Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (Part-1)

Hello everyone m new here?….I never write story…it is my first try ……Sorry for mistakes bcuz m not gud at all in English ??……….The story start with a girl ??..standing near the window,she is wearing a red and creamy combination lehanga with heavy make up and heavy jewelry..she is crying bcuz of her fate??..she’s so worried about her new life which ‘ll change becuz of her husband sanskar maheshwari the top business tycoon of Delhi….she recall her movements how they meet..

Swara’s p.o.v
She is educated,bubbly type girl..love her parent so much?‍?‍?‍?…she has one cute sis..her name is ragini…….she went to mall to buy a gift for her sissy……suddenly she collided with a boy and they both fall in ground…..the boy was hell angry bcuz of her only he fell in ground he stands..swara also stand and said sorry to the boy and was about to go from their boy start scolding swara…can’t u see??…r u blind ?…then swara said I said sorry na??…then y r u shouting,its was not my only fault urs also mr…..he said it was ur fault girl..saying dis he gone from there…and swara starts mumbling angry man?..Wat he think of himself khi ka laad governor hain kya?….next tym I ‘ll not leave him..and she gone from there…start searching a gift for her sissy then her eyes fell in a watch..which was so pretty…when she was about to take that watch someone ask the shopkeeper to pack dis watch..but a voice interrupted them..yup it was swara’s voice she said first I see dis watch..hey mr don’t dare to take dis watch it’s mine??……saying dis she said to shopkeeper Plzzz pack dis I want that….saying dis to shopkeeper then start scolding boy u r the one who collide with me na and didn’t said sorry…now also u want Wat I want …how dare u?…that shopkeeper said its only one peice mam and sir..who want dis??..plzz tell I ‘ll pack…that tym boy also said I want that..and they start arguing with eachother….that tym someone come there take the watch and Bill the payment and go from thier without thier notice because they were so much involved in thier fight that they didn’t notice..boy said to shopkeeper to pack dis but swara said i want that and first I see dis..boy said u only see dis not said anything..I said him to pack dear ??….then he take his card from his wallet and was about to give shopkeeper ..but shopkeeper said it was already sold when u both r arguing and swara didn’t said just leave angrily from there start cursing the boy……laad governor ??………then she went to her home by her scooty..when she enter in her home she saw her baba talking to someone..just she was about to go in her room..suddenly her baba ask her to come and when she came…her baba said to the man she is my elder daughter swara..then swara smile and take blessings from the man and said namaste??..the man said she is so sweet shekhar and God bless u beta…
And swara went to her room..where her sissy is smiling seeing her?..

She ask to ragini y r u smiling anything special?..her sissy node in yes..she ask what?..then her sister said my di is going to marry to sanskar maheshwari the top businessman..she said these line with a smile?..but swara said what nonsense?….u r joking na marriage and me..nope??..then a voice intruppted them and said yes swara beta u r going to marry ?…with my friend son..then swara said but mama I don’t want to marry soon and don’t wanna leave u trio??….but her mother said its final beta ur marriage is fixed in next month and I don’t want to hear anything saying dis she went from there and said come to hall with ragini m waiting…swara said Ohk I ‘ll talk to baba..saying this she came from her room wd ragini and sat in dinning table wd her family..then her father said swara I wanted to tell u something.i know baba Wat u want to say m ok..m not saying no for dis marriage but I want somtym…itni jldi nhi krni mujhe shadi…??…then her baba said u have one month beta…enjoy ur tym..swara didn’t said just node and start having her dinner with family bcuz she want her family happiness…the end….

Precap:-Swasan marriage?..

Well..it was my first try……..hope u all ‘ll lyk it…if not its Ohk and Thankz for reading my story guys..????…bubye everyone…meet u tomorrow ??…with a new chappy wd band baja barat?????……Thankz for jhelling me guys……..

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  1. Nice..waiting fr nxt part.update soon

    1. Thankz mahjabeen…i ‘ll update soon??

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  2. Thank u??…. I’ll update soon….??

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  3. Kritika

    Just a little suggestion..don’t take on heart…
    Plz try to write in dialogues as it is a little difficult to read in continue lines…
    Don’t take it in srsly..
    Sorry if I hurt u

    1. Thank u so much for the suggestion dear??….I ‘ll do dear…..no need to say sorry and m so happy Kritika u suggested me??…………

    2. Thank u so much Kritika for the comment and for suggestion also ??…I ‘ll do dear……

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  5. Hey its nice update soon by d way frm whr r u

    1. Hi thank u ??…m Delhite??…….m from Delhi….well……I ‘ll update soon??…….

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  6. nice…. continue soon..

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  7. Aashi

    it was nice! liked it

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    Awesome and amazing

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  9. Hey dear dont say sorry because we all do mistake and you writing First time so best of Luck dear Bit I just want to say dont make sanky cruel

    1. Thank u so much…m so happy that u all lyk my story and thank u for support dear….

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  11. Jwala

    superb fatima. loved it.. continue soon

    1. Thank u so much jwala ??…..and I ‘ll continue dear?….and I read ur ff and shots..they r just superb dear??

  12. Awesome Di…Loved it Di…Dont say sorry Di…As it is your first ff..I wish Best Of Luck for ur ff…
    Bye and I am sorry…I may be not a regular commenter….But will try to comment… Love u Di

    1. Thank u so much prakriti ??and also for support ?and also for wish??….it’s Ohk ??……..whenever u got tym u can comment dear???……….I ‘ll don’t mind??…..

    2. I love u too???

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    superb fatima 🙂

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    Awesome dear

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