intrupped and took me from there.

“Bhai now it’s time to propose Bhabhi,just go on terrace and I had did all the arrangements.All the best.” He said and showed his thumb I nodded and went from there.

When I was waiting for Swara on terrace I was thinking who is that Choco pie but neglected it because I heard someone’s foot steps,may be Swara came.Let’s get ready Sanskar,or else your brother will never give you your ppt.

Because Swara didn’t saw me but I saw her entering in the terrace but don’t know how this girl always loosed her balance,so before she can fell on ground I went to her and held from the waist.

I asked are you ok then she nodded and asked what are you doing here? She asked confused.

Oh! God I’m here to propose you but this girl don’t know and I know our sibling have told you something else.But suddenly before I can make any excuses light got on.I got relaxed and thanked Ansh for that in my mind.

“Sanskar why did…” i intruppted her and I kept my index finger on her lips,gesture to shut itfor sometimes.She did what I said to her then i hold her hand and then she tangled her hand with mine.

After that we walk on the flowers path which was made of red roses. Ansh is really so romantic the decorations is marvellous,it’s so beautiful.His wife will be so lucky to get because I’m so lucky that I have a brother like him.

When We reached near the table I took Swara’s hand,then kneeled down and looked in her eyes.It’s so simple just asked will you marry

“Will you marry me?”I asked.

She stood there dumbfounded for 5mins after seeing her facial expressions I got to know that she is in shocked,So I again asked the same line with a smile while i was still on my knees waiting for her answer.

After sometime she nodded like a dumb then I stood and put a plantinum chain on her neck,which I brought to gift her,So now I did my job thinking this I raised my collars proudly.

“Thank you Sanskar it’s so beautiful and I really liked it” She said while hugging me in excitement after sometime I also responded to her hug.After that I parted her from me.Then held her hand Because now I’m feeling so hungry.

“Let’s go for dinner Swara” he said while giving his best smile.

“Oh! Ok but Sanskar I want to ask so many questions will you please answer to them? She asked looking in my eyes.

I know today you are getting so much shocks and might be also thinking why I’m behaving so cool today.You’ll get to know soon Swara,just for sometime thinking this I smirked.

“I’ll answer of your each questions Swara but after dinner” I said while walking toward the table.

When we reached to the table I pulled a chair for me like a gentleman.Because my brother sake I have to do all this.

After that we did our dinner and yeah offcourse today is her day that’s why my bro kept all her favourite dishes or I can say mine too.While eating I teased her a lot that thing i was enjoying.

“Swara I wanted to say that even I didn’t knew about engagement and all but yeah this dinner date I have planned so did you like this.” I asked while rising my one eyebrow.

“Um..Sanskar I’m really loved all these and specially by your guitar talent um..You are an amazing guitarist.The way you were playing was mind blowing Thank you for making me feel special thank you” She said and bowed her head.

After listening this I was chuckling because today she praised about me so much.So miss Swara Raheja is accepted that’s great then.

“Thank you so much Swara for the compliment” I said and came towards her and kissed her cheek lightly.

Oh my god why the hell girl blush this much.I thanked to god that we men doesn’t blush.

“Swara while blushing you look even more beautiful like a moon which shine only in darkness” I whispered in her ear,again kissed me on her cheek but this time tightly.

“Oh! Swara you think so much, Your nose swara it’s looking so pinkish even more darker than your cheeks” I said and pulled her nose lightly with my fingers.

Her nose it’s looking so pinkish and I just wanted to play with her nose,Its looking so cute and pink.

I think because of blushness she don’t wanted to face me so she hide her face with her both hands then i took her hands from her face and then I started playing with her nose again.

“Sanskar stop it,don’t do like that.” Swara said while trying to protest after listening this I chuckled.

“You are looking like a……I tease her while laughing looking at her nose and again I pulled her nose lightly.

“Like what Sanskar” She asked while looking in my eyes.When she asked I stopped laughing and playing with her nose.

“You look Like a…..um……like a…..little……kitten and while blushing you look a blushy kitty…you are blushy kitty…….blushy kitty I started singing and chuckled seeing her angry pout.

“Sanskar you are a monster and don’t talk to me,I’m going” She said stood from the chair to go then i held her hand then she turned to say something.I was on his knee and holding my ear and making a sorry face.She chuckled seeing me.

I stood and kissed her nose so cutely,I don’t why I did but I feel like to kiss her nose.After that I made her sit on the chair then we started eating our dinner silence in between She started talking some glances of me but when She do i caught her.

“Sanskar I’m done”She said and was about to stood i gestured her to sit again.She followed what i said then i forwarded the cupcakes towards her.She smiled and stared eating strawberry cupcakes other hand I ate my favourite chocolate cupcakes

“I got to know a secret about you Swara”I said while giving her a teasing smile.When she was about fill her mouth with next bite of cupcakes but stopped listening me.

She got so much panic and her facial expressions got changed in nervous.I cursed myself for that I make her sad.

“Hey Swara don’t become panic I was just saying that I got to know that why you blushed so much because you ate strawberries so much right”I said giving my million dollar smile I don’t know why but I said these things when listened me,She started laughing like a mad people.

Seriously she going to become mad one day but her smile is so beautiful that make me remembered about my mom.

“Seriously Sanskar you think I blushed because of strawberries oh! It was not strawberries effect but yours Sanskar” She blabbered then suddenly She realised what She blabbered so so she kept her both hands on my mouth to seal her lips.listening I was I’m mean what did I that she got this much blush ufff..These girls are impossible thing.

Suddenly We heard congratulations guys finally prince proposed his princess.yipeeeee “hip hip hurray”……”Hip hip hurray”…I listened so many similar voices singing this.

I knew it my little bro is now came here now they’ll again start their teasing game.Can’t they live without teasing as I was thinking they all already started their work after sometime I stopped and then we went to downstairs to meet our parents.

I have to talked with them because it was our right to know about our engagement but they didn’t tell us.

The way she stood for herself today then gave that spellbound speech I was Impressed with her.The way she was defending for her relationship with Ritik that time was speechless I’m mean I know she is so strong girl but I’m totally impressed with her new bold shade.I know about their bond from past 17years because Ritik has told me.He is my buddy or you can say partner in my crime.We are together from past 17 years.

He always praise about her princess,Princess did this and blah blah he never get tired of talking about her.He truly love her as his real sister,He always adored her,Whenever I listened about her I got jealous because how can my best friend love someone more then me but after sometime I got to knew when I also got my sweetie.Siblings are the special gift from our parents.Everyone should respect this relation but today that women insulted the relation.

I don’t why society think this much low,their thinking can never be change.Why can’t be a boy or girl share a good?They can share but our thinking can never say yes because thinking is the root of every relation which grows slowly but if thinking get wrong then it may spoil the roots of our relations.

Today I saw a pain and sorrow in Swara’s eyes that eyes in which I never show.In her eyes only I always noticed a happiness and desire but today it was placed with sorrow and pain.

Today I proposed her because Ansh blackmailed me but the time I spent today with her was amazing I really got forget that I wanted to take revenge from.Her smile,Her angry pout,Her blushing face everything was making me in tingle with her more.I never feel this much closeness with anyone but she make me feel that.I wish…I just wish I can spend more time with her but time was not in my favour.

After the first meeting with Swara my life is becoming so strange day by day.I never talked rudely with someone in my whole 25 years of life.But now see I’m changed so much that I’m marrying her because of a revenge.I never liked that the way I always taunted her and talked but that girl make impossible thing to possible for me.

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