Swasan arrange marriage by Fatima (part-18)


“Swara while blushing you look even more beautiful like a moon which shine only in darkness” he said and again kissed me on my cheek but this time tightly.

I’m just froze like a statue because I just wanted to buried my face in pillow but unfortunately my bad luck I don’t have.He made me blush like a new blossom rose.

“Oh! Swara you think so much, Your nose swara it’s looking so pinkish even more darker than your cheeks” he said and pulled my nose lightly with his fingers.

Now I don’t wanted to face him so I hide my face with my both hands then he took my hands from my face and started playing with my nose.

Aww…he is doing like 5years child.

“Sanskar stop it,don’t do like that” I said while trying to protest after listening this he chuckled and I smiled.

“You are looking like a……he tease me while laughing looking at my nose and again pulled my nose lightly.

“Like what Sanskar” I asked while looking in his brown hazel eyes.He stopped laughing and playing with my nose.

“You look Like a…..um……like a…..little……kitten and while blushing you look a blushy kitty…you are blushy kitty…….blushy kitty he started singing and chuckled seeing my angry pout.

How dare him call me a little kitten.Am I look like a kitten.Definitely no I’ll not talk to him he is making fun of me.Blushing is a natural thing everyone’s blush that doesn’t means you should make fun this.

“Sanskar you are monster and don’t talk to me,I’m going” I said stood from the chair to go then he held my hand I turned to say leave my hand I saw he was on his knee and holding his ear and making a sorry face.I chuckled seeing him how cute he is looking.

He stood and kissed my nose so cutely,I feel like a feather touched my nose.After he made sit on chair then we started eating our dinner silence in between I started talking some glances but when I do he caught me.

“Sanskar I’m done” I said and was about to stood he gestured me to sit again.I followed what he said then he forwarded cupcakes towards.I smiled and stared eating strawberry cupcakes other hand he ate chocolate cupcakes

“I got to know a secret about you Swara” he said while giving teasing smile I was about fill my mouth with next bite of cupcakes but stopped listening him.

Really what he got to know about.But my secrets only knows Choco pie and Sneha.But what he got to know.Did he got to know about that day.Thinking about this my face turned pale.

“Hey Swara don’t become panic I was just saying that I got to know that why you blushed so much because you ate strawberries so much right” he said giving his million dollar smile I don’t know why but I started laughing like a mad people.

“Seriously Sanskar you think I blushed because of strawberries oh! It was not strawberries effect but yours Sanskar” I blabbered then suddenly I realised what I blabbered so I kept my both hands on my mouth to seal my lips.I saw his shocked face.

Oh god Swara you are becoming so clumsy day by day.It’s happening because of him only.Bakana jaruri tha (it was important to blabbered).

Suddenly I heard congratulations guys finally prince proposed his princess.yipeeeee “hip hip hurray”……”Hip hip hurray”…I listened many similar voices singing this.

“Ansh stop it yaar and please don’t shout like that”I heard his voice trying to shut their mouths.

“Oh jiju you are so cute and you guys are so romantic han” Ragu said and hugged me tightly.

“So did you enjoyed your romantic dinner Swaru”Sneha wishpered in my ears and gave me her most teasing smiled.

“Shut up”I said while giving her glare but my bestie didn’t stop smiling like a fool.

“So Bhabhi so how is my Bhai’s romantic side and did you like the dinner date?” Ansh asked giving his sweet smile and gave his brother a teasing smile.

“Um.dinner was awesome and I’m so glad that Sanskar did everything for me.Well let’s go everyone is must waiting for us” I said while taking a glance of him.

“Yeah sure let’s go guys” they said in unison.After that they started walking we were behind them.

When me and Sanskar were stepping from the stairs suddenly showers us and the light song was on the background making it. romantic.
When I headed my head up to see it was red roses petals were showering on us the he held my started taking steps from the stairs.

It’s so amazing,I just want to dance like a free bird but can’t because many people are seeing us if I do then they’ll think I’m mad.

After that we went to our parents where there waiting for us.I smiled seeing them but this time also I didn’t see Choco pie so I think to ask from mom but before I can ask I listened his voice so I turned see but he was not there but a video was playing with his singing.

In which I saw first that garden pic then our pic sitting on bench and then at my favourite place then our cute chocolate fight and our lots of memories then last one was mine and Sanskar pic on that it was written congratulations princess.A very very congratulations to my princess and to his prince.

Then last note of that video was written

“You came like a magic pen and filled my blank book with your precious ink which will never fade because it’s your magic and charm.
That always shine and give me a hope when I got sad.

I wanted to thank you for doing that princess. You are precious diamond which I want to embedded in my heart forever and ever.
I love you princess❤️️”…

Reading this tears started flowing from eyes like a flood but I don’t want to stop them I want to flow them because these are tears of happiness.I wanted hug him and say I love you too.

“I love you too Choco pie” I muttered.

Then I saw him standing there alone I just run toward him hug him so tightly.

“I love you too Choco pie” I said while kissing on his forehead then kissed mine.

“I love you infinity” he muttered then suddenly we heard one lady voice who came to us.

“You are so shameless girl.You just got engaged today but kissing and proposing to someone else infront your laws.Don’t your parents give you manners you cheap girl” she got intrupped by two voices who roared like a lion.

“Just shut up and don’t even dare to say one more word against her character” Ansh and Sanskar shout on that lady like a lion.I got so much emotional that I hugged Choco pie so tightly and started crying in his embrace.He started consoling me.

It’s not that aunty fault because it’s not new for me because from childhood people think about our relation in wrong manner.They think we are in relationship but it’s not true because we share a unique and precious bond which they will never understand.

“Yeah you hear correct aunty I love him and he is everything for me.He is my life line,His life is more important than mine.He is my pen and I’m his ink.Because he is my brother.he is my brother did you hear me.I hope you didn’t hear so let me tell you again He is my brother.May be we dosen’t share blood relationship but it’s not he is nothing to me,he is much more than that to me.Because

“Only having blood relation dosen’t make you siblings but it’s depend upon our thinking”.

And about manners then let me tell you that my parents gave me best manners to me which I’ll never forget in my life.I’ll never do a mistake in life which make their head bow in shame.

I’ll do good thinking to make their head up like a proud parents.Sorry to say Aunty but I think your patents didn’t give you good manners that’s why you use that disgusting words on our relationship.And yeah “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Dad am said right ? I said while looking at my dad he nodded his head and hugged us.

“My both daughters and son is the best in world” dad said while having tears in his eyes.Mom also hugged me and kissed my forehead.After Sanskar’s parents kissed and said they are proud that I’m their daughter in law.I’m perfect for Sanskar but I wanted listen what he think of me.

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