Swasan arrange marriage by Fatima (part-17)


“Love is when you look into someone’s eyes
and see everything what you need.”

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“Will you marry me?” He asked

I stood there dumbfounded for 5mins after he again asked the same line with a smile while he was still on his knees waiting for my answer.

Today is the only day I’m getting this much shocks.I should write this date in my mind. What should I say now?

Think Swara think

Thinking about our cute pani puri scene and restaurant scene and the dance I smiled and I don’t know why but I nodded my head like a idiot and muttered I’ll.

Why the hell I nodded like a dumb fool? Oh god please help me.Why did I say yes? I should have said no and run away from here.

Ughhh….I’m really a dumb idiot,I should admit this.

As I was thinking about all this I felt his hand on my neck putting something.A current pass on my body because of his touch.Now what he is going to do?Suddenly my eyes fell on the plantinum chain which he worn on my neck.

It’s simple plantinum chain with a flower shaped locket was bounded with diamonds.

It’s look so elegant and I really loved it.I’m really impressed with his choices.His choices are so awesome I should admit this.

“Thank you Sanskar it’s so beautiful and I really liked it” I said while hugging him in excitement he also responded to my hug.After that he parted from me and he held my hand.

Why I’m getting so much attraction toward him and why did I hug him.Something is happening with me now a days.I should keep distance from him from now.

When I was busy in my thoughts I felt his hand wrap around my waist.I turned and see him smiling.

“Let’s go for dinner Swara” he said while giving his best smile.

“Oh! Ok but Sanskar I want to ask so many questions will you please answer to them? I asked looking in his eyes.

“I’ll answer of your each questions Swara but after dinner” he said while walking toward the table.

When we reached to the table he pulled a chair for me like a gentleman.

“Swara please have a seat” he said to softly while I don’t realise when we both settled down.Then I saw all my favourite foods on table.Like kadai paneer,Chicken biriyani,fruit salad,Chicken tikka and Roti.These all are my favourite dishes seeing them I started licking my lips like a hungry lion.

When he saw me doing like this he smiled and chucklesd I got really embarrassed because of my this action but What to do,I can’t help myself because I’m a big foodie who can never say no for food.

After that he stared serving food on our plates.
Today he is not behaving like that rude and arrogant types but giving me sweet gestures and that smile I really like when he smile.He is making me feel like a princess.

I’m so clumsy see now I’m using these cheesy cheesy lines…hahahaha crazy me.

Well How he got to know about me favourite dishes.I’ll boom all my questions soon Mr Kapoor just got ready for that thinking this I smirk.

“Swara why are you not eating, didn’t you like the food” he asked looking at my plate then me.

“Um.. Sanskar it’s not like that,by the way these all are my favourite food” I said while taking a small bite of roti with chicken peice.

“Oh! Well that’s awesome and you know what Swara we share a lot of things similar” he said chewing his biryani.

Really I don’t think we share Sanskar but I’m curious to know what we share but how to ask.

“Oh! That’s cool,well food is so delicious and I’m just in love and thank you for before I could I complete he intrupped Swara I’m glad that you like the food Swara and it’s all make by mom.No need to thank and wank because I’m your fiancé now so it’s all my right to make you happy.

After listening these sweet line I’m really got so much happy and my hearts jump like a Rubber ball.

Swara I wanted to say that even I didn’t knew about engagement and all but yeah this dinner date I have planned so did you like this he asked while rising his one eyebrow.

Oh! So he also doesn’t knew about our engagement I think it’s all planned by our parents.I should ask from them.But why they hide this about from us.They should told us because we are getting married not them.

“Um..Sanskar I’m really loved all these and specially by your guitar talent um..You are an amazing guitarist.The way you were playing was mind blowing Thank you for making me feel special thank you” I said and bowed my head and I heard his chuckle when I was saying this.

Why can’t he always be like this sweet and cute.I really like this shade of him.I’m really enjoying these moments.I hope time should stop there so I can make lot of memories with him.

See again I started my cheesy cheesy lines what if he hear these lines then he will think that I’m a mad girl or going to become mad.I should not think because I don’t want to make myself again embarrassed infront of him.

“Thank you so much Swara for the compliment” he said and came towards me and kissed my cheek lightly.I clutched my gown because a current of sensation passed from my body and my cheeks are burning because of his touch.I’m feeling like my cheeks are turning pinkish in colour.

Did he really kissed me.Oh god please make a wall between us because I’m really shy to face him now.Please someone give me a pillow so I can hide my blush face in that.Or I should run away from here.

Suddenly he wishpers something in my ear after listening that I got frozen like a statue.

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