SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 4

Hey guys Samaira here thanks a lotttt for ur response on last part..
Let’s start:-
The scene starts with swara and veer getting happy as swara got a job in her dream company which is sm company!
Swara and veer r really happy..
And as usual they celebrate it by having chocolates..
Next day:-
It was a bright morning which was going to

change the lives of all the 3 swasanveer..
Swara ‘s room:-
Swara and veer r sleeping together..
Swara gets up and sees veer beside her.. She kisses his forehead.. And caresses his hair..
Swara-(thinks) ragu di and juju just pray tht I
could fulfill the place of urs in veer ‘s life..
Just then veer opens his eyes and sees his Maasi..
Seeing her happy he also smiles…
Swara- champ let’s go and get ready OK..

Veer nods.. Swara helps him bathing as he is
just 4..
After making veer ready swara also fresh nips..
They both go down..

Swara prepares simple breakfast of toast and omelet..
Veer also helps her..
They both were enjoying each other ‘s company.. First time after raglak death both were truly happy!
Just as they finish the call swara gets a call..
Swara- hello
Other side_hello is this ms swara bose..

Swara- yeah who is it?
Other side- this is the Manger calling from sm company I hope u got the letter tht ur selected today evening u have a Train to come to Mumbai..
Swara- OK thanku..

And the call ends..
Swara was having mixed emotions now.. No doubt she was very happy as she is going to join her dream company.. But she is going to leave her hometown her city where she spended her childhood.. Her home..
Veer saw this..
Veer- Maasi r u sad

Swara nodded in no..
Veer- mamma always say tht for getting g something we have to lose something.. And it’s for sometime only.. Just when we become rich we will come back here!
Swara smiled through tears.. Her angel is becoming so Intelligent day by day.. And consoling his Maasi..
Swara pick up Veer and twirls him around..

All the day swara and Veer were busy packing
their things..
Swara went to the owner and paid the bill.. But for the first time ever tht owner felt really bad as raglak and all were in this house since 15 yrzz..and let her keep money..
After meeting all her neighbors and close frnd..
Swara and Veer left to the station waiting for the train..
Swara and Veer were little sad from inside but for each other they were smiling..
Finally both sat in the train..

Swara sat near the window resting her head.. Veer was sitting leaning to her..
Swara was remembering all her moments since childhood.. Her di juju.. Everything..
Seriously life has no track.. Dosent know when ur happy life days changes…
Swara was caressing Veer ‘s hair..
Soon sleep took over both of them..

Precap- swasan face of!

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