Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (part-10)

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Ragini:-di stop shouting and please let me open this saying this she starts opening.

Listenting their shout Sharmishtha camr there and said what happen? And why you both are shouting?

Swara:-Mom see na ragini she is not giving my parcel saying this she make a pout.

Sharmishtha:-Oh! God you both will never change Ragini give her parcel and Swara don’t shout like that she is going to open a bomb box saying this she goes from there.

Ragini was busy in opening the parcel when Swara was complaing.After opening the parcel she was shocked and shout di.. please come here fast.

Swara came there and asked what happen ragu? Now why you are shouting like that you saw a bomb?

Ragini didn’t said anything just tell through her eyes khud hi dekhlen.

After seeing the packet her eyes were open in shocked and said ragu who send me this?

Ragini:-di umm…may be jiju,well di it’s damn beautiful gown di and i must say jiju’s choice is just awsome saying this she gave her a teasing smile.

After listening Ragini’s word swara got shocked and thinks how can i forget about him?

Ragini:-di see in this box what i found? A love letter from jiju for you saying this she smrik and run from there.

Swara came from her thoughts after listening ragini’s word “love letter from jiju for you”.

Swara shout please ragu give that paper.

Ragini:-di not paper it’s a love letter and I’m gonna read this saying this she again smrik.

Swara:-please Ragu give me that paper and it’s not a love letter saying this she start running to catch her.

Ragini:-Di Today you can’t catch me,so please don’t waste your stamina and han If you want your love letter then say “please Ragu give my love letter”.

Swara:- Ok please Ragu give me that paper.

Ragini:-Are Di here is a correction “it’s not a paper,it’s a love letter”.
So say it again with correction saying this she gave her a devil smile.

Swara:- No i’m not going to say that and han give that paper to me or else…

Ragini:- Di say what i said or forget about this.

Swara thinks she’ll never give like that i have to say what she is saying.

Swara:-Ragu please give my love letter saying this she gave her a fake smile.

Ragini:- di that’s sounds great han and here is your love letter saying this she pulls her cheeks.

Swara starts opening the paper that time her phone starts ringing,so she decide to read it later.

She pick up the call without seeing the caller id  and said hello but from other side no one answered and after somtime the call got disconnected.

She thinks what the hell,then she again start reading that paper but again this time her phone ringed and this time she sees the caller id,after seeing caller id she got frustated.

Swara:-What’s your problem Ragu saying this she throws a cusion towards her.

Ragini smile seeing her annoyed face.

After reading the letter swara thinks why the hell he wants to meet me in park and why he send me that dress?

She got lost in her thoughts and Ragini came there silently and snatched the paper from her hand.

Ragini:- Now I’ll read saying this she smrik.After reading she said ohooo di.
Jiju is so romantic han omg that means you are going on a date.

Swara:- Ragu I don’t think this parcel is  sent by Sanskar.Why’ll he send me this gift?

Ragini:-di I think this parcel is sent by jiju only,may be he wants to meet you that’s why  he sent this and If jiju didn’t sent then who’ll send you?
Saying this she raise her eyebrow.

Swara:- May be ragu
(Thinks) But why he sent me this and what’s going on his mind?uffff….I’ll become mad because of him.

Sanskar’s Office:-

Sanskar is sitting on his couch and doing work on his laptop and Ansh was sitting on chair and playing Temple run oz in his mobile but suddenly he stopped and thinks something and smile.

Ansh:- Bhai listen

Sanskar:-Yeah say Ansh without taking his eyes from laptop.

Ansh:-Bhai please give me your phone because my phone battery is dead he said in a annoyed tone.

Sanskar:-ok Ansh take from here saying this he forworded his mobile towards him.

Ansh thinks Now you are trapped in my plan bhai and How’ll you escape thinking this he smile.

He took sanskar mobile and goes from there and came after 15mins  and gave sanskar’s back to him.

Ansh:-Well bhai how much time’ll you take more to complete your work?

Sanskar:-What happen Ansh? And why are asking this saying this he raise his eyebrow?

Ansh:- Bhai I’m feeling so hungry that’s why saying this he make a pout.

Sanskar seeing this smile and said then let’s go to home,saying this he stood from there.

Ansh thinks No no we can’t go home,if we go home then my plane will get flopped.I have to do something Think Ansh think something.

Ansh:-woh Bhai woh…I want to go Al-bake restaurant because i want to eat “Shawarma” and we didn’t went there from a long time.

Sanskar:- yeah Ansh then let’s go there only because i really missed our old days so much.

Ansh smile and kept his hand on sanskar’s shoulder and said let’s go Bhai.Sanskar also does same and they went from there.They leave for Al-Bake restaurant in their car.

After half an hour they reached there and Sanskar parked the car and they enter and settled down there.

That time waiter come for order and take order and goes from their.

Ansh was thinking why bhabhi didn’t came still now and Bhabhi where are you? Please come fast.

Sanskar:- What happen Ansh?

Ansh:-Nothing bhai I’m just waiting for shawarma saying this he licks his lips.

That time his eyes fell on Swara and after seeing her Ansh smile and said Bhai I have to go to washroom saying this he run from there hurridely leaving a confused Sanskar.

Swara was searching for Sanskar and after sometime he saw him sitting on chair and doing something in mobile.

Swara:- He messaged me to came here and Here he is sitting and playing with mobile and I’m roaming here like a mad.What he think of himself han?I’ll not leave him today.

Sanskar:-(Thinks)What happen to Ansh today? He is behaving so strange today?He wast lost in his thoughts then Swara came there and said Hi.

Sanskar:- Hi miss Aafat and what are you doing here? Saying this he raise his eyebrow.

Swara:- Oh Hello don’t dare to call me that and don’t forget Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari that you only told me to came here,So tell what you have to talk?

Sanskar:-What me hahahaha Swara don’t joke han saying this he start laughing.

Swara:-Don’t laugh Laad governor and han I’m not joking you only told me to came here saying this she make a weired face.

After seeing this Sanskar start laughing more loudly and said I think Miss Aafat you were missing me that’s why you came here haina saying this he gave a teasing smile.

Swara:-(Thinks) Aap hanste hue bulkul bhi khadoos nhi lagte balki (while laughing you don’t look angry man ) you look even more cute thinking this she smile.

Sanskar shaked her and said what happen? Omg you are smiling that means you were missing me not bad Swara.

Swara:-No it’s not like that Sanskar and han I came here because you messaged me and told me to came here saying this she showed the message.

After seeing the message Sanskar got shocked.Swara got confused seeing Sanskar face.


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