Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 6)


Hi guys thank for ur support and suggestions. A very big thank you to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode.Sorrygus coud not do proof reading so kindly put up with me.

Sanlak and shail gives him angry look. Swara ia appaled by the situation. Manav then shows pics of swara with someone. All are shocked to see that. AP: No this can’t be true. There is some misunderstanding with tears in her eyes. Sanskar holds her. Swara is not able to see anything and stands like a statue.
Manav taunts Swara for accepting the marriage for money. He even adds that she does nt have a culture as no one is to raise hr or teach good habits and there is no one to question her too. Suddenly to everyone’s shock, there is a sound of tight slap.

Manav: bhai, y did u do this. Swara just sits down in shock.
Sahil: Swara can never do this, I know better so stop all this.
Laksh: Manav I ll not spare you for ur dngs in outrage of anger.
Uttara: She did not ask for marriage, it is you people who brought her the proposal and dnt u dare talk abt her. If u say one word against her, I swear that will be the last word of urs.
Manav shows the pic to Uttara and asks what abt this. I will not marry this double faced girl and leaves. Sahil : stops Manav , you can’t leave just like that, I will prove Swaar’s innocence and then only my marriage too will happen and calls off their wedding.
SG: No No sahil dn’t take any decision in haste.

DP stands still and did not say a word. Annapurna is puzzled by his reaction and does not know how to handle the situation. SG asks DP to cme to room as he wanted to discuss smething important. Both leaves. AP gets suspicious.

SG: What the hell is this DP, how can they do this to our Swara. You very well know who did this.
DP: Ya, SG I know that’s y I did nt show any reaction, they are testing my patience too much , but this one is out of my imagination and grinds his teeth in anger.
AP who was listening the whole conversation from outside enters.
AP:I knew there was smrthing wrong that y did nt tell anything and wipes of her tears. It’s enough I can’t bear it anymore and allow Swara to suffer. Today whatever they did to her, they should answer her n angry tone. Today I m gng to tell Swara the truth, yes the whole truth, I can’t see her in pain anymore.
DP: AP this is not the right time to tell her so dnt even dare think abt it.
AP: time , time, when will the time cme ji I dnt think so it did not cme in these years how will it come now.
DP tries to stop her but in vain. He then yells at her saying that ya go go nd tell that someone is waiting to kill you Swara, and when she is in this situation. You want her to be dead or what. Do you think that I can’t tell her or I cant’ show my anger today. If I do so I know, They will kill her for sure all of these yesrs of protecting swara will go waste, dnt think abt it try to understand the situation.

SG: This is not the time to fight both of you stop I will find out a way and leaves. He calls some one and asks them to be here in half an hour.
AP hugs DP and cries. Sanskar see this from outside and shocked to see his father in tears for the first time. His father, his hero, role model what not was brave and bold in all situations. He was shattered for a minute , he did not understand what to do and leaves from there puzzled.
SG: Dnt worry DPI have arranged for everything and will be in our control within half an hour.
After sometime Police arrives and brings the person who spread these photsoo. He accepts that he did for revenge on RG as he has insulted him in hisoffice. He asks for forgiveness but no one is ready for it. SG asks him to get arrested and does not even wants to see his face again.
Manav feels guilty for his act and cmes near Swara and asks for forgiveness, Swara slaps him and runs to her room . Ragini and Uttara follow her.
DP: s RG thanks for solving this matter without any issues, if u were not here I cant even imagine in a trembling voice.

RG: Don’t worry DP, this boys work for me and for money he did this favor to me , no one will cme to know abt this. But be careful, they r trying to hurt swara directly.
Pandit ji says only some time is left for muhurtam. All asks sahil and Uttara to go for their wedding. But refuses and Sahil calls of their wedding.
Sahil: It all happened because of me, I will not get married until swara’s life is settled and hugs Swara.
Some of the guest taunts DP and RG for ruining a poor girl’s life. DP does nt know what to say and stands with heavy heart. Laksh and Sanskar supports him, but all r making fun of them and laughing. Sanskar leaves from that place angrily and goes to swara’s room where Ragini is dressing her wound.
Sanskar : I need to talk to swara in private.
Ragini: But Sanskar , I dnt think this is the situation
Sanskar: Bhabs plz let me. Both Ragini and Uttara leaves. Sanskar sees Swara who is in trauma after all the incidents. He makes her stand.
Sanskar: Will you marry me. Swara stands motion less and did not give any reaction. He shakes her shoulder , I asked you smething.
Swara: what did you ask in a very low tone.

Sanskar: in a loud voice will you marry me.
Swara: appaled by her situation does not tell him anything.
Sanskar: I know Swara how much difficult is this for you, but I have never seen my father this like this and I dnt want my parents to take the
blame of ruining your life. I know how much they care you. Today my father’s tears for you explains everything . Decision is your’s .
Swara: Sees DP and AP through window and closes her eyes for a minute, but tears are continuously falling from her yes, she hen opens her eyes and nods in gesture.
Sanskar holds swara’s hand and take her to DP.

Sanskar: Dad Swara and I decided to marry and this will happen today in the same mandap. All r shocked by his action. AP fells happy and hugs him with love.
DP: sanskar this is about two person’s life and not a game or joke.
Sanskar: I know Dad, this is not a game or joke, I promise U I will be with Swara always, no matter what the situation is.
DP is happy from his bottom of his heart but does not show it on his face,he knows that his reaction could risk Swara’s life. All of them seconds Sanskara’s decision.
Just thn Sanskar hears Swara’s coughing and opens his eyes. He rushes to swara and gives her water, who was about to take and feed her. She thanks him. He just smiles. Sanskar I need to talk to you. Sanskar nods.

Swara: in a bold and clear voice, I will not expect any wifey rights from you. I can understand in what circumstance our marriage happened and will not interfere in your life too. Even I m ready to take divorce from you, If you dnt want to stay in this relation and is abt to leave.
Sanskar: Not bad I haven’t seen you talk this much. But I should accept you have a tongue too. You are a nice girl in a soft tone. Now listen to me in a stern voice, yes I married you due to pressure and not because of love, it doesn’t mean marriage is a joke or game. As I promised to my father I will be with u in all situations no matter what. Sooooooo lets be friends and forwards his hand.
Swara is amazedby his gesture and fells happy and relieved. She nods and forward her hand. Both of them shake hand and smile.
I hope that I did not disappoint you guys

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