!! SwaSan – Addicted To Love !! { Episode-3}

!! SwaSan – Addicted To Love !!

******* Episode -3 *******

As soon as a black Mercedes stops near a huge lavish mansion …. The bodyguard who were standing around the mansion bows there head in the way of greeting

A man holding some files in his hand… Runs towards the car and opens the door…

” Good morning Sanskar Sir ”

【Yes it is our hero Sanskar.】

Sanskar just nodes his head in reply and steps out of the car….

The bodyguards and the man scans sanskar from top to toe with widen eyes … As sanskar’s hairs looked messy ..He wasn’t wearing a coat and his shirt was torn in some places

They were just shocked to see condition of their boss … their boss who was a man of rules and cleanliness… Was now looking opposite to it for them …Bt lil did they know the reason his condition… His vacation in jungle ?

Sanskar : Wat happen

He raises his eyebrows questioning the man …As he caught them staring at him with their eyes open

Man: (comes to sense) Ahem! Nothing … I mean sir these r some imp files of today’s meeting…So..

Sanskar:(cuts off) will check it afterwards John

He replied and made his way to the mansion….

The inside mansion is so breath taking beautiful….. the tallest ceiling ever, Lovely crown molding, a table in the center, two flights of spiral staircases going up to the second floor, the floor is ceramic tile. Bt he alone lived there… No one is there to love him and no one is there to whom he can love

He busily checked mails on his phone as he ascended the stairs for his bedroom.


Sanskar’s Room

It is a large and dark room… Having a king size bed .. well appointed

He throws his phone on his bed and goes to the washroom…

After sometime…

He was all ready … Dressed in
a neat and pressed business black suit …. Wearing a white shirt inside with a red tie.. he looked smart , hot , attractive , gorgeous and wat not ??

He looked at the mirror before leaving the room….

” johan let’s leave ” Sanskar said as he descended the stairs

Johan nodes…. Both leaves from there


” Hello My gadodia family” swara shouts standing in front of a huge and a beautiful mansion …

As soon as she shouts.. the bodyguards who were looking more like rowdies … Rushes towards the gate

” Welcome back swara didi”they shouts dancing like a mad

Swara laughs at their monkey moves

Just then a voice comes there..

” Wow my daughter is back ”

Swara smiles runs inside the mansion …. Where a man dressed in a white shirt and pant.. standing with a smile

” Papa ” she shouts in happiness and hugs him..

[ It is shekar…. he is a politician ]

Shekar : (smiles) how r u my doll .. and how was ur vacation …
Swara:(break the hug) it was awesome dad..bt i missed u, mumma and ragini so much ?

Shekar : i missed u too doll.. (kissed her forehead)

” Not only he me also missed u ” Sumi comes there

“Mumma” swara hug her

Sumi :(breaks the hug) How r u Shona
Swara: I’m not fine mumma ?
Sumi : ? what happen shona…is anything wrong
Swara: Haan wo actually I didn’t had my fav ice cream from 1long day ?
Sumi :u made me scared ..pagal ( hits her head)
Swara: ouch mumma ( wipes her head)
Sumi: enough Haa now go and get fresh …

Swara : okay ..

She kisses both shekar and Sumi on their cheeks And runs towards her room… While they lauhs at her antics


Swara’s Room

She enters the room and finds ragini sleeping on her bed …

She smiles and jumps on her

Swara: Raguuuuuu jiiii…. Uthiyeee

She shouts near her ears

” Ahhh” she gets scared and gets up immediately… And looks at swara in horrible … While swara laughs at her …

Ragini: ? my gawwdd shona I will kill u…
Swara: ? so bad ur sis came after ages and look at u.. u started scolding her from now itself
Ragini : oh God… U started again… U will never change ? … Chalo I’m sorry… How r u ..
Swara: I’m super duper fine..bt lemme know one thing wat r u doing in my room..
Ragini : arrey I was waiting for u to come ..bt u lazy girl kitna time laga dia ane keliye huh!
Swara: woh actually ( she stops as she remembers Sanskar) argghh! Leave all this … I want to fresh up ..

She runs towards washroom

Ragini : isse kya hua (wat happen to her )

After sometime …

Swara comes out dressed in a white crop top and a black skinny jeans .. she was looking extremely spellblinded…

Swara:(to ragini) come let’s go down …
Ragini: (checking some flies) u go…I will come in a min .. have to
check some imp flies
Swara: okay

Swara leaves from there

” Laksh” she shouts in happiness as her eyes falls on laksh who was sitting beside shekar

Laksh hears her voice and looks at her with a smile

Shekar : lo ur frnd came … (Smiles) tum dono gupe shupe ladao … I have to leave for an important meeting

Swalak nodes with a smiles… Shekar leaves from there

Swara:(keeps her hands on his shoulder) so Mr laksh did u missed me ?
Laksh : missed u like hell …

He pulls her by her waist and caresses her cheeks … Swara blushes

Swara: I Love you baby
Laksh : I Love you too sweetheart

They hugs each other happily … While a pair of eyes filled with tears was looking at them

Bt there were more 2pairs of eyes which was shining in happiness looking at them …

” Tho Wat do u guys think abt getting married ”

This voice made swalak to come to their sense…. They immediately breaks the hug and looks at the direction of voice …

Swara:(embarrassed) mumma papa u here…
Shekar : (smiles) yes we ..
Swara: bt u had a imp meeting na.. then ….
Shekar:(interrupts) this is only my imp meeting my Shona …to know wat going in my daughters life.. ( smiles)
Sumi: (smiles) yes! And we r happy abt ur choice … Laksh makes a perfect match for u Shona
( kuch bhi ?)

Laksh blushes …

Shekar : there is good news for both u …
Swalak:(confused) wat
Shekar : Mr and Mrs Sharma pls come in …

Mr and Mrs Sharma comes inside … Shekar and Sumi greets them

Laksh : ( confused ) mom and dad u both here ?

Sumi : ( smiles) actually laksh me and shekar already came to know tat u and swara loves each other so..we called up ur parents to talk abt marriage
Swalak : ( confused & shocked) marriage … Who’s marriage…

Mr Sharma: ofcurz urs and swara’s
Swara:(happy) wat really ..
Shekar: yes Shona …r u happy

Swara : ( hugs him ) I’m Soo happy papa …I love u Soo much
Shekar : love u too Shona .. ( to laksh who was lost in deep thoughts) r u Happy laksh
Laksh :(smiles) yes ofcurz uncle .. I’m happy

” shekar ” a pandit ji comes there

Shekar and Sumi looks at him…

Sumi : aye pandit ji ……

Pandit ji comes inside … Shekar and soumi takes blessings….

Shekar : have a seat pandit ji

Pandit ji nodes and sits… While all others also takes their seat

Swara: (confused) mumma papa wat pandit ji doing here
Sumi: Shona he has came to match ur kundalis
Swara: oh accha

Pandit ji : give me the natal charts

Shekar nodes and hand overs him the natal charts… Pandit ji started chanting mantras looking at them

Pandit ji : they both r perfect for each other …. They can live happy life…bt…
Shekar : bt wat pandit ji ?
Pandit ji: their marriage shld happen within two days
Laksh : ( shocked ) 2days … y So soon …
Sumi : haa pandit ji… with in two days how …I mean how can we arrange all the function like mehendi haldi and all.. it is impossible

Pandit ji : beta according to ur daughter’s natal chart … Next two days r only best for their marriage … And abt other functions and all … It’s not needed… U just get them engaged and then married ….. Or else ur daughter’s happiness will never last for long ..

Shekar and Sumi looks on shocked…

Swara:(happy) mumma papa pandit ji ryt

Shekar: ( nodes) pandit ji … My shona’s marriage will happen within 2days itself ..

Sumi : haa pandit ji nothing is more than our daughter’s Happiness

Sumi caresses swara’s face…. Swara smlies brightly

Mrs Sharma : u r rgt Mrs gadodia … Laksh and swara …go and take pandit ji’s blessings beta

Swalak nodes and takes the blessings

Pandit ji: stay happy … ( To shekar) okay sheksr now I have to take leave from here

Shekar nodes with smiles… Pandit ji leaves from there…

Swara:(excitedly) mumma papa…I love u both chooo much….

She hugs shemish in happiness…

Just then ragini comes there

Ragini:(smiles) areey wah ! Shona u r looking so happy today
Sumi: nice u came ragu …. There is wonderful news for u .
Ragini 🙁 excitedly) wow wat tats ?
Sumi: ur sis is getting married soon… Not soon very soon within 2days
Ragini : (shocked ) OMG ?.. Shona is getting married .. how’s the Lucky boy …
Swara:(blushes) it’s laksh
Ragini 🙁 shocked)oh gawddd laksh really ….

She looks at laksh… laksh nodes with a smile

Shekar: haan baba laksh
Ragini : I’m soooo happy … I’m Soo happy

She hugs both swalak

Ragini: bt y Soo soon ..
Swara: actually pandit ji.. chai leave it… it’s a long story will explain u later
Ragini : okay


Precap : engagement and marriage


I know this epi wasn’t good bt lil bit family drama needed na ?

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