!! SwaSan – Addicted To Love !! { Episode-1}

!! SwaSan – Addicted To Love !!

********* Episode – 1 ***********

A girl dressed in a crop top and a skinny jeans was standing on the balcony … Talking on the phone

°°°On phone°°°

Girl-mom mom mom….. Don’t worry na… I will be there as soon as possible…. now if ur questioning section is over can I keep the phone I’m getting late for bus…

Maa- okay okay baba take care…

Girl:(smiles) bubye Mom love u and see u soon

She hangs up the call and walks inside the room ….

Girl : (smiles) bubye Manali

She takes her suit case which was kept on the bed and was abt to leave from there …bt just then her eyes falls on a bracelet which falls from the bed

She looks at the barcelet and gets lost in a deep thoughts

°°°°°° Flashback °°°°°°

A 10year old girl was sitting on the bench near a tree…. She looked worried as her eyes fixed on her watch like she was waiting for someone to come there

Just then a 12 year old boy comes there huffing and puffing …. She looks at the boy in mixed emotions of shocked + worried …

Girl : (worried) ? sanky ..r u fine ?

[ The boy is our sanky baby?]

Sanky wasn’t able to reply her … He was sweating profusely and was shivering a lot … Bt some how he managed to reply her

Sanky:(cries) shona .. … my dad…. is no more.. some peoples killed my dad Shona he is no more… and those peoples also kidnapped my sister … She is missing … We searched her everywhere bt falied to find her ..

{ girl is our Shona baby ?}

Shona’s eyes filled with tears seeing his frnd’s miserable condition

Shona:(tears) Sanky pls don’t cry … Tats y u didn’t came to school from past one week na.. bt see how angry I was on u without knowing the main reason I’m sorry sanky .. I’m sorry …

Sanky: don’t cry Shona plz don’t cry … I don’t want to see tears in ur eyes

Sanky wipes her eyes and makes her wear a bracelet

Shona:(shocked) sanky….. This is ur bracelet na… Y r u giving this to me

Sanky:(teary eyes) actually mom doesn’t wants to stay here .. tats y she is taking me with her far away from this place coz this place snatched everything from us na ….and this bracelet is for u .. so tat u don’t forget me

Shona looks on shocked …. Tears flowed from her eyes … Sanky was her bestie for life … How can she live without him … Without his company ..

Shona: sanky plz don’t leave me Yar
Sanky : sorry I have to leave

He wipes his tears and leaves from there … Whereas she stands there in teary eyes

°°°°°° Flashback ends °°°°°°

The girl takes the barcelet

Girl : ur frnd SWARA Misses u sanky

{The girl is our swara}

Swara smiles keeping the bracelet in her suit case … She leaves from there


” Shit!! Suresh How can u be so irresponsible can’t u check the car before leaving ” said a man hitting his hand against the car

Suresh: SANSKAR Sir I’m really sorry…. Plz forgive me

{ Yes he is Sanskar}

Sanskar : ?sorry sai Kya hoga … Don’t u Know tat 2mro there is a imp meeting of mine and I have to reach home by today .. moreover there is not a single repair shop over here… Now tell me wat shld I do!!!!

Suresh : (scared +fumbles) actually sir…… The…Re …Is a….Bus ..Sta…and … If u …..

He gulps and leaves his words incomplete … As sanskar glares at him …

Sanskar : okay fine I’m going by bus and u …. U..stay her…. Get the car repaired then only can come back got it..

Suresh nodes … Sanskar leaves from there


°°° Bus stop °°°

Keeping in-ear headphones in her ears … Swara was listening to her fav song with her closed eyes and lost mind

Just then sanskar comes there…. And stands lil far away from swara

he gets busy in checking some mails on his phone ….

Whereas a 2pairs of eyes were looking at swara lustly

Boy: (lustly) oh God man she so hot…
Boy 2 : ?she is rich as well… Look at her watch…chain … Earings it’s all very costly man
Boy:ahhh ! Today is our lucky day man ?
Boy2: now don’t waste time … We will rape her first and will take all her Jewelleries
Boy: we shld kill her as well..
Boy2:(laughs) haha okay okay come let’s go

Sanskar who was standing a lil nearby them… Over hears their conversation and looks at swara who was still listening to the songs

Sanskar – (murmurs) These guys r planning to ruin her and look at her … Wah… Wat a girl she is …

The changu and mangu ?? walks towards swara … Pulls her towards them …

Swara’s phone falls down in her bag and she opens her eyes and looks at those peeps in anger

Swara:?(shouts) why the hell did u pulled me huh!
Changu: (ignores her words) oh baby ur hands r soft …

He touches her hand lustly … Swara looks on shock

Mangu: and look at her earrings and tat chain …. I just want tat??

Swara:(scared) Lea..ve me.. or else … Haa or else i will put both of u behind the bars

Changu and mangu laughs … Whereas Sanskar was irked by all this ..

Changu:(mimicks) I will put both of u behind the bar
Mangu: lol baby before tat we will kill u …?

Swara: (scared) plz leave …me …

While she was pleading them… Changu laughs and was abt to keep his hand on her waist …bt stopped by a strong arm holding his hand
It was our SANSKAR ….

Changu: ? how dare u

He was abt to punch Sanskar bt instead he got the hard punch from Sanskar….. swara takes a relief

Mangu:? hey herooo!!!!!!

Mangu takes a stick and runs towards Sanskar…..

Just then a bus stands there ….
Swara eyes falls on it

Swara:(happy) thank God bus came

She was abt to run towards the bus but Sanskar pulls swara towards him…. Keeping his hand on her waist ..
He lifts her and makes her kick the mangu ji

” Aahhhh ” swara shouts by closing her eyes feeling the pain In her legs ….. At last Sanskar puts her down

Changu and mangu gupls in fear … And immediately runs from there

While bus also starts leaving … Swasan eyes falls on it

Swara:OMG … I can’t afford to miss my bus ….

Sanskar: oh God how can miss my bus

Swasan runs after the bus …

Swara: driver ji driver ji stop the bus plzZ
Sanskar: hey stop the bus …

While the bus went far away from them … they stands there getting tired of shouting and running

Sanskar: shit !!

He throws his mobile in anger … While swara takes her phone from her bag and looks at it

Swara – Arggg!!! There is no network here …. tell me now How can I call my family

Sanskar : tats ur prblm

Swara:? oh hello Mr it’s only coz of u … Haa it’s coz of u I missed my bus otherwise I would have reached my home by now

Sanskar: ? how dare u blame me idiot girl .. inspite u shld be thankful to me … It’s only coz of me u r standing here alive or else ab Tak tumhara ram ram Satya hojata

Swara:? oh self obsessed idiot… Tat was also my problem na and I know very well to manage my problems … Who asked u to poke ur nose in b/w

Sanskar : oh my God kis troublemaker Kai saath phasa dia


Tried my best to make this part good to u…. It’s just starting of story there is much more to come
Hope u guys liked it and comment below so tat I can continue further

Bubye ?

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  8. Hey Tanu nice to see you back. Hope you are fine and doing well. I was missing your friend very much especially swasan! I love you. This one was the first ff I read of yours, and I was inspired of your ideas. After this ff I read all of your fo like you are my life,etc. I just have one request that plz continue the story swasan! I love you which is discontinued. I really like your that ff, and you also make the Wattpad account because commenting for the ff is very difficult here on tells updates. Hope so you will continue the ff (swasan! I love you) which I think everyone is craving for it

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Awww!!! Angel … I’m all fine dear… And thank u for loving my ff ? … And abt ILU I’m going to continue tat one soon … In Sha Allah ….. And yeah I started posting my ff on Wattpad as well

      Lods of love ?

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