The days between their engagement and their wedding went faster than any other time in either
of their lives. Apart from their work, both had so much to get done.
The wedding dress took longer to find than what they had anticipated. The dress became a gift
from her grandparents and Parvati refused to accept the simple ones Swara inevitably chose.
Finally on their third day of searching, they found a bridal boutique that was prepared to alter
one of their displayed gowns. As they entered the shop they spotted the dress on the mannequin.
It was ivory in colour, a mixture of silk and chiffon. The plain silk bodice was close fitting with

the full length of the silken sleeves ending in a peak on the back of her hands. The v shaped
neckline plunged discretely emphasizing her long and swanlike neck. The short skirt was also of
silk and clung to her shape, gathered up in the shape of two leaves. Beneath the skirt and falling
to the floor was another skirt of matching chiffon. The crinkled chiffon swished as she walked
encircling her ankles with each step. The pattern added inches to her height and revealed curves
Swara did not think she possessed.

She had already decided to have her dark hair encircled in a net of delicate yellow and white
roses, above which she was going to wear her grandmother’s veil. The sheer lace had made her
look almost angelic bringing back memories and tears to Parvati’s eyes. Now looking at the
complete outfit they all agreed that the veil complimented the dress perfectly.
Ragini too chose her outfit from the same shop in order to blend in with the bridal dress. This too
was a gift from Parvati. Of similar style but pastel lemon in colour, Ragini’s skirt was much
shorter, falling to just below her knees. It had the same double-skirted pattern, but the bodice was

of simple chiffon. Ragini was quite proud of the little bulge that was now visible and refused to
be persuaded by the shop assistants into buying a more concealing outfit. Parvati chose a baby
blue two- piece silk suit.
Having sorted out the wedding outfits, Swara went on alone to do the difficult part of her
shopping namely the ‘going away’ dress, and her wardrobe for Hayman Island. She found the
perfect outfit in a white floral chiffon dress that came with matching sandals and a large floppy
hat just five doors away from the bridal shop.
That evening however when she spoke to Sanskar, he sounded exhausted and Ragini sounded just
the same. No one was going to keep her away from work any longer and she landed up after the
rest of the staff had left for the day. Reverting to her old disguise, she put in five hours at work
before Sanskar found her, and forced her back home. But seeing how determined she was to go
through her workload, he agreed to let her to go in for a few hours until their wedding.
By the end of the fourth day all her shopping was complete and so she spent her days with Parvati.
During the afternoon she worked on the folders and in the evening she went over to the office but
the moments that brought her the greatest joy was when Sanskar would pick her up from work and
they would drive over to his place for coffee.
Swara thought that seeing Sanskar daily would lessen the butterflies she felt, but the moment she
set her eyes on him, they would return and her heart would beat away at an erratic pace. At the
end of each night he would leave with a simple little kiss, and every time Swara found herself wishing that the kiss would never end.

Ragini faithfully rang her during the day with the gossip from work. Everyone had accepted his
or her invitations. At first many thought it was some kind of a joke but when Sanskar had himself
confirmed his engagement, the acceptances began to arrive. “Swara, I think some of them are
going to drop dead this Sunday, and I can’t wait to see that happen.” Then she related Lisha’s
vicious remark ‘Well at least we know what the bride will wear, something old and something
gray, maybe borrowed from grandma’s days.”
For the first time, Swara realized how much Sanskar must have loved her. Even before her
makeover, he had been prepared to marry her, and more importantly face the world with her by
his side. He had accepted her as she was, stutter and all. ‘Sanskar, I will work on everything, I
promise. I will make sure that you will always be proud of me’ she told herself.
On Friday morning the last free day before the weekend, Swara went out and bought herself a
whole new wardrobe. She was going to be Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari and by jove she was going to
look it.

Sanskar in the meanwhile found himself thinking of Swara every moment that he was away from
her. He looked back on the past few days and realized if any one moment deserved to take the
credit for their love it was when his car broke down. That one small journey brought with it the
happiness he felt today. Thank God he told himself that the wedding was only a couple of days
away. It did not matter if they did not say a word to each other; his joy now was just to have her
by his side and in his view.

On Saturday afternoon Sanskar took a very nervous Swara with him to the airport. His parents were
arriving from Perth for the wedding and even thought Swara had spoken to them over the phone a
couple of times, meeting them in person unnerved her. And nothing Sanskar said could ease that
nervous feeling. Only when an hour later she stood enfolded in her mother-in-laws embrace did
she wonder at her foolishness. She should have trusted Sanskar’s words, for he knew his parents
well. They had already welcomed Swara into the family, sight unseen. Now she looked gratefully
at Sanskar’s mum as she heard a mother tell her son “she was worth waiting for, my son.”
They drove back to Sanskar’s penthouse happily chatting all the way. His parents were spending
the night there with their son. And the next day they were moving in with Parvati and Suraj. Parvati

and Suraj had insisted on having Sanskar’s parents with them until Sanskar and Swara returned from
their honeymoon.

After leaving their luggage, the four of them went straight to the rehearsal. There, Sanskar met
Greg and his children. That they adored Swara was an understatement. They accepted ‘the new
look’ Rizzy without a second look saying ‘but Swara was always beautiful’ and Sanskar wondered
if kids always saw the beauty within in a person, before they saw the packaging outside. Through
the rehearsal they stood by Swara. That they soon accepted Sanskar too, was also source of great
relief to him. With them Sanskar saw another side of Swara. The maternal side and he prayed with
every breath in his body that God would one day grace them with a child their own.
After the rehearsal, Sanskar, Swara and his parents drove over to the same Italian restaurant for
dinner. Suraj and Parvati drove in their own car. Ragini and Laksh joined them too. During the
meal, Swara learnt all about Sanskar’s childhood, his antics, and his relationship with his brother
and their family life. It turned out to be such an enjoyable meeting that when the clock struck
mid-night they forced themselves to return to the car. Sanskar first drove his parents home and then
took Swara to her grandparent’s place.
When they were once again alone in the car he said “I am going to be the envy of every person at
the wedding tomorrow. My parents already adore you”

“I hope I do make you very p proud of me t..tomorrow.”
“You did that a long time ago. Now each time I see you, you simply take my breath away.”
The look in his eyes confirmed his feeling. And this time instead of looking away, she returned
his look. This wonderful man had not only become her friend and her protector but also the love
of her life. Sanskar’s feelings were equally visible. Sitting beside her, for the first time in his life he
felt at peace with himself and with the world. His heart ached with the love he felt for the
woman by his side, the woman who had come to mean everything for him. He was going to
share the rest of his life with her and never again would he ever let her go. Her running had
ended; his searching had finished.
When he said goodbye that night, it was not Sanskar who bent down to kiss her, but it was Swara
who reached up to him. Taken aback, Sanskar hesitated for a second and then enveloped her in his
tight embrace. And this time, for the first time, they kissed as lovers and not once did Swara try to

break the spell that enveloped them.
Breathless they had finally parted. “Go in Swara, otherwise I won’t be able to drive away.”
Swara walked back to the house while Sanskar looked on until she had gone inside. Then he drove off. He
could not wait for his wedding day. This was their final parting. There would be no more
partings after tomorrow. That was a promise he made to himself.


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