Swasan-my angel wife (Chapter 6)

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Swara’s POV
Life is unexpected and unpredictable ride of a roller coaster. Its tuesday and exactly a week back at this time i was in my office waiting for my boss to submit my work and he was irritating me and now a week later the scene is totally different here i am sitting complaining about my engagement dress and irritating every single person around me. I am getting married to the stranger i met less than a week ago. Well that guy is still a stranger whom i met twice. I cant say that i am not worried or scared but something in me is telling me that the decision is right.

It was the special day for Swara and Sanskar. The whole shopping was done by Swara and Laksh because Swara had already made it clear that all the decisions for the engagement would be made by her if they really wanted this relation then they could fulfil their wishes on wedding and spare her engagement. She was the one who decided everything from their colour theme to their dresses to the decorations and even the menu for the food. The day she first declared that she will be handling everything with Laksh, it came came as a shock to everyone and there they were all siting with their fingers crossed. They were expecting a lot of teasing and stress but to their surprise the senerio was total opposite they were handling the situation quite maturely. Swara was instructing him and he was noting down everything like an obedient child. Where everyone thought they’ll be fighting they were behaving like sisters yes i said sisters not brother and sister because Laksh was being all girly checking minute details of dresses giving a good research for the beautician so she can get the best and listening her every blabber and handling her tantrums. Everybody was admiring the bond they had always seen them both fighting and teasing each other but for the first time they saw the sweet side of their relationship.

Laksh use to be at ger back 24/7 always trying to support her and take care of everything. He was the only one with whom she was open about her worries and there he stood for all the solutions.

Even today when they received the engagement dress early morning she gound the fitting loose and here was her saviour who took her to the designer before beautician.

It was 8 in the morning and function was by 7 in the evening everybody except swara and laksh were asleep while the two were at the designer’s shop where they were supervising the alteration themselves and only when swara was satisfied they left the place to the parlour.

In the whole day it was only half hour he took break from her is when he went for changing to his own dress for the evening but when he was back he was pleased with the girl she looked like. He went towards her who was all dressed in grey and silver lehenga looking like a fairy from sky. he side hugged her and kissed her hair. “Thanks shona, because of you i got to know how it feels to be a brother” his eyes were twinkling and she too was almost teary eyed.

The time they reached the hall family was already there and even the guests which only included some close friends had started arriving and were waiting for the Maheshwaris. Laksh left her in the bridal room and came in the hall to attend the guest and this was the time ragini sneeked into the bridal room. The instant she entered her eyes fell on the mirror and the reflection of the girl in front of it. On seeing her swara got up from her place and turned while Ragini was still stunned at her place her baby sister was all grown up she had tears in her eyes. She just kept looking at her for a few moments and then hugged her tight.

“I’ll miss you shona. Always remember your di loves you the most” and ragini almost bursted into tears when swara separated herself from her.

“Di you are spoiling your makeup” swara exclaimed dramatically.

Ragini gave a small cuckle. “You still wont cry right”

Swara shook her head “Nop my make up took an hour i cant spoil it before people see me”

“People or Sanskar?” She hit her arm teasingly but she forgot the other side it was her ever so bold sister swara khana.

“Doesn’t he have a right for that?” She winked and ragini gave her ‘you are unbelievable’ look.

She was about to continue when heard a knock at the door.

“Damn noooooo” Ragini exclaimed in a low voice. “Laksh told us not to see you before he says and i know he’s out. Omg he is gonna be upset with me for this” Ragini was looking at door with a worried face. “I’ll just hide behind the curtain and dont you dare tell him I’m here” with this she jumped behind the curtains when again there was a knock.

“Yes?” And there entered Mishti.

“Maa” swara smiled widely and mishti just kept on looking at her when swara hugged her “i am here with you mom dont cry” and this made her cry even louder and it hurted swara she separated from her and wiped her tears.

“My baby is so grown up she is getting engaged and soon she’ll be a married woman”

“I love you mom”

“I love you too bacha” she again hugged her mom who by now was atleast not crying. Again they were disturbed by a knock and mishti back off instantly.

“I must be laksh he told us not to see you before he says he’ll so upset with me wait I’ll hide in the the washroom ok? Dont dare to tell him about me”

Again the knock and this was Mr Shekhr Khanna.

Shekhr came close to Swara and silently hugged her after a few minutes of a comfortable silence he moved back. His eyes were sad and happy at the same time.

“I can’t believe how quickly you have grown up. I miss that little swara in my arms” at this moment swara though being emotional was laughing inwards on the situation.

“Not again” she mumbled under her breath.

“Did you say something?” Shekhr give a question look to which Swara shook her head innocently.

“I’ll miss you my princess” he kissed her forehead. “ and I’ll always love you as that little doll of mine” and again the moment was disturbed by a knock (i hope you guys imagine it the way i do because i actually find this funny). “It must be laksh” he jumped as he said and now it was getting difficult for swara to control her laughter. To any girl it would have been a serious moment but in case of swara this action replay was making the whole thing quite funny. “He’ll be so upset that i didn’t do what he said. Ok I’ll hide behind the curtains” for a second Ragini’s breath hitched in her throat but shekher himself continued ” no i think my tummy will make me visible behind that. What about washroom” and this was mishti’s turn to get worried but again he answered himself “what if somebody needs to use wsshroom. No no i should just hide behind that sofa done don’t tell Laksh ok?” And swara just nodded. Again a knock and swara went to open the door.

“What is this swara? Ive been waiting for long what took you this much time?” Yes this time it was actually laksh.

He came a little bit more inside and then stopped for a while closed his eyes and smile.
Swara was again in front of her when he said “Shona tell dad to come out from back of the sofa” this time it was enough for swara she silently started laughing looking at the floor. Shekhr like an obedient child came out with a puppy face.

“Swara i know the entertainment isn’t over yet” he scanned the room again and smiled. “Mom out from the washroom” and here came mishti from the washroom surprising shekhr while the others were enjoying. “The drama isn’t still over guys. Ragini out from the curtains ” and now swara could not control anymore and she bursted into fits of laughter. While shekhr mishti were surprised “you too” and Ragini just held her ears smiling sheepishly.

“What did i told you guys?” Laksh stated in his most serious voice. While the three didn’t find anything they held their ears saying “sorry Laksh” and this was Laksh’s turn to laugh who was later accompanied by Swara. After calming himself a little he went towards the dressing table and came back. “You guys know why i told you not to come here because of this” he showed ragini her face in his phone’s front camera. She traced her finger on the tear mark on her face that had almost ruined her make up. ” you see what will people say” he dramatically cupped his own face and said “gosh have you seen Laksh’s wife face a week back she looked so beautiful and see now she looks like a witch. Poor Laksh he would better have married me us churiail se to khubsoorat hu (i am prettier than that witch)” Ragini fake glared him and hit his arm playfully.

” btw i already knew that you guys will be coming no one can ever expect this drama family to be less dramatic you see” and everyone glared him to which he held his ears.

“Sorry sorry sorry well i was expecting mum and dad too but….” he was interrupted by Mr and Mrs Sehgal who just dashed in but were horrified to see Laksh there. But this time all of them laughed at once.


The moment Swara entered the hall with an arm in her father’s everything in the background became silent in the darkness there was one spot light on this beauty decending from heaven and the other on her prince charming. In a blissful moment two pair of eyes entangled causing sparkles. The already silent hall was turning more peaceful. The eyes conveying love pleasure togetherness promises and a lot of unsaid emotions. But here the sweet eye lock was broken by Sujata who pinched Sanskar.

“Puri zindagi ha use ghoorne ko meri jaan abhi to chor do” sanskar just smiled at swara and looked away leaving a blushing swara. The bold swara everyone knew was blushing at his single sight, damn this man was surely something. Moving towards him she was still looking at him but this time surely not his face but his looks.

‘This man is just so hot and s*xy. Every girl is gonna drool over him gosh.’ She thought to herself. ‘But wait why will anybody look at him he is mine’ her possessive heart immediately snapped her back.

She was now standing by him and both were looking in the front. She was all calm smiling looking at the guests when a word strike her ears. “Beautiful” and her the bold Swara was back to a tomato princess. The man was doing something to her she was losing herself and to top of it she wasn’t stopping him because somewhere deep she was liking him.

And here was the time for engagement the couple was standing in the middle of the stage swara in her beautiful gown and sanskar in his tuxedos.

Ragini who was standing very close to the stage passed swara a flying kiss in reply to which she winked at his but when she looked in the front she found sanskar staring at her and then he winked. Again swara blushed.

“What are you trying to do in public stop embarrassing me?”

“Oh really but i thought you were doing the same weren’t you” he said teasing her to which she blushed again.

“Hahaha My miss bold shernie has turned into miss tomato” and just the word MY again made her blush.

“Dont do that you are testing my patience” and this time she looked upto him wide eyed who really looked pretty cute with that pout.

And then there was announcement for ring ceremony.

Both of them straightened on their own places. Rings were brought. Sanskar took the ring and held swara’s hand firmly. The contact was sending shivers in their bodies you see true love’s effect.

Sanskar sliped the ring in Swara’s hand while swara was jusg staring at him lovingly. The hall roared in applause. Then swara forwarded her hand and was about to take the ring when a male voice from the entrance


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