hi everyone sorry for being late finally exam over….. Now I can update you easily….. So without further my bakbak… Let’s start and guys do read my other ff… SWARAGINI WHO WILL WIN LUST OR HATE…


swara was reallyexcited to know what his father has brought for her ayush opened his gift box excitedly..
AYUSH –((excited)) di i bet this time my gift will be better!!! Dad loves me ???
SWARa—(((raised her brow)) really??? Ayu u really think so dad loves you more WAKE UP KIDDO!!!
SHOMI ((smiled)) u both again started… Swara why u r teaaing him ….he is younger!! Anr one time will come when you both will be literally miss each other!!!
AYUSH((lightening the mood)) oh pls mumma!! I will cry now only if you will say like this.. I love you my shona di!! ?but dad loves me more!! And laughee
SWARA…we will see…! Every time you say Luke this only add results… I think up know better

Shekhar once brought gift for both ayu and shona… Shona told him that he didn’t study well and always play all the time shekhar being a caring and sometimes strict took hid gift and left without hearing ayu
Later ayu went to shekhar..
AYUSH((puppy eyes)) -dad u know what didi ate two pizza Alone without even asking me…. Now even if you will take my gift what will i do????
SHEKHAR :so you start studying!!!
AYUSH ((pissed off))… Dad it’s really too much its just the start of new session… And
SHEKHAR :so what u should start earlier to end better!!
Ayuah::::dad now it’s too much!! Even di don’t study she watch tv always
Shekar::so what its just new session no load!!! And it’s very hot i am going out!!
Shekahr left with ayuah jaw dropped he can’t believe how his fatrher always took his sister side.. Whem he said it’s new session he scolded him and same rule doesn’t apply to his sister

swara and shomi laughed whole heatedly remembering that incident
Ayush ignored hid words and opened his gift box excitedly but……..
To his shock!!!! It was…
A blank empty box with nothing in it…. How can dad do this to me!!! Wait what if di box is also empty…
Swara looked at empty box and start teasing him!!
Swqrq::ayu baby look how cute is ur gift!! Look how beautiful how big… I can’t see it with naked eyes
Now let me open mine!!! U just wait and watch..
Swara opened her gift… It was a beautiful diary in it with a note…

Shona my bacha papa loves you!! I know your habot of writing diary so like every year here is ur new diary for this year!!
And there was a beautiful watch with that and another note

Shona Time is precious!! Don’t waste it and doo wake up early in the morning… I hope tomorrow u will get by ur ow!!!n don’t forget to alarm on ur phone

Shona smiled at the note any teased ayush…. Swara was teasing ayu who went to his dad all frustrated!!!
Dad how can u do like this to me??? I mean an empty box!!
Shelgar was surprised and said no ayush!! Box is not empty wait i will show you ur gift!
Shekhar took the box and tjrow the box over ayush head!! Everyone laughed while ayuah screamed!!
It was fake lizards underlying the box with some glue!! Due to sudden force all fell on ayush!!
Not fare dad!! Ayuah almost shouted!!
Swara calmed him down and said ayu!! Baby this fake lizard is not ur gift! Dad wanted u to face these lizarda? We all know how much u r scared of lizards! He wants up to face amd overcome it ur overcoming over ur fears is ur gift
Ayah noded smilingly understanding his sister and saod sorry to dad… Shekhar smiled proudly wheras shomi was adoring her happy family!
But then dad should gify u a puppy WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH U R SCARED OF DOGS!!
aysh laughed wheras Swara was shocked

Swara was alone in her room she opened her diary and write

i onow i am late but may be my destiny doesn’t want to write bad about him… I don’t know he iis gud he is bad! All I can say he is inte esting he is sanssanskar!! He challenged me!! I misunderstood him!!
U know when I get to know the truth about prank i literally cursed myself how rude i was to him! How can i do that to him! I waa Di guilty
When he sung that song i was just lost it was magical!! His voice have some charm and somewhere i thought it was for me!!! Like seriously I don’t why! He was looking at me i don’t know why but that glance thqt stare was not uncomfortable!!
When I saw laksh and him talking i again got angry but later he apologized i already thought NOT AGAIN!! i already misunderstood him once so i finished the matter bur i said no to his friends offer
I don’t know may be i can’t trust him so soon! I don’tknow what is stored in mt life may be one day we become friends or maybe not we can either friends or stranges
Let time decide that but I am waiting for my future DON’T KNOW WHERE IT GONNA LEAD ME

Swara thought””u r different sanskar u changed my thought my opinion about u.. I don’t know about test results but… We may be friends!?? But not something soon amd its MAY BE

the party will alwaye hold specialist place in my life! Swara i can’t wait for being ur friend! I don’tknow ah ut result but one thing is clear i won’t let u leave batch at any cost
U changed my thoughts about life how easily u managed that proposal!! U was awesome? How cam someone be so sweet so gud so special
He smil and dozes off….


so guys who will win test?? What is punishment how kavya gonna take revenge? Will swara get to know hatred anr how will ahw react??
Keep thinking by TATA!!

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