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Hy guys i said i will start my ff but i was a little busy and for making up with you all im writing this os … And tommo for sure i will start my ff


Sanskaar sees Swa-Lak hugging eachother…he
misunderstands her & leaves from there without confronting her.
But laksh intentionally & forcefully hugged Swara tightly &
Swara pushed Laksh away & slapped him tight..u knw
what Laksh u r disgusting… Dont try to touch me okay ..
..Sanskaar gets drunk..& cms back home
Swara waiting fr Sanskaar in room..

Swara – Sa Sanskaar you came ..what have you done to yourself ?
you again drank ?
but why?
Sanskaar comes close to her… shhh…today
is a happy day…so i drank little…no no more than a little

Swara – but you shouldnt have drank sanskar
but in wich happines you drank
Sanskaar – Khushi…ummm yes Khushi ki hi
toh baat hai… ( he wz abt to fall bt Swara
helds him )
Swara – Sanskaar sambhaalo apne aap ko…
Sanskaar – Haan ab toh mujhe apne aap ko
khud hi sambhalna hai…Itz okay okay…leave
me I ll manage…he pushes Swara away…she
falls down..
Swara giving him WTH & confused looks
Sanskaar – oops sorry sorry…i said when im with you i will nothing let happen to you but today i let you fall… I’m
sorry..sorry.. he extends his hands to
her…she helds his hands & gets up…
Swara – what happened Sanskaar?
Sanskaar – what happened Swara? *blinks*
Swara – you arent happy..you lied that you drank in happines..par I’m
sure you arent happy…
Sanskaar – no no no…im very happy( speaks like talli )
Swara – but your eyes are saying something else
“intense eyelock*

Sanskaar – eyes? eyes right… With this eyes i saw… ( he remembers SwaLak hug )

Swara – what you saw Sanskaar?

Sanskaar claps…laughs ( in talli way ) I’m not sad… I’m happy…

Swara – Sanskaar what are you doing are you in you senses ?
Stops him from clapping… Cups his face…
He removes her hands away..

Sanskaar – i wasnt in my senses but now i am….I’m so happy Swara… So so happy for u & Lucky..
Swara wz stunned
Swara – what are you saying Sanskaar? What happened to you ?

Sanskaar comes close to her & keeps his finger on her rosy lips shhh…in happines you cant be so angry swara… Umm let me call Laksh..this is the day of swalak..
Swara looks at h wid teary eyes..

Sanskaar searches his phone… Wherz my phone… Where i have put it…
He finally found his phone & wz abt to dial Laksh
Bt Swara throws away his phone…
Sanskaar – what you did ?
Pins her to cupboard

Sanskaar – why did you throw my phone? *angry*
Swara – and what you were doing is right
Sanskaar – what did i do ?
Im just thinking about your happines ?you and Lucky love…*pause*
Swara – me and lucky what Sanskaar?
Sanskaar – if lucky comes close to you dont you feel anything ?
Swara – no
Sanskaar – jhoot… Ok se when im close to you dont you feel anything ?
He moves his face close to her’s…few inches difference between them…
Swara’s heart beating fast
Swara whispers no i donf feel anything..

He brushes his lips on her face… She closed her eyes…
Sanskaar – and now?
Swara – n n no…
He wz abt to capture her rosy red lips bt she turns… Her back facing him…
She wz blushing hard…
She felt sudden current over her body when his fingers brushes her bare back skin… He slowly loosens d dori of her blouse…
Sanskaar – now?
Swara nods in no…
Sanskaar – ummm when im close to you why will you feel something?
speaks in talli tone what a filmy dialoge was that… He was about to fal
Swara turns to face him… Sanskaar dhyan Se..
Sanskaar – umm dont worry i will handle myself & smiles… ( fake smile )
Who i am to you .. Im nothing to you swara…*teary eyes*
Swara looks at him wid teary eyes too…

Without thinking much Swara ran to him & hugged him passionately…
Sanskaar wz shocked at first.
Swara wz sobbing… Why are you doing this Sanskaar?
Why are there tears in your eyes? Why ? ..i dont know why but i cant see you like this sanskar

Sanskaar gets flashes of Swa-Lak hug.

He immediately pushes her away in anger…

Swara wid teary eyes looks at him San Sanskaar

Sanskaar claps wow Swara wow sometimes lucky and sometimes me ?
( speaks & behaves like talli )
He wz nt able to stand properly…

Swara goes towards him & catches his collar in anger…stop its enough Sanskaar..what are you trying to say say it clearly *angry tears*
Sanskaar – oh yes
…now i have to say it clearly…
*smirks* when you love laksh why you hugged me ? Today morning you were hugging laksh so plz go to him and hug him again..
Swara remembers dat hug & understood what Sanskaar meant..
Sanskaar- I’m Sanskaar Maheswari and i dont need your sympathy … Just go to your lover laksh..Swara slapped him tight…
Do you think about me like that ? .. Come to you senses sanskar .. This is not the sanskar for who i started feeling… Tears drop down from her eyes…
She breakdown crying…

Sanskaar nt in senses bt still he realized he uttered nonsense & hurted her.
He can’t see her in tears…
He bends down…
I’m sorry Swara…
Swara wz still crying… He gives his hanky to her… She throws it away in anger & continues crying…
He uses his own hands to wipe off her tears…
She stops him from doing so… *angry glare*
Sanskaar wz talli he had enough of her nakhras… He just can’t see single drop of tears in her eyes… He cups her face & starts kissing her every drop of tears…
Swara didn’t stopped him…she wz feeling dis moment…
His lips brushed her lips… She thought he ll kiss her lips…but he didn’t kissed her lips…
Sanskaar – you knew i cant see tears in you eyes
Swara wz nt crying nw she wz blushing infact..

Sanskar- you said you started feeling for me is that true ?
Swara nods in yes..she wz blushing hard… Her cheeks turned red.. She already had idea what’s coming her way…
Swara – im going now..
But when she turned to go he pulled her by her waist with his hand..due to which she bumped on his chest..her bare back..touching his front…
She could feel electric current shocks which wz flowing down her body..

He moved his hand under her dress & touched her belly & savoring its softness in his fingers.. He leaned down & kissed her hairs. She closed her eyes to feel d moment..Her skin wz burning under his touch.

He removed her hairs to one side of her shoulder & planted soft feather like kisses on her nape..
She wz breathing heavily wid each
passing moment.
He nuzzled more in her neck leaving the kisses through her neck.
Her knees were going weak.
She moaned his name Sanskaar…
He made her face him & looked at her
wid all love… She wz blushing hard & yet again she hugged him passionately… showing only he matters most to her nw..
Dis time he too hugged her back wid d same intensity.
Coming out of d hug..he found her eyes were Shut..
He kissed her eyelids making her open her eyes..
*intense eyelock*
Their eyes talking to eachother ‘You are mine..I will never ever let u go’
Single drop of tear drop down his cheeks… Bt it wz tear of love..
He leaned forward gazing at her lips…only few inches distance between their lips…She closed her… Within a moment he captured her rosy red lips.
He kissed her passionately holding her firm on her waist pulling her more
towards himself & she replied wid equal passion.
After few minutes they broke d kiss at d
lack of oxygen.
They were breathing heavily.
He looked at her wid all love.
She hugged him to hide her blush.

He made her look into his eyes. His eyes asked for permission & she silently nodded in yes blushing harder though..He picked her in his
arms looking deep into her eyes. *romantic eyelock*
He placed her on the bed gently. He wz admiring her innocence & beauty.
She waz nt able to handle his gaze on her like dat & wz blushing hard so she moved her face away from him.

He sits on bed making her meet his eyes..
“Sanskaar” she wishpered.
Swara – i dont want any misuderstanding between us and today what you saw wasnt what i looked like ..
He moved close towards her & made her quite by placing his finger on her lips.. He then moved closed to her ear &
whispered wid moist eyes “Shhh you dont have to say anything..infact i have to say something…I’m sorry…pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya tha aur main tumhe galat samjhne laga.. Sochta tha main tumhe aache se samjhta hoon par dekho nah aaj maine kya kardiya…aaj phir meri wajh se Tumhari aankho mein aansuon aa gaye…
Iske liye tum mujhe jo sazaa dogi mujhe manzoor hogi…
*intense eyelock*
Swara – punishment you will get for sure…
Sanskaar looked down…(just like innocent kid )
She pulled him from his hair & kissed his lips passionately..

While kissing his hand moved to her back & he fully opened d dori of her blouse.
She stopped kissing him.
Sanskaar – so you give punishment like that ? *smirked*
Her cheeks turned red as she blushed hard…she wz ignoring eye contact wid him.
He just couldn’t resist more & placed his lips on hers..kiss deepened as she too wz responding..
His one hand on d complete bare back & another hand on her waist..he wz caressing it…wid his thumb.. her skin seemed smooth like silk to him..

He again moved down to her waist & planted kisses on her belly loosing
himself in the softness of her skin & d aroma of her body.

He moved up planting kisses along wid her clevenge on top of her blouse & he slowly removed her blouse.
She in turn removed his shirt & there they lied wid their bare skins touching each other bodies.
He then placed his lips on her forehead..started kissing every part of her facs passionately.
He then switched off d lights & continued making love to her.
Soon room wz filled wid their moans & two became one which wz witnessed by moon.

Next morning : –

Swara’s face w glowing as she remembers last night.
She wz blushing hard when she came out from her room.
Laksh who wz passing by there noticed her blushing.
He approached to her.
Laksh – Swara…
Swara ignored him & continued moving ahead…but laksh held her wrist & pulled her towards him & then forcefully pinned her to wall..
Swara – ye kya Badtameezi hai Laksh…chodo mujhe.
Laksh – Swara you are looking very beautiful today and you were thinking about me right thats why you were blushing
Swara finally managed to push him away & slaps him tight… Why i will think about you ? Dont you understand i dont love u..
I was thinking about my husband sanskar.
She turns to leave bt he helds her wrist tightly again.
Laksh – Swara main bahut jald tumhe apni patni banunga…phir Tumhari maang mein mere naam ko Sindoor hoga…tumhare gale mere naam ka mangalsutra hoga..Aur tumhare haatho mere naam ki chudiyaan hongi.. ( he breaks her bangles…her hands starts bleeding..
Swara in anger wid teary eyes – Aisa Kabhi nahi hoga Laksh kabhi nahi…Laksh manhandles Swara – Aisa hi hoga Swara aisa hi hoga..Kyunki tum sirf meri ho..meri ho..

Sanskaar comes there & push Laksh away from Swara & punches Laksh on his face…
Sanskaar in anger – Dur se Laksh..Swara meri biwi hai…Tumhari himmat bhi kaise hui use harass karne ki?
Aaj k baad Swara ko harass karne ki ya usse chot pahuchane ki koshish bhi ki toh main bhul jaunga tu mera bhai hai.

Chalo Swara..Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand tightly & takes her inside room.

SwaSan room –
Sanskaar applies ointment on Swara’s hands… All this while Swara wz jst stairing Sanskaar wid love & respect.
He notices her teary eyes…he gives his hanky to her…
*intense eyelock*
Jisko duaaon mein maanga
Tu hai wahi rehnuma
Tere bina mushqil hai
Ek bhi kadam chalna
Bin tere kahaan hai manzil pyar ki
Aye mere humsafar ik zara intezaar
Sunn sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyaar ki

She keeps his heads on his chest & he wraps his arms around her.

So from tommo i will start my ff but for that i want to know wich type of story you want

-revenge to love
-fairy tale love story
-college love story
-hate to love
-reincarnation of true love

Credit to: An unknown swasan lover

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