hey guys it’s kuhura thank you for ur support!!! So here goes another chappie…..

Swara woke up early in the morning as she promised herself and her father.. With her usual routine she got ready and left for school….
first time in my life… I AM VERY NERVOUS!! I don’t know about test results but i don’t know why I am feeling something is fishy my sixth sense is strongly…. Saying me I don’t know why but my intuition about test are not that much good …
REALLY WELL UR INTUITION R USUALLY TRUE!!!….. My mind interfere making me more restless…
I often feel the way from school gate to classroom tooo long …I often feel it as the longest journey of my life with so many thoughts in my mind…
Her chain of thoughts were broken when she saw sanskar in front of her with laksh!! But wait what is he talking.. I guess he too came now because hee too had his bag with him but wait…
Is there anything missing?? I guess there is! But what?? Even laksh is missing something…
But they are laughing and talking about something…
There is nothing missing STOP THINKING AND STARING THEM…. IT’S RUDE.
my mind interuppted my thoughts and i let it go thinking that it’s not my matter and left for my class!!
As soon I entered.. I was startled I guess now I remembered what they missed…. How dumb you are swara they are gone if….
Pov ends..

Swara hurriedly left the place looking for them butthey were nowhere to be seen ….
After a lot of hard work she found them but she stops in midway.. “”whatif they had it?? I will become a fool for free!! More over he will tease me…. No… But how to inform them??
Swara found kavya and asked a little bit loudly to make them hear her.. “”kavya do you have ur spare dress?? Remember our punishment!! “”
Kavya ((bit irritated))… Y r u shouting?? I know and I had my dress now leave i have to mee cabir..
She left and Swara cursed her for her rude behavior where as sanskar was shocked as he remembered that he forgot ..
Laksh who was angry with swara previous behavior said she was too loud as if she intentionally wanted someone attention..
Sanskar corrected him saying she was trying to grab our attention so that she can make sure that we had…
Laksh cut him off and said u r over thinking as she don’t like him
Sanskar smiled and left to office to call home..

so dear students today we r going to study integration… Teacher informed
She asked cabir to get up and asked.. “u had 10 cakes what if someone took 2 from u ”
10 pieces as I won’t give””cabir replied back and chuckled while whole class started to laugh
Teacher was irritated but again asked… WHAT IF SOMEONE TOOK FORCIBLY?
his gang immediately replied 10 PIECES AND 1 DEAD BODY!!
whole class was laughing so hard making teacher more angry!!
I thought to make it easy but u guys are yoo much… If anyone here is stupid please stand up so that I don’t waste time on….
Before anyo could say anything.. Hoth Swasan simultaneously said…. MAM U R STANDING U PLS SIT!! ONLY U R STANDING!!!
reacher was shocked while whole class started laughing whereas swasan were embarrassed for speaking same thing at same time..
Teacher punished them for standing for whole period..amd announced she will distribute test results tomorrow….making swasan worried
Later principal came to their class and asked swasan raglak kavya kavita to come to their office… After scl Finish

After scl finishes all go to princi office ..
LAKSH –what is wrong I think he became old!! So he forgot that
SANSKAR –shut up lucky!! All r already frustrated by standing its been 15mins
KAVYA it’s all because of u topper
KAVITA ((jealous) she is not a topper get it
RAGINI why r u sayi like that
SWARA leave all this…. Just think about that dumb punishment anr that stupid principal
All were shocked at swara tone as shr always talk respectfully to all
SWARA.. sorry I know I was bit rude
SANSKAR –really a bit rude and wink
Swara thought Hate that wink….. Aaaaahhjhh y he always irritate me??
Suddenly princi came anf told them to follow which they silently agree..
All went to garden and princi told them…..

U have to plant 150 plants…. And water them whenever you complete u can go home..
Without listening anything he went making everyone shocked…
150 swara thought and gulped… But the very next moment she was shocked… And surprised
Sanskar was planting a money plant with utmost care….
I think sanskar enjoy gardening and smiled.. Laksh who heard her was looking at her her smile melt his heart…all his hate anded when he saw swara approaching sanskar for help..
What creature u r swata?? I am confused at one tym u hurt him on the very next moment u just heal him help him encourage him…. ….I am confused but one thing is clear there is something between u two!! Hope for the best laksh thought and went to help them

All were in pairs sanlak swarag kavitya…
Sanskar was stealimg glances of swara wheras swara was completely enjoying gardening…
Kavitya thought to harm swara and discussed…. With a evil smirk
Kavya –topper u go there! There are no flowers.. Plant them.. Ragini was about to join her but kavya asked for help saying kavita is in washroom..
The place was quite away.. And sanksar told swara to plant here and he will do it…
Sanskar left while swara keep staring him as he moved there…
There was school wall behind that placr.. Sudde swara noticed kavita behinf the wall with a brick in her hand…
Sanskar was exactly beneath her…. Planting.. Unknown to the danger at his head…

Kavita pov…
Finally today u r out of my way!! I suddenly hearf some noise and got to know swara was there on other side i climbed the wall but was unable to see her face i quickly grabbed a brick and tried to throw on her..
Buy balancing was creating a hurdle… Making it difficult.. But finally I managed to throw it on her!!!
I immediately heard a shout!!! Making me shocked….
Laksh and ragini were planting and were enjoying each other company wheras kavya was feeling alone and jealous!!
Laksh asked ragini about her boyfriend…
Ragini told him that his name is ranvir…. He is doimg 10….
Laksh was surprised and asked so that means he is younger than u….
No he isn’t actually he is older 3 months!!! Ragini replied smilingly
Then why he is 10 ??failed or anything else?? Laksh asked..
Before ragini vould reply all heard a shout making them numb!!!!

Precap –accident pain parents accusations!!!

So guys what u tho who shouted and why?? Was thqt accident serious?? Who accused whom??
By tata

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