SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 3

Hey guys I posted this story soon a ‘s a treat for u guys.. As u have gave me an amazing response love u all.. Keep commenting..
Let’s start:-
A leap of a month:-
A lot much changed in this month… Swara was back to her original form just for veer..
She was slowly slowly forgetting the grieve..
Swara and veer came more closer..

But problems too started arising in there lives.. As she had to pay rent for the house and all as they lived in a rented house.. Swara started doing part time jobs.. Veer was also growing up and was needed to join a school..
Sanskar ‘s side too everyday rp Sujata and uttara prayed tht they get veer.. As still they couldn’t find him.
# I think u guys now as swaveer lives in shimla and Sanskar and all in Mumbai..
Rp was forgiven.. By the family members but still not even a single day passes where he didn’t regret of his decision…he just wanted to pacify it and take care of his grand son which is veer..
No one in the family knows how does veer looks like..
Next morning:-
As usual we can see tht our queen swara bose and Mr veer laksh Maheshwari r talking to raglak..
Don’t get shocked they r talking to their pics..
Veer- mamma papa I’m being a gud boy and not troubling Maasi so don’t worry and just chill being there.. And pray for us OK..
Swara goes aww listening him.. Some tears form in her eyes as at this small age he is not having tears..

As veer turns around swara faster wipes her tears as our little champ hates tears in his Maasi ‘s eyes..
Veer smiles seeing him..
Swara- veer chalo let’s have breakfast..
Both sit and as their daily routine both play and eat with each other..
Sanskar ‘s side..
Our hero wake up and gets ready going down…
Just as he goes down Sujata uttara Rp and look at him with a hope as they r doing since a very long one month..
But ad usual Sanskar nods in no..

Indicating tht he still didn’t find anything abt veer..
Uttara senses the environment..
Uttara – uff Maa Bhayyu I’m feeling hell hungry whole zoo is running in my stomach..
Rp Sujata and Sanskar smiles..uttara takes them and all have their breakfast..
Swara ‘s side..
Just as swara and veer completes their breakfast there was knock at the door they get confused as no one comes at this time..

Swara gets shocked seeing Mr Gupta the owner of the house..
Swara gets fully nervous.. While veer holds swara ‘s hand tightly..
Mr Gupta directly enters the home..
Mr guota- swara bose this is the last time I’m telling u to pay the rent.. Get it u have to pay the fees of full one month..
Swara was interrupting..

Mr Gupta- stop I don’t want to hear ur any stupid excuse.. I was money in a week or just get out of my house get it..
Saying this he walks away..
Swara sits with thud and feels broken as she never
face this type of situation in her life my and how could she.. She was just 22!
Veer closes the door and comes there..
Veer- shonaa Maasi don’t worry.. Nothing will happen.. OK now let’s go to ur job or else u will get scolding.. (pouts) me too..
Swara smiles.. Seeing him and nods..

Both leave for swara ‘s job..
# today was Sunday so they both go.. To swara ‘s hotel swara works while veer just plays there during swara ‘s collage veer will be with the neighbors..
Swara and veer were just enjoying.. And Swara ‘s boss was a very kind man so she was lucky in this matter..

Night time:-

After having dinner swara washed the utensils and was just going to her room..
Just then tring tring.. Swara ‘s phone rang..
Swara went and picked it up which was a private number..
Hearing the talks of other side.. Swara sits with a thud!! Breaking a vase too..beer gearing this runningly comes from his room..he gets shocked seeing her..
Veer was literally on the verge of crying..
Swara seeing him gets up and holds veer and twirls him around!! As she was really veryyyy happy!!

Veer gets confused.. Seeing this..
Swara- veer u know I finally got my job in SM industries..
Veer gets happy for her kisses her cheek as this was swara ‘s dream job which was in Mumbai..!!

#to be continued next will surely be swasan meet

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