Sanskar went over Swara’s note several times. At the end of which, he had come no closer to
knowing where she was. But the note did clarify one important point. She was no longer running
from him, rather, because of her love for him. ‘Swara, you should have spoken to me. You should
have had faith in me, instead of leaving like this’ Sanskar thought aloud.
Of course he would have liked to have children someday, but if for some reason destiny was not
going to Sanskar them their own child, then they could have looked at other options, adopting,
fostering, or just doing what she was already doing. As far as s*x went, he knew enough of Swara
to now know, that she was not frigid, only scared. He was prepared to give her all the time in the
world. Love was far more important to him. He knew with time everything else would fall into
Sanskar rang Ragini, only to find that she was just as anxious as him. She told him of the e-mail she
had received. There too, Swara had not revealed anything about her whereabouts.

“Ragini if you have got an e-mail, I might email her too?”
“Of course, but she won’t reply Sanskar. I have sent her five messages already asking her to
contact me, but she has not rung.” Ragini said
“If she is not speaking to you, then she most definitely will not contact me, but I feel I must at
least get my message across.” Sanskar spokes despondently
Ragini promised to ring back if there was any news. Sanskar informed her that he would stay on at
Swara’s for another hour or so and then would head back to work. After his conversation with
Ragini, Sanskar went to the car and returned with his laptop.
He clicked the inbox, and saw the copy of the letter she had emailed to him. Then he began
banging the keyboard.
My beautiful Swara,

I am sending this email in the hope that you will open and read this message. Hell, where are you
Swara? Please let me know that you are ok. I am sorry that things scared you last night. Ever
since last week, the only thing that I have wanted was to be with you, to love you, to marry you.
All that I see around me, are your blue eyes, all that I feel is your presence. Having known that, I
cannot just walk away. Nor will I let you do that either and force us both to live half an
Where children are concerned, I am asking you this – if I could not father a child would you have
left me for that? So what if we cannot have our own child, there are a millions of babies out
there, who need a home and loving parents. We can be that, together. And if, even that is not
possible we can do what you are already doing. We can be there for any child that needs us.
All I ask is for you to give me and our future together, a chance. Please don’t run from me. I
know now, I cannot live without you. I have always organised other people advertising for them,
this time I am doing it for myself. Swara I am advertising for love. Your love!
I am at your place. Ring me, or e-mail back. I need to know that you are ok

Yours in whatever form you want,
He pressed the send button. And then he waited. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes, He looked into
the history. The mail had been opened which meant she had read it. So why had she not
contacted him back?
He rang Ragini again. She too, was waiting for a response from Swara.
“I don’t understand this. Where can she have gone? Sanskar she must have left town. She could not
have gone to a hotel, because of the dogs. And she really does not know anyone else here
except …Oh hell, why did I not think of him before? Sanskar look hang in there, I am going to call
someone and ring you back.” Ragini was excited
“Who did you think of? Please, tell me, where do you think she is?” Sanskar implored
“Look Sanskar I am not even sure if my guess is correct, you see he is not in Swara’s good books at
the moment, so I may be totally wrong. Let me ring Suraj.” A click followed “Sanskar,…Sanskar are
you still there?” Ragini asked, but there was no reply.
At the sound of Suraj’s name, he momentarily lost his sanity. Sanskar hung up and dashed out of
the door. What a fool he had been. He should have guessed that. Once in the car he realised that
he should have asked Ragini about her comment that Suraj was no longer in her good books.
What had Suraj done? He dialed Ragini’s number as he drove. But her line remained busy.

Sanskar raced through the streets keeping just within the speed limits. Seven minutes later, Sanskar
was parked outside Suraj’s home. Swara’s car was not there. Somehow that too was
disappointing. He had thought his search had ended. Then he saw the dogs. They were Swara’s. If
the dogs were there, she had to be there too. He rang the buzzer.
“Yes?” a ladies voice came through
“I am here to see Swara.” Sanskar spoke nearing the microphone.
“Er . I am sorry but there is no Swara here.” The lady replied after a moment’s hesitation.
“And I suppose those dogs are not hers either!” Sanskar cut through. “Look I know she is here. If
she will not see me, I would like to see Suraj Galodia”

“Suraj is not here either.” Came the controlled reply.
“Hell, he is not. I can see his car. Look lady if you do not open the gate and let me speak to either
or both of them, I am going to climb over and come in. I don’t think Galodia would like his
neighbours to witness that, now would he?” Sanskar exploded

Seconds passed then he heard a click and the gate opened. He drove along the driveway,
stopping along the entrance. The door unlocked and Galodia stood at the entrance.
“Glad to know, you can be omnipresent.” Sanskar knew he was being sarcastic, but he no longer
“What do you want Sanskar?” Suraj was equally insulting.
“Look Suraj, I won’t play games, where is Swara?” Sanskar asked
“How would I know?” Suraj answered
“The fact that you have not even raised an eyebrow or shown any concern for her well-being,
just proves that you know where she is. Suraj, if she wants to stay here, I will not force her to
leave, but I need to know she is ok. Hell Suraj if she is on her own out there, anything can
happen to her.” Sanskar was almost pleading.

“Come in.” with that Suraj moved aside, his eyes never leaving Sanskar’s face.
Sanskar followed Suraj into the formal lounge, his eyes being drawn to the huge portrait of a little
girl. She was smiling at the lens, her brown hair blowing in the wind, and her cobalt blue eye,
shining with mischief. Suraj’s eyes followed his “My daughter.” he said
“No wonder you saw the likeness in Swara.” Sanskar replied. “Suraj, Swara is not your daughter. I
checked her bio-data. Swara is twenty-eight years; you said your daughter would be in her
“I know she is not. I have already told you, my daughter is dead.” Suraj replied
“If you already know that, then don’t play with Swara’s feelings. She is very vulnerable at the
moment.” Sanskar once again pleaded

“As you can see, Swara is not by my side, Sanskar. But if she ever turns to me for help, I will not
turn her away, not even for you.” Suraj clarified.
“Has she turned to you?” Sanskar asked, fearing the answer
Suraj was silent for a few moments, and then he said, “Sanskar, if you were in my shoes, would
you answer that question?”
“I know she is here Suraj, as are her dogs. Hell Suraj, I refuse to lash out at you, but I am damn
close to losing my control. I know Swara is in love with me, just as I know I am with her. I will
not let her run from me or ruin things for us. Now I am going upstairs, I am going to find her and
I am going to take her home with me. And there is nothing you can do to stop that.” Sanskar began
walking to the door.

“No, but I can” the voice was the same as that of the lady on the intercom.
Sanskar looked at the woman who had entered. Graceful, elegant and immaculate, were the words
that came to his mind. But what made her stand out, were her eyes. They were the same eyes,
those unusual cobalt blue eyes. Sanskar looked at Suraj. Suraj looked at his wife and said
“You had already seen him at the restaurant, now let me introduce you to Sanskar Maheshwari.”
Then looking at Sanskar he said, “This is my wife, Parvati”
“Your wife?” Sanskar looked from one to the other “I am sorry, I seem to have misunderstood”.
Quickly recovering from the shock, he looked at Parvati, extended his hand and said, “I am very
glad to meet you, so very glad.”
“I am sure you are. And a bit relieved if my guess is right?” she said, smiling back. Then looking
at Suraj, she gave him a wink.
“Why didn’t you tell me Suraj?” Sanskar asked
“What and miss out on the most fun I have had in many years. No way in hell, mate.”
Suraj was almost laughing.
“And Swara, has she been part of the ‘game’ as well.” Sanskar felt an utter fool
It was Parvati that answered. “Sanskar, don’t be upset. So much has happened in this past week and
both of us, Suraj and I, are still reeling from the shock of it all. You don’t know the half of it yet.
There is so much to tell you but we will let Swara do that.”
“And where is she?” Sanskar asked

Just then they heard the footsteps coming down the stairwell.
“Darling we are in the lounge.” Suraj shouted. Sanskar looked at Parvati to see her reaction to the
endearing term. She seemed very comfortable with it. This is strange, he thought
“I am ready to leave. I’ll ring you once I have seen Gra..” and Swara stopped dead in her tracks at
the entrance. If she was surprised to see Sanskar there, he was even more surprised at seeing her.
There was not a sign of the old Swara in the woman who stood in front of him. He knew he had
fallen in love with her already, but now she simply took his breath away. Suraj too was stunned
to see the new Swara. Parvati on the other hand was happy to see the reaction of both men.
Neither had taken a breath in over a minute. Sanskar gaped at Swara. Her hair had been brushed
loose and hung in gentle curls about her shoulder. That much he remembered from the night he
had spent holding her. But the rest, the rest was nothing like he remembered. She stood taller in
her stiletto heels. The white georgette dress gently clung to her now visible curves. The pink
flower in the material emphasised the blueness of her eyes. And those eyes! They appeared even
larger outlined by the dark eyeliner. Her lipstick matched the colour of the flowers in her dress.
Her, slim ankles were enclosed by the straps of her white stilettos. Sanskar’s eyes where then
drawn back to her eyes. Was this Swara? His Swara. It just could not be!

Sanskar had always looked handsome, and he did that now too. But he had never looked at her that
way before. As soon as she had read the e-mail, she had realised the great wrong she had done.
She had found a man who so many women dreamed about. And more importantly found a
person who loved her just as she was, with her stutter, her plainness, her awkwardness and she
had thrown away her chance at happiness because of her insecurity and fear. It had been a
unanimous decision that she should contact Sanskar immediately, but it had been her own idea to
dress up as she had. She was going to surprise him. It was going to be her gift to him; for all that
he had done for her. This was her mother’s dress, her mother’s bag, and Parvati’s make up. And
together they had created a new Swara. A Swara, who felt proud to walk beside Sanskar,

She had planned all that she would say, but now standing in front of him, she could not speak.
She could not even breathe. She knew Sanskar was feeling the same way too, for he had not spoken
a word either.

“Sanskar my boy, I was never looking for a daughter in Swara, because, I knew almost from our
first meeting that I was looking at my grand- daughter.” Then seeing Sanskar’s shocked face, Suraj
continued “Sanskar Maheshwari let me introduce you to Swara Galodia-Bose”
“When did you know?” were the first words that Sanskar addressed to Swara.
“This morn .ning, as soon as I saw my mother’s ph..photograph upstairs.” Her stutter, revealed her nervousness.
“You knew nothing until then?” Sanskar questioned further, but this time he was gentler.
Swara merely shook her head from side to side, afraid to speak in stutters again. Her eyes
glistened with unshed tears. So Sanskar thought she had planned this. That she had played some
sort of game with him.
“Sanskar, Swara was as much an innocent player as you were. Suraj wanted to find out your true
feelings for each other and more importantly force you both to reveal it to yourselves. The only
ones who knew anything were Suraj, Ragini, Roger and I.”
“Ragini knew?” Swara and Sanskar said simultaneously

“No wonder she suspected you might be at Suraj’s place.” Sanskar continued, then looking at Suraj
he said, “I should be wild with you, but I find I am actually grateful. We both might have missed
finding each other without are very own cupids.”
“I am glad you feel that way. Now these cupids need some time to themselves too. We have had
as much to deal with as you both. It isn’t every day that you rediscover your marriage and your
grandchild, all in the one week. So, off with you both.” Suraj grinned as he spoke.
“Sanskar, at the start, I said, I won’t let you take Trizella away from here. That was not entirely
true. What I meant was, it is our dearest wish that you both marry in this home and that you take
her away from here as your bride. We would like to do what we should have done for our own
daughter.” Parvati asked

Sanskar looked at Swara then said, “That is not a problem at all, but I not risking her running away
again. I am going to organise things so that the wedding can be at the very first date possible. It
could be next week, will you be able to manage that?” he asked Parvati in return. Swara stood
silently, noting that Sanskar had moved to her side when he used the words ‘run away again’, then
she looked at him and knew she would never do that now. The Galodias were going to quit
running forever. Then she looked at Parvati’s face. ‘Besides’ she thought ‘how can I take away the
pleasure of organising the wedding from Grandee’.
Instead of being dismayed at the thought of a wedding in a week’s time, Parvati had a sudden burst
of enthusiasm pumped into her. Finally she was going to farewell a bride from this home. She
had lost hopes of ever seeing that happen.

“A week! My dear Sanskar, if you had asked it of me, I could have had things ready in three days.
But a week’s fine. We need that time with Swara.”
Swara kissed each of their cheeks. Sanskar kissed Parvati’s cheek and shook hands with Suraj.
Suddenly Suraj gave him a hug “I knew I always liked you for a reason. I know you’ll take care of her. If anyone loves her more than us, it is you.”

If Sanskar was embarrassed by the hug and the kind words he did not show it. But he did smile to
himself at the thought that he had once considered Suraj as a rival. Communication! That is the
key to avoiding all confusion. He was going to make sure Swara always knew how he felt and
what he thought from now on.
Then together they walked out into the driveway.
“My car or yours?” Swara asked, knowing what the answer would be

“Definitely mine – you will need to invest in a bigger car if you intend to drive me around.”
They both laughed……

Credit to: JANPA

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