Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 9)


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Sahil calls in the morning and asks Sanskar to b in office immediately. Sanskar understands well the emergency and leaves to office informing AP.
Sahil: Hi Sanskar with a broad smile in his face. Sanskar was appalled to see Sahil’s reaction.
Sanskar: Confusingly, you ok Sahil we r gng to lose our project and ur giving me this close up ad smile in irritating tone.
Sahil: you be na alwaysssssssssss and makes face. He makes Sanskar to sit in the chair and shows his laptop. Sanskar sees the laptop and hugs Sahil.
Sanskar: Wow man you did it, I did not know u too had brain in a teasing tone. Sahil gives him a deadly stare and asks Sanskar to complete and correct as it is just a draft , need changes and we have2 more hours to submit it.
Sanskar happily agrees ya, Sahil it definitely need changes, but it is more than enough to convince them and we will submit it on time. The plan is not that bad and smirks at Sahil. Both Sahil and Sanskar are fully immersed in their work, they don’t want any disturbance as they know how important it is. They complete it and submit half an hour before time.
Sanskar and Sahil have a happy hug and appreciate each other.
Sahil: Sanskar stop praising me, I m nt the one who made this plan.
Sanskar: Shocked to hear this statement, who did this then that too with such a short span of time.
Sahil:Our two lovely and intelligent wives and smiles.
Sanskar : taken aback by his statement, thinks how he hurt Swara, even then she helped him.

While Sanskar was thinking, Sahil calls Uttara and swara in conference and put the phone in loud speaker. Phone rings.
Uttara: Sahil what is ur problem, you did u call me, you disturbed my sleep yawns.
Sahil: So Swara madam u r also asleep and did I wake u up, now I have to get from u also.
Swara: No no, sahil, I got up early had some work. Sanskar remember that she was not in the room when he left.
Swara and Uttara have little of their girly talk. Sahil stops them and have their talks later and both smiles.
Sahil: Ok I dnt want to disturb ur sleep, I wanted tto inform u that the project has been submitted before time. Thank you and love u bothhhhhhhhh in loadsssssss.
Both Swara and Uttara become happy and congratulate them. Uttara thanks Swara all this happiness is because of her, if you did not come up with this plan this could have never been possible.
Sahil: I know my bestie and wifiey had brain but not this much and smirks. Sanskar is watching everything as a silent spectator because of his guilt.
Uttara: Dnt forget hubby we r also Management students from college and lughs.
Sanskar: Thanks Uttara, u have no idea what is gng through us now, love u sisy definitely owe u one. After hearing sanskar’s voice, swara immediately says that she has some urgent work and hangs up the call. Sanskar understands her pain and becomes sad.
Sahil: Hey did u both have any fight or something, y I m feeling something is fishy.
Sanskar: Nothing yar, dadi is in home na so she is tensed that it chill yar, but he knows the real reson. I have to leave dadi has given me some important work bye. AP sees Swara is disturbed and informs the same to dadi. Dnt’ worry AP when Dadi is her thn y fear, AP could nt control her laugh and leaves.
Sanskar wanted to apologize to Swara. He buys a bouquet and sorry card. He thinks to himself, I know how bad she should have felt and leaves.

Sanskar is searching Swara. Dadi cmes and stops him. Sanskar seeks her blessing. She sees the sorry card and d bouquet and wanted to pull his legs. ( Our naughty dadi)
Dadi: sanskar where did you go so early ,r u nt gng to office today.
Sanskar: Not in the mood to answer still searching for Swara. I went to office, had an emergency nn doesn’t give attention to dadi.
Dadi understand and try to take the bouquet from him.
Sanskar: Dadi in anger, what r u diing. He takes the bouquet back.
Dadi: Such a cute bouquet, it is for me na .
Sanskar gave her a deadly stare, and a big nooooooooooo. This is not for u, y u need a bouquet now.
Dadi: how mean you became, I love it I need it you buy new one. Sanskar was looking at Dadi seriouslyyyyyyyyy already I messed up things and u r back at me to mess even more. While sanskar was lost in thoughts dadi siles at him.
She shakes him and cme back to senses. Dadi y r dng this to me u want a bouquet right wait a minute.
Sanskar: shouts chotuuu. Chotu cmes ji bhaiya. Sanskar teels him to take dadi to market and buy her how many ever bouquet she wants. Sanskar becomes restless of nt seeing Swara. Sanskar cmes and hugs Dadi;
Sanskar: Mrs Parvathi maheswari, plz I beg u I have to go and I promise I will buy u 100 bouquet of this same kind sokindly allow me to go. Dadi seeing him agrees. He kisses her and smiles.
Dadi: these days boys be naaaaaa.

Swara was organizing things in the room . Sanskar enters and sees her eyes , he could easily sense the sleepless night and tear she had and was very guilty.
Sanskar: Swara, this is for u and hands her d bouquet and sorry card.
Swara: takes and leaves it on bed and does not say anything and no expression on her face.
Sanskar: I apoligzed still you did nt give an answer.
Swara: In a cool tone, whom am I to forgive u or say something.
Sanskar: Understands her sarcastic remarks and was hell angry. Swara was about to leave, he pin her against the wall and place his hands on both sides. What is ur problem. I askd sorry , dnt u think u behaved rude to me. Yesterday I was in tension I thought my friend will understand me.
Swara: smiles “ Friend” . Sanskar ya Friend.
Swara: If really u think that I am your friend, you would have never yelled at me like that instead you would have shared your problem with me. Friends are for support and nt for yelling. Ya then I understood my place, so no need of this sorry nd all, it does nt affect me.
Sanskar: takes his hand and feels guilty for his deeds. Ya Swara is right I did nt think it from her place. Before he could turn she already left. Array yar who told convincing girls are easy had to kill that fellow.

Sanskar sees them, already so many disturbance you guys also joined very good to himself , with a fake smile. Uttara andd Sahil gets bleesing from elders. DP leaves for his office.
Dadi: Whats up Uttara, what brought you suddenly here .
Uttara: Y dadi I should nt cme here.
Dadi : no no baba y arrived suddenly that’s y.
Sahil: Tmr night we r having a surprise party on my Dad’s 60th birthday so thought of inviting all u guys.
Swara: Wow that’s great sahil , good idea.
Dadi sees Sanskar lost in his thoughts. So everything is surprise u both are taking care. Dadi thinks of a naughty plan.
Dadi: Swara y dnt u go with Uttara and help her. Sanskar eyes widen and fumes in anger. Dadi sees Sanskar’s reaction and controls her smile. Uttara and Sahil are very happy. Swara is waiting for AP approval while Dadi winks her eyes to AP signaling her to allow her to go. AP allows Swara. She packs her things and leaves with them. Sanskar is watching helplessely.


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