Swasan and raglak meeting part 6


Hey guys today is the time for 2 twists
Precap Ragini enters the room
Ragini is sitting on the room while Laksh is happily waiting to go in.
Utara comes and says surprise bhai I need nek that to money only and a car and a credit card and a ……………
Laksh then interrupts and says yes meri ma I inderstand but for now let me go.
Utara laughs and says bhai I was pulling your leg.
Laksh embarrassingly says go pls.
Laksh enters the room and the song tu mohe mohe he dage plays
He goes to Ragini and slowly takes her earrings off and kisses her ears he takes her necklace off and kisses it then he takes her top off and kisses her whole back and sucks her b–bs then they make love.
when it’s morning Ragini faints on the stairs
Laksh shout Ragini nooooooooo!!!!
He picks her up and rushes her to the hospital while the family waits at the dining table for then then Durga prasad gets a call and drops the phone he says ragini Beti is in hospital she fainted on the stairs.
They all pray for her and the music jai krishna Bhagwan Karoon me arti Teri ….
The doctor comes out and says she is pregnent that to 4 months why has she had no checkups.
Laksh shockingly says we didn’t know.
He goes to ragini and both are happy about the child but worried about the families response.
Ragini says Laksh you say ok I’ll tell Swara and she will tell my family just then family comes in and listened to the whole convo they say we trusted you and what did you do after you made love we understand but what will we tell the society i….. And then Durga prasad suffers a heart attack and says I forgive you and then dies.
Anuprumna screams and says why did you leave me.
After 3 months anupurma comes and says ragini you should rest you got 3 weeks left and Laksh dad will be back and shout why did you let my daughter walk around.
Ragini gets teary eyed.
A Feb shows anupurma losing her memory and going a few months back she thinks Laksh and Ragini got married in 2015 when they actually got married in 2016 she thinks Durga prasad has gone out to a job meeting.
Ragini starts screaming and says maa not three but 5 months have passed and I’m in labour Ragini is taken to the hospital and she gives birth to a lovely girl and also a boy they all get shocked when they here she has had twins
They say ragini did you know she said yes but I didn’t want to reveal the surprise just then when they are going in the car someone people come and point guns and start shooting they kidnap ragini and her kids with Swara.
What do you think will happen also I need about 10 comments to continue otherwise I might not write i had a comment removed because someone said this is bullshit and u are a crap writer and I need comments from you lot to continue I love you muwhaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️??????????????????? good luck in life

Credit to: Rosie

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