SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 6

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Let’s start :-
The scene starts with SwaSan tensed faces..
As they have no idea where is swara going to stay..
Sanskar was also quite worried as being a boss it’s his responsibility.. And after knowing tht she has no one here he got more tensed..
Both were just standing.. Thinking of something to get out of this..
Sanskar just then gets call..
Sanskar – hello maa
Sujata-haan hello sanskar plzzz beta come fast I’m down beside of ur building.. A lady is in Labour pain.. No one is ready to help come fast..
Sanskar hearing this rushes out..
Swara also goes behind him..
In the way sanskar tells swara the situation…

SwaSan reached there..
Swara went to the woman runningly and helped her to calm down..
Sujata was surprised seeing her.. And this made a gud impression of swara.. As their were many girls standing there.. But none of the came to her help..
But knowing it’s not a right situation she didn’t ask her anything..
Sanskar meanwhile called the ambulance..

After 10mins the ambulance reaches..
SwaSan helps the lady get into it..
Finally they make her reach the hospital with her husband..
SwaSan and Sujata were standing there..
Sujata smilingly went towards swara..
Sujata-beta what’s ur name?
Sanskar was quite surprised.. Firstly cause Sujata is a very big introvert…
And she never talks to stranger..
Swara – aunty I’m swara.. Swara bose..
Sujata smiles..
Sujata-beta what r u doing here?
Swara-umm.. Actually I came here as to get the work from sm industries.. Actually after trying a lottt of got my job here.. But..
And then she narrates all the situation…
Sujata feels sad as firstly there is no one of her in Mumbai then where is she gonna live..
Before sanskar could say anything..
Our little hero which is veer who was seeing all the things ran towards swara and hugged her..
Swara smiled and hugged him back..

Sanskar and Sujata were just standing confused..
Swara breaks the hug..
Swara-umm he is my nephew veer..
Just them veer turns..
Making Sujata and sanskar hell shocked..
Sujata-(teary eyes) LAKSH!
This was the only word came from her mouth..
Sanskar went towards Sujata and side hugs her.. Supporting his mom..
Sanskar-maa he is same like bhai na..
He says smiling with tears in his eyes..
Sujata-haan xerox copy of my LAKSH.. He was same like this in childhood..
Swaveer were just confused..
Sanskar-actually my elder brother was same like him in childhood…
Swara nods.. – where is he then?
Sujata- he is no more!!
Swara nods sadly..
Sujataand sanskar goes towards veer and caresses his hair..
Swara was just looking at them..
Sujata-swara where r his parents?
Veer-(innocently) they r with bhagwanji..
Sanskar and Sujata feels extremely bad..
They see swara..
Swara nods sadly..
At a moment of time when Sujata said LAKSH.. Swara felt shocked and was like omg.. But later shrugged off her thoughts.. Tht he might me some other LAKSH.. As there r many LAKSH.. And laksh never mentioned abt his family.. Sooo..

Swara takes her luggage..
Swara-aunty sir I will leave now! And I will join the office by tomorrow..
Sanskar and Sujata were confused and shocked as they got to know tht swara Does not have anyone to love in Mumbai..
Sanskar-mrs bose.. Wait..
Swaveer turns around..
Sanskar-umm.. Where will u go.. U said u have no one here.. So where r h going to go..
Swara-sir.. Umm don’t know.. I will live somewhere here.. It’s OK but p, z give me the home u promised as soon as possible..
Sanskar is suprised seeing his attitude..
Sujata gets angry..
Sujata- r u mad or what sanskar?! Other than stopping her u r asking her where is going to live..
Sanskar widens his eye in shocked..
Sujata-and listen swara.. Don’t need to show ur greatness.. And ur also big fool.. Where will u live.. Tht too u have ur nephew with u.. He is also very small..
Swara nods understandingly..
She holds her ears and makes a puppy face..
Veer sighs as he knew her trick.. Always swara would do this when she makes a mistake and everyone melts up..
Sujata relaxed and smiles..

Sanskar for a moment forgot everything.. And was just looking at swara.. She was really looking cute..
A wide smile spread his face…
Veer saw this and smiled mischievously….
Sujata-swara u and veer will live with us.. Till u get ur home from sanskar d company..
Swaveer nods..
Sanskar finally comes out of his dream world.. And nods..
Sanskar-hmm OK.. I will tell my driver to send u all home..
Mrs bose u take rest from tomorrow at work..
He says sternly..
Swara nods silently..
Sujata and veer chuckles seeing swara…
Sanskar goes back to his office..
Swaveer and Sujata gets into the car and reaches maheswari mansion..

Maheswari mansion:-
Finally the trio get downs…
Swaveer s mouth were hung down seeing it.. It was triple of their house…
Sujata sees this and smiles..
Sujata-swara veer r u both going to stand like this only.. Or planning to come inside..
Both gets little embarrassed but then nods..
Just when they enter the mansion they gets shocked..
Although swara had seen this house in magazines but in relation it was store lavish..
And the thing swara loved was being such a biillionare also Sujata and sanskar were down to earth!!
Now matter how much sanskar is arrogant.. But he has full humanity stored..
Just then they see rp sitting there..
He firstly gets confused seeing them..
Swara gets superrrr excited and rubs to rp..
Swara-uncle I mean.. Ur rp maheswari right.. Uff u know u were always my role model.. From a darjeeling s local boy u became such
A famous man..
Rp is suprised listening her talks..
Swara-even I’m from darjeeling..
Rp smiles..
Sujata comes there and narrates everything to him and y is swara here..
Rp smiles seeing swara s kiddish nature..
When rp saw veer he had the Sameee reaction..
After an hour so uttara came back..
Even she got mingled with swara easily..
And the most happiest person there was veer..
As after raglak s death.. No matter how much swara tried to act in forty of veer..
He knew tht his maasi would just act..
But today he saw his bubbly and fun loving maasi back!!
Uttara and Swaveer were really enjoying and had a gr8time..

#sorry guys I can’t write more.. Actually mum scolding as I’m phone since morning..pakka I will submit tommorow..promise!!
Bye take carw..

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