Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (part-12)


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After seeing the person she was shocked but but after sometimes her lips curved into a smile.The person starts taking steps towards her and stopped when he reached there.

The person asked Do you remembered this park?

Then she smiled and nodded her head in yes and recall a sweet moment.

*Flashback starts*:-

A 5 years girl was playing football with her father and suddenly the ball goes hitted a 6 years boy who was sitting on bench showing his back.

The girl’s father said what is this swara beta? See you hitted someone,go and say sorry to him.She nodded her head and goes from there.

Swara:-I’m sorry ,I was just playing…..I…..I don’t just then she stopped when she saw tears in his eyes and suddenly she hugs him and said hey please stop don’t cry! I hitted you by mistakes. I’m saying sorry also please stop saying this she wipes his tears.

But the boy nodded in no and said I…..I…..’m no…not……cry….crying because….of you……you hitted…..but….but….because my parents are dead in car’s accident and….and…none is there with me,I’m alone.

After listening this Swara starts crying and hugs him more tightly and said don’t cry because you are not alone,I’m here for you saying this she kissed his forehead.

Swara:-Dad always said If you kissed someone on their forehead that means It’s shows our love,care and trust on that person saying this she forwards her hand and said I’m Swara Gadodia and you.

Boy shakes hand with Swara and said I’m Ritik.She smiled and said now we become Friends.

Their conversation was heard by Swara’s father.He smiled and thinks his daughter is talking like him and feel proud after that he came to them said so Swara you make one friend today,not bad.Swara nodded her head happily in yes.

Swara:-Dad he is Ritik and he was crying in this park because of not me daddy because His parents are no more,he is alone,can we take him home with us please.She asked so innocently.

Shekhar:-yeah offcourse Swara beta and I would loved to take him home.Now I have 3 childrens.

Swara came and hugs him and said Thank you dad and he is so sweet.Now I’ll play with him and Ragu….yipeee saying this smiled.

Swara:-Come Ritik he is my Dad and Daddy he is Ritik.

Shekhar hugs both of them and kissed their foreheads and said let’s go to home.

*Flashback ends*:-

Swara smiled and said that was our first meeting Choco pie.He smiled listening that and said see princess that’s was the same bench saying this he shows her.

Swara just went there and sat there and feel that she is watching her past meeting with Ritik and smiled.Then suddenly her eyes fell on a paper that was kept there with a White rose.She opened the paper and after reading that she smiled.

She turns to say something to Ritik.She was shocked seeing that He is nowhere and starts searching to him but she didn’t find him but after sometimes she found a yellow rose on a tree’s branch.She took the rose and remembers her another moment with Ritik.

*Flashback starts*:-

When they enter in there house.Swara held his hand and went to garden to show him her favourite’s place.

After seeing that Ritik said:-It’s so beautiful princess and I liked so much.

Swara:-yup it’s because it’s my favourite place and you know what I always play there with daddy and mama.Now I’ll play with you.

She was roaming and speaking everything to him and he was just admiring her innocence.

Then suddenly his eyes caught something.He turns Swara towards him and said It’s for you Princess saying this he forwarded a yellow rose.

Ritik:-I don’t have anything to gift you princess but you became my friend and you came like a hope in my life so I want to gift you a yellow rose because yellow is a age-old spokes-colours for warm feeling of friendship and optimism.

Today is starting of our friendship day,hope it’s grown along with us.

Swara:-Thank you and you are really so sweet.

*Flashback ends*:-

She smiled remembering that memory then her eyes fell on ground where she saw that Sorry was written with red roses petals.

Swara starts shouting Choco pie…..Choco pie then Ritik came there with a box and said princess why are you shouting?
I’m here only, between You are looking like an angel today.

Swara came to him and hugs him and said Thank you so much Choco pie and it’s so beautiful and I really loved all the Suprises.I…

she was about to say something then suddenly Ritik kept his finger on her lips and stopped her to talk further.

Ritik:-Princess you know what you just shut your mouth for 3mins,I have something to gift you.

Swara:-really how many Suprises you’ll give me Choco pie.

Ritik stare angrily and said shut ur mouth for 3mins princess please Saying this he held her hand  starts walking.She was silently walking with him and after sometimes they reached to table.

Ritik tell her through his eyes to sit on chair.
After settled down he gave her that box and said to open.

She raised her eyebrows and asked what’s in it Choco pie and I was saying that I…

Ritik intrupped her and said first open this box princess.She nodded and after seeing she starts licking her lips.Ritik smile seeing her expressions.

Swara:-Choco pie thank you thank you saying this she took one piece chocolate from the box starts unwrapping the wrapper then suddenly she sees a paper with wrapper.On that paper it was written:-

1.*Our first meeting*

second peice of chocolate,it’s written:-

Third piece of chocolate,It’s written:-
3.*New beginning of our life*

Fourth peice of chocolate,It’s written:-
4.*Our first day of school*

Fifth price of chocolate,It’s written:-
5.*Our prank*

Sixth peice of chocolate,It’s written:-
6.*Distribution of choclates*

Seventh peice of chocolate,It’s written:-

Eighth peice of chocolate,it’s written:-
8.*Craziness for Ice-cream*

Like this she tooks 25 chocolates wrapper a paper was attached and was written their lovely moments and in the end it’s written I’m sorry princess after reading all papers her eyes filled with tears.

She stood and hugs Ritik tightly and starts crying.

Ritik:-princess stop stop crying,I did this to make you happy but you are crying,It’s not fair saying this he makes a pout.

Swara:-It’s the Unique Suprises ever I got Choco pie and I loved all the gifts.But I wanted to tell you that I was not angry with you I was just acting Choco pie.

Ritik smile and said I know princess that’s why I did all this because after five years I came so thought to make something special moment for you saying this he kissed on her forehead.

Swara smiled and said let’s enjoy saying this moment Choco pie saying this she picks a chocolate and put in his mouth.

Ritik does the same and after that she started eating chocolates and Ritik was just admiring her.

Ritik:-So Princess did you forgive me or not?

Swara:-Offcourse Choco pie saying this she pulls his cheeks and how can you think that I’ll angry with you? saying this makes a pout.

Ritik:-Awwww…Princess I was just kidding well today you are looking like Cindrella.
And I must take selfies of this lovely moment saying this he took selfies.

After that they starts eating chocolates but in the end Only one piece of chocolate was left.So She was about to take that peice but he took that one peice and asked do you want that princess then give my return gift saying this he smiles.

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