SwaSan – Anokha Pyaar OS by Arohi:)

Hello guys I am the writer of ff SwaSan destiny works so I decide writing a OS it’s my first try its named




Swara Bhatt – a tradional girl who is a topper in the college and BFF of Ragini and loves her

Ragini Khanna – BFF of Swara and is glamorous

Sanskar Maheshwari – he is dude of college and has a best friend Rishab who he stays with

Laksh Chopra – he is a Casanova and has a crush on Ragini since school hood

Sanskar gang – kavya, Kavita,Rishab,Manik



A girl is entering she is looking stunning in a long red skirt kind of tradional with black shirt and red jacket like Kurti with open hair (she is Swara)

Swara – hey Ragini what’s up

Ragini – Swara come on

Ragini is glamorous so she is wearing blue jeans and red top with French braid

Ragini – well we will get late

Swara – come on

They both leave when Ragini clashes with s boy and he catches her by waist

Boy – are u okay beauty

Swara – Laksh sir please leave her

Yes he is Laksh

Laksh – I will but one condition

Swara – what

Laksh – call me lucky

Swara – lucky leave her Laksh leaves her and goes from there and Ragini comes to Swara

Ragini – boih he is hot

Swara – shut up and come on

Ragini and Swara moves towards class but Ragini went to bathroom and Swara moves ahead
Swara soon clashes with some not and her papers fly in air

Swara – sorry Sanskar sir

Swara lifts the paper her hair flows in air and Sanskar is mesmerized and Swara takes her paper and leaves

Sanskar monologue
OMG Sanskar such s beautiful girl you have never seen in your life for sure

Manik – bro bet time

Rishab – yeah I agree

Kavya – what will we give him?

Kavita – I know make Swara yours like make her fall for u but no crossing limits baby

Sanskar – ok kavi

Sanskar takes Kavita as friend where as Kavita loves him



Swasan are there

Sanskar – hi Swara

Swara – hello sir

Sanskar – don’t call me sir but call me sanky

Swara – ok Sanky

Sanskar – cool.. Now meet me after college near tree want to Rom Kolkata on bike

Swara – ok

Soon college ends and Swara goes to meet Sanskar


Near tree

Swara – sorry I am late

Sanskar – never mind come on sit

Swara – ok

Swara sits but doesn’t hold him tight Sanky gets disturbed and puts s sudden break and she falls on him putting a hug and Sanky feels unknown happiness and Swara hugs all the way and he drives to a private beach
After sometime they reach and Swara is sleeping and Sanskar admiring her

Sanskar – Swara get up

Swara wakes up and feels embarrassed – so…so…sorry

Sanskar – come on I have a surprise

Swasan walk up to beach and Swara Gets surprised seeing the beach like a picnic spot and hugs him

Swara – thanks Sanky for this

Sanskar – welcome ma’ am now can I gave a pleasure

Swara – sure

They reach water and play there and Swara Splashes water and he chased her suddenly Swara legs slips and Sanskar falls on her

Swara hair comes ahead and he tucks her hair back and leans towards her and she closes eyes. But suddenly Sanky comes in sense

Sanky – sorry Swara

Swara – it’s ok

Swara Sanskar enjoy and leaves for their home


Some days pass and eventually Sanskar falls for Swara and then love is in air but there is prom night where SwaSan decide to go with each other and Kavita plans to break their love story

Sanskar wears black suit and Swara wear black gown



Swasan enter and host announces a couple dance

Swasan dance on Sanam Re

Host – the winner is SwaSan pls come on stage

They recieve awards and Sanskar takes Swara to propose



It is decorated beautifully

Sanskar was about to say something when Kavita comes and hugs him

Kavita – I love Sanskar I know baby you had to do this but now u won the bet

Swara – bet??

Kavita – he doesn’t love you (she tells everything)

Swara – you betrayed me

Sanskar – stand there and listen and Kavita I know you.. You love my money not me

Kavita – listen pls

Sanskar – shut up and get lost

Kavita leaves from there and SwaSan are left behind

Sanskar – give me 5 mins plzz

Swara – ok

Sanskar – listen now



He takes a rose? and says this rose is no better than you.. You are a more better rose with pleasant smell

He takes a ring? and says Swara this diamond is way smaller than you

He then takes ? and says you smile is so cute and this chocolate make it cuter

Swara smiles and he kneels down and says


Swara is really happy and says yes and they hug

Sanskar without wasting time asks permission for kissing and she gives a +sign and he puts his on hers and sucks her lips and the kiss becomes passionate and hungry and they join foreheads

???THE END???


How was it guys????
Hope you all enjoyed it?

This was a normal story showing a message that love can happen anywhere anytime????

Comment for sure?

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