Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (part-11) Surprise Date

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Episode starts:-

Sanskar starts reading the messaged,it’s written

Hi Swara
Meet me in Al-bake at 03:30.
It’s urgent,I have to talk with you.

Sanskar:-Swara I…I did’t sent this messaged to you and I don’t know who sent this.

Swara:-What No you only send me this because it’s your no.Sanskar and why will someone send me message from your no. Saying this she raise her one eyebrow like tell me.

Sanskar:-I’m saying na, I didn’t sent this messaged and I don’t know who sent this messaged from my phone.

Swara was about to argue with him suddenly waiter came there and said here is your order sir saying this he puts the two plates of Shawarma 2 large cold drink glasses.
After putting this he leave from there.

Sanskar p.o.v:-

After seeing Shawarma Swara forget about the messaged and all and starts eating and enjoying the flavor and aroma of Shawarma with cold drink sips.

I’m staring her without blinking my eyes.I’m amazed by her behaviour because before 3mins she was asking questions like an officer now she is lost in Shawarma like a child.I can never understand this Stupid Girl.

Suddenly she stopped in the mid and said why are you standing Sanskar please sit and eat shawarma,It’s so delicious saying this she licks her lips.

Now this stupid girl notice that i’m also here.

Swara:-Are Sanskar ise apna hi samjhe saying this she winks.

I smiled and mummrs Crazy Girl.

I also sat there and Starts eating Shawarma but my eyes was on Swara who was lost in her world like she don’t have work in this world.

After eating Shawarma she stood and was about to go to wash her hands I catch her wrist and said Swara woh woh….


Sanskar:- There on your lips corner some shawarma particles is left, Saying this I pull her closer towards me and wipes the particle and we share a eye-lock for 2mins and after that I left her,we goes from there to wash our hands.

After washing our hands we came back and sat on our respective places.

Sanskar p.o.v Ends

Swara:-Thank you for the treat and shawarma was really awsome and well I know you only send me messaged.
So no need to lie,Now I should go home because Ragini must be waiting for me.

Sanskar:-Swara wait a min,I’m coming in 10mins Saying this He stood and goes from there.

After 15mins He came and gave her a packet and said give it to Ragini.

Swara:-What is in this packet Sanskar?

Sanskar:-Woh I bought Shawarma for Ragini so give it to her and don’t dare to eat this,it’s for my saali (suster in law) not for you he said in a funny tone.
She happily nodded in yes.

After that He was waiting for Ansh but he didn’t came so he thought to drop Swara home.

Swara:-I need to leave Sanskar.

Sanskar nodded and said ok and they left the restaurant.

Sanskar:-I’ll drop you at home

Swara:- No need I can go myself Sanskar.

Sanskar:-I said na I’ll drop means I’ll and han no need to worry.I’m not going to did a accident so chill Swara.

I’ll not let you die Swara because I have to make you Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheshwari saying this he Smrik..

Swara thinks something and nodded in yes and they seated and Sanskar starts the car and after 20mins they reached at Swara’s home.

Swara close the door and said Thank you and Bye with a smile.

Sanskar:-ok Bye meet you soon saying this he winks and speed off the and goes from there.

Swara thinks sometime you are sweet to me but sometime so angry.I can never understand you.

Swara enter in her house and gave the packet to ragini.

Ragini:-di where you gone wothout telling me saying this she make pout.

Swara:-oh Ragu I got Sanskar’s messaged and he wants to me so I went there to me him.

Ragini:-wow di so did you asked about the parcel? And Tell me everything from the Starting.

Swara:-Oh shit Ragu I forget to asked about the parcel, well I’ll tell you everything later but please eat your Shawarma first.

Ragini:-omg di It means you went Al-bake that’s great han.I know you enjoyed there so much that’s why you came late.Well leave it,i’m gonna eat my shawarma between Thank you for bringing this,saying she starts eating.

Swara:-Ragu I didn’t brought this and yeah it’s Sanskar gave it to you,So you should Thank him not me.

Ragini:-Oh that so sweet di and I’m so happy that I got jiju like him,He care for everyone so much,He is so sweet saying this she gave a smile.

After some chit-chat they went to Swara’s room and Swara tell everything to Ragini.

Ragini:-di I know that messaged was  sent by  jiju only, well are you not forgetting something saying this she raise her both eye brows.

Swara:-what Ragu she asked innocently

Ragini:-That you have to go on a date with jiju and di you don’t have time,it’s already 06:30,go and change your dress fast.

Swara nodded in yes and took the dress from cupboard and goes to in washroom.

After 10mins She came from washroom after changing her clothes.She was wearing a white colour Gown with neck emborided on net and and went to dressing table.

(Swara’s gown pic)

Ragini does light make up and apply Mascara and thick layer of eye liner on her eye.She puts earring and She did her braid in a fish tail braid and after that she puts the tiara on swara’s which was in present with the dress.

Ragini:-You are looking like a princess di.It’s mindblowing dress.Really jiju’s choice is awesome di.

Swara:-(Thinks I don’t know why I’m feeling it’s not send by Sanskar).Thank you and yeah it’s so beautiful gown I must say Ragu saying this she hugs her.

Ragini:-Now you should go di and please don’t fight this time with jiju and enjoy your date.

Swara:-ok bye saying she went to park.


When Swara enter in the Garden It was all dark but the lights of the candles and star was shining the Garden and Trees was decorated with lightings and balloons making it’s appereance beautiful.

The ground was filled with white roses and yellow roses petals.It was decorated beautifully.The garden was glowing like a new bride.The fragrance of flowers was everywhere.

In the middle a wooden Round table with two chairs was also kept there.It was also beautifully decorated with flowers and two plates and glasses.

Swara was amazed after seeing the beautiful decorations,it was like a fairy tale dream came for her.She was feeling like She is Cindrella who was exploring the beauty of this garden.

She was happily flying in the cloud but suddenly she hear someone’s foot step and after that she turn to see who is there,after seeing the person she was shocked.

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