SwaSan: Am I Yours (intro)


Hey guys do you remember me…

OK now I have holidays for some days…So thought to write a short story…

Here is the intro of it if you feel it good then I’ll continue it.

Swara Bose: A Young and strong lady. 28 years old. Single but still have feeling that someone is made for him. Loves her family cares for them.

Ragini Roy: Younger sister of Swara. Married to Laksh Roy. Love her sister a lot. Have twins.

Laksh Roy: Husband of Ragini. Loves her a lot and his two children. Leaves in Mumbai.

Sanskar Kapoor: A big Bollywood superstar. Girls are crazy for him. Married man. He had two children. Loves them. But still he is not complete.

Priya Kapoor: wife of sanskar. loves doing parties and chilling out with friends. this things sometimes annoy sanskar a lot.

Others characters will be introduced as the story proceed. 
Guyz how was the intro If u feel good then plz tell me. If I get good appreciation then I’ll continue it.

It will be a short and simple love story. Hope u will like it. Plz plz if u liked it then comment.

And now for the readers of “Don and his Roma” are waiting for the next update n I was busy so couldn’t update it.

Actually I thought to write but it was a long gap I need time to linkup the story. I’ll post soon don’t worry guyz..   And a big big sorry to you all. I know u all will not mind cz you all are so sweet.

Love you all and remember me in your prayers



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    1. IREENA

      tysm dear?

  1. awesome.. intresting update soon

    1. IREENA

      thanx I’ll try my best

  2. Scooby


    1. IREENA

      thank Navi

    1. IREENA

      thanx Shan?

  3. Tamanna

    Nice… Seems interesting

  4. Beautiful intro dear.. plzz continue..?

    1. IREENA

      thanx a lot Kakali?

  5. Mica

    uuhh don’t make swara as home wrecker please….
    luv it, awesome concept ty.. btw, i love the don and roma, but i can’t comment due expired date

    1. IREENA

      thanx Mica for the comment lets his the story will proceed. n I’m glad that u liked Don and his Roma too?

  6. Nice continue

  7. Arshaanya

    Hey Ireena loved it… i love ur story don and his roma… plz can u continue ur ff that’s how opposite attracts.. u only wrote 1chapie of dis story n i jus loved it… plz continue dat one plz

    1. IREENA

      thanx a lot for liking my stories dear. I’ll update Don and Roma soon. but about other I didn’t get much comments and the other thing is that I don’t enough time to write another ff. and this is a short story that’s why I’m writing it. I’ll definitely continue it when I’ll be free. once again thank a lot dear?

      1. Arshaanya

        Np bt plz continue aftr cmpltng ur other stories… n abt cmnt it got posted 2tymz under dfrnt headings dats y dere is less cmnts as it got dvded…thnx

  8. Different… Continue

    1. IREENA

      thanx a lot dear


    loved it dear… continue.. 🙂

    1. IREENA

      tysm dear???

  10. Aweeome concept..continue soon

    1. IREENA

      tysm Mahjabeen?

  11. nice continue……

    1. IREENA

      Thanx a lot mahesh?

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