Swasan and raglak meeting part 8


Hello guys thnx for the comments
Swara and Ragini enter the room and get shocked seeing heir clothes.
They both say bikini.
Ragini says Swara let’s burn this we will wear that shalwar suit and jewellery I am gonna get ready for sanskar and when we get home I need to speak to u and sanskar.
Swara says ok di.
They go out and they boys take off Swara and ragini scarf Laksh holds the neck of the men and says how dare you touch my wife.
Ragini gets teary eyes and says Laksh I knew you would come to save me and Swara I love you.
The boys take Swara aside and were about to tear her clothes when sanskar held them and says how dare you touch my Swara I will kill you.
The 4 of them run and call the police.
The police comes and says thank you today we have catches these men thanks we will drop you off home and give some clothes for these sweet babies.
Laksh and Ragini smile.
Ragini holds the boy and says his name will be lakshman.
Laksh hold the girl and says her name will be rucha he says I love you my bache.
Swara and sanskar hug and say i love you to each other
Hello guys I know it’s quite short but I will update he next one quite long hopefully
Pls comment I need 6 comments love u muwahaaaa

Credit to: Rosie

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